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What is MassiveCraft?

As a role-play server with its own interesting lore, races, and quests, we at MassiveCraft aspire to deliver you the best multiplayer Minecraft experience, one that you won’t find anywhere else! Our custom plugins and software are made by the one and only Cayorion – the creator of not only the Factions plugin and this server, but also the system of sharding!

The community of MassiveCraft is one that you have not experienced yet before. New and old players alike get together to learn from each other, to accomplish goals with each other, and most importantly to have fun together. Unlike many other servers, MassiveCraft has multiple communities flourishing together in a harmony that has never been seen by others! They work together to succeed and enjoy themselves, as well as make new friends that they would’ve never even thought of meeting. So, how about it? Join us and start having a great time! And of course, bring your friends.

How do I get started?

  • Use our official resource pack
    It’s great and very suitable for medieval fantasy.
  • Decide on a race for your character
    Are you Human? Elf? Dwarf? etc.
  • Get a suitable medieval fantasy skin for that race
    A good skin improves the role playing experience for everyone.
  • Read the rules
    Knowing the rules is a good idea. They mostly are common sense.
  • Join a faction on the server
    The gameplay is quite faction centric. You should really join one.
  • Emerge into the RP universe and shape your destiny
    What is your profession? What is your characters goal in life?

Recent News

  • Year 2014 Week 17

Year 2014 Week 17

  • April 22nd, 2014


Cayorion: Directing multiple people in biome object creation.

no activity yet
no activity yet

Cayorion, Thortuna, Th3_Drunk_Monk, […]

  • Year 2014 Week 16

Year 2014 Week 16

  • April 15th, 2014


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  • A Fiery Adventure

A Fiery Adventure

A new quest has been added to MassiveCraft. Right-click “Prospector Tim” in the Regalian […]

  • Year 2014 Week 15

Year 2014 Week 15

  • April 7th, 2014


Cayorion: Individual Direction – pizzaroles in graphic profile redesign, Ha5h in website improvements, imboring56 […]

  • Year 2014 Week 14

Year 2014 Week 14


Cayorion, MonMarty: Directing construction of the new server spawn.
Thortuna: Staff caretaking.
Thortuna: Project reviews and […]

  • Year 2014 Week 13

Year 2014 Week 13


Cayorion: Directed imboring56 in quest writing and pr, Ha5h in getting started with website […]