Silverwind, the illustrious city of the sea, was once a large trade center constructed conveniently on the rocky isles in the middle of the ocean. Being located in a crucial part between Regalia and Ceardia, Silverwind was constructed and used mainly as a pitstop for trade ships and communication between the various continent and peoples. Providing rich trade and knowledge of the continents and lands in Aloria, Silverwin has been remarked as one of the most significant cities to have graced the realm. Even after the city’s discovered deceits, there is no denying that the great city of Silverwind was once a significant asset to Regalian trade, and a center of sophistication and culture.

Settled and constructed by merchants and sailors merely fifty-years ago, Silverwind was founded in the hopes of newfound wealth and fortune. Within the months, construction of a grand dock & port went underway, as well as the establishment of residential zones and trading centers. In only a couple years, the freshly-settled city of Silverwind had already established itself as a large trade power of the seas between the many continents around it. Between the growing sultanate of Faradeen, to the bustling Ceardian city of Silveredge, to the expansive capital of Regalia, Silverwind stood as the midway trade-stop between all the great continents and superpowers.

As a few decades progressed, Silverwind began to encounter a problem with piracy. With their ships and trade interests constantly being harassed and scuttled, the city lacked profits to pay back its recent debts taken from Regalia. With their coffers and banks slowly drying, Silverwind made one last attempt and payed Regalia what little they could for protection against the privateering scoundrels of the sea. With an established presence of Regalian military in the trade center, tensions grew thick. Fearing potential annexation and embargo, the city of Silverwind turned to the Qadir sultanate, the eastern empire of the sands.

Establishing plots to ruin Regalian trade and communication, Silverwind’s administrators and the Sultan of Farahdeen continued to plot against the holy Human empire. As time progressed, however, the Regalian Senate somehow gained word of Silverwind’s involvement with the Qadir. As soon as the plot was uncovered, orders were made for Silverwind to be shelled to oblivion, leaving not a trace of the city’s existence. The great Regalian Navy made short work of the trade hub, and soon after destroying the city, the navy sailed forth to Ceardia in the hopes of annexing Silveredge.

Though Silverwind’s end lacked grace and peace, one may never forget the splendor of the city in the sea. From the grand wealth to be made, to the mixing of cultures, Silverwind was definitely a definition of Human prowess.