MassiveCraft Server

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Free Rare Items

Voting is currently the only way to get items rarer than enchanted.

Vote Daily

Each time you vote you get a reward. Earn up to three a day.Vote Here

Extreme Servers

We can support up to 800 players! Make MassiveCraft your new home.

Our Massive World

The world maps are spread out across different servers. This way we achieve less lag, higher TPS and a higher maximum players online limit.

What is MassiveCraft?

As a Role-Play and PVP server with its own interesting lore, custom traits, and quests, we at MassiveCraft aspire to deliver you the best multiplayer Minecraft experience, one that you won’t find anywhere else! With over 35 custom plugins developed by the one and only Cayorion – the creator of not only the Factions plugin and this server, but also the system of sharding!

The community of MassiveCraft is one that you have not experienced yet before. New and old players alike get together to learn from each other, to accomplish goals with each other, and most importantly to have fun together. Unlike many other servers, MassiveCraft has multiple communities flourishing together in a harmony that has never been seen by others! They work together to succeed and enjoy themselves, as well as make new friends that they would’ve never even thought of meeting. So, how about it? Join us and start having a great time! And of course, bring your friends.

How do I get started?

  • Get a suitable medieval fantasy skin
    A good player skin improves the role playing experience for everyone.
  • Use our Official Resource Pack
    It’s great and very suitable for our medieval fantasy world.
  • Customize your player with custom traits
    With over 1 Billion possible combinations you can truly be unique.
  • Read the server rules
    Knowing the rules is a good idea. They mostly are common sense.
  • Join a faction on the server
    The gameplay is quite faction centric. You should really join one.
  • Join the Active Forum Community
    Create a Role Play character, shop recruiting Factions, Declare Wars, or introduce yourself in our active, friendly community.

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