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Year 2014 Week 11


  • Thortuna: Staff caretaking.
  • Thortuna: Directed Gethelp on the new report a player form.
  • yendor46: Directed Gethelp on forum permissions and how to make the report a player form live.
  • Thortuna: Project feedback.
  • yendor46: Project feedback.
  • yendor46: Direction Meeting


  • Gethelp: Warzone setup
  • Gethelp: Staff ticket assistance.
  • yendor46, Gethelp, Thortuna x2: Handled ban appeals on the forums.
  • yendor46, Gethelp: Handled ban requests on the forums.
  • _Omnomivore_: Provided information on ban appeals.
  • Gethelp x3: MassiveTickets
  • Jamescl x2: MassiveTickets
  • _Omnomivore_: MassiveTickets
  • Tom1804: MassiveTickets
  • MinecraftSpartan: MassiveTickets
  • jadex224: MassiveTickets
  • yendor46: Helpchat support
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk: Helpchat support
  • Tom1804: Helpchat support
  • Jamescl x2: Helpchat support
  • MinecraftSpartan: Helpchat support
  • spectec: Helpchat support


  • Sven_Tu: Wrote Yang Tzu Isles Lore.
  • BboyMVB: Wrote the Drowda Lore.
  • Jared4242: Did 10 character reviews.
  • Jared4242: Wrote Seraph Lore.


  • Gethelp, Thortuna: World restore.
  • Gethelp: Cleaned out unrented shops in the market district making them rentable again.


  • spectec x2: Player retention research and documentation
  • spectec: New hub description and discussion document
  • spectec: Warzone Article


no activity


  • yendor46: Forum Header background
  • Sahrotaar: New server client logo


  • Cayorion: restarted the server from his smartphone, while high on morphine
  • Gethelp, Thortuna, yendor46: Added a new form for report a player.
  • Thortuna, Gethelp: Set up a page for ban appeals in our staff documents.

MassiveCraft Chat Rule Change

Chat rules Change

After a lengthy internal discussion, we have decided to change our chat rules with regards to General and Premium chat. In recent trends, many players have made it a daily business to provoke and incite against staff through a various means of misuse of the general chat. This practice is destructive not only to the staff’s energy to deal with such things, but also sapping away from energy to help people who actually need help, due to the harassing nature of this behavior.

We also recognize that with the player number growth, moderating General and Premium becomes more unfeasible. It is already becoming hard to control the conversation topic with a couple of staff members towards over 100 players, and this will only become harder.

The basic idea of the rules change:

  • Minor chat abuses such as usage of hashtags are no longer moderated against in General and Premium chat.
  • General and Premium will now only be moderated for offensive content, described as racist, discriminatory, sexist, vulgar, or otherwise unwanted language.
  • General and Premium will not be moderated for English only usage; any language can be used, though it is recommended to use English to make yourself understandable.
  • Any other chat channel, such as Local, Help, Trade, Recruitment, will still be moderated like before, even for the usage of minor chat abuses such as hashtags or the usage of non English language.
  • Usage of offensive content, as defined by the second point, will receive higher punishments. Instead of regular small mutes or jails, we will start banning people for using offensive language and content in public chat channels.

We will not retroactively remove any bans, mutes or punishments handed against people for the rules which have been repealed now. If these were to submit a punishment appeal, we will judge and vote as if the rules were not repealed.

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New Year’s Address From The Staff

As the year 2013 draws to a close, we collectively look back on all the things that happened this year, the progress made with the server, and the foundations laid for the future improvements. The past year was an extremely good year for MassiveCraft, seeing the implementations of the Sharding system, restructure and growth of the MassiveCraft Team, revitalization of the roleplay scene, implementation of the Questing system, and many more things of greater and smaller importance.

We look back on 2013 as a productive year, both with regards to the server’s improvements, as well as the new friends we have made, the overwhelming support and assistance from the community to shape the environment they play in. We as the staff are ever grateful, for those who contribute to the server in a productive and helpful way, but also to all the other players who do not voice their existance, yet choose to make MassiveCraft their first venue of entertainment. Upon the realization that nearly 2000 returning players choose for MassiveCraft every day, we are both humbled and proud, of our work, and energized to continue out work troughout 2014 and the time thereafter to come.

We hope we can all look forward, and move into 2014 with more determination and dedication to shape MassiveCraft into the best Minecraft Server we can. We personally extend our gratitude for all the players who have loyally stuck with MassiveCraft over the past year, as well as newcomers new to MassiveCraft. We look forward to meeting many new people, catering to even greater numbers of people, and broadening our spectrum of service that we provide.

We all wish you a good new year’s eve, stay safe with your fireworks, and enjoy the evening. Above all, we wish you all a Massive good, successfull and happy 2014.

With regards, 
The MassiveCraft Team

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MassiveMoney is Here!

The plugin MassiveMoney has now been created by Cayorion and added to MassiveCraft.
MassiveMoney is a money framework providing a /money command and similar features.


The idea from this plugin arose from the internal debate we had during the implementation of the 75 silver for premiums a month. Many staff members were concerned for the stability of the economy, but despite the many wild conclusions and theories, nobody could really say for certain that the economy could go one way or another without proper analytical tools. As such, Cayorion started development of MassiveMoney, largely for statistical purposes.


  • Silver and Copper disappear in favor of the new coin, Regal. Regals are worth 10 copper.
  • Players can no longer accidentally send money to a non existant player. The system will refuse to send the money to a player who has never played.
  • You will be able to see your 9 most recent transactions of money. There are talks of giving Premiums a larger transaction history view, but for now the number is kept low to avoid database clutter.
  • We can scale up and down the economy at any time we desire.
  • We will implement graphs and statistics at a later stage that allow even players, to view how much money goes in and out of the economy on a daily basis, any of the financial tools needed for any prospecting financial broker.
  • All balance accounts will be automatically updated. Nobody will lose any money.
  • All ChestShops and Regalian house rentals in Regalia will be automatically updated to reflect the new coin. Nobody has to change anything. Chest shops outside of Regalia are not updated. It is recommended players take these down.
  • You can now add a reason to your transactions of money, which will also be visible in your transaction history.
  • The MassiveMoney plugin is an inhouse plugin, we are not going to release it for other servers to use.

Mob Drops

MassiveMoney has a built in mob drops system. These are the new money drops. With “0.1 Regals” we mean you have a 10% chance to get 1 Regal.

  • Ender Dragon: 50 Regals
  • Wither: 25 Regals
  • Giant: 10 Regals
  • Enderman: 0.5 Regals
  • Zombie Pigman: 0.5 Regals
  • Blaze: 0.5 Regals
  • Cave Spider: 0.5 Regals
  • Ghast: 0.5 Regals
  • Creeper: 0.3 Regals
  • Spider: 0.2 Regals
  • Skeleton: 0.2 Regals
  • Witch: 0.2 Regals
  • Silverfish: 0.2 Regals
  • Zombie: 0.1 Regals
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Year 2013 Week 47


  • Cayorion, Thortuna: Direction Meeting


  • Gethelp x3: 20 MassiveTickets
  • newarrior x2: 20 MassiveTickets
  • jadex224: 20 MassiveTickets
  • Sevrish: 20 MassiveTickets
  • Sevrish: Took aspirants on tickets
  • BigBellyBuddah: Active ticket aspirant
  • MinecraftSpartan x2: Help Chat Activity
  • Jamescl x2: Help Chat Activity
  • BigBellyBuddah: Help Chat Activity
  • Sevrish: Help Chat Activity
  • newarrior: Help Chat Activity
  • jadex224: Help Chat Activity
  • _Omnomivore_: Help Chat Activity
  • yendor46: Help Chat Activity
  • Bsavs: Help Chat Activity
  • Gethelp: Handled the ban requests on the forum.
  • Thortuna, Gethelp: Helped current staff with tricky tickets.


  • Feawyn x3: MassiveQuest Workshop Leader
  • BboyMVB: MassiveQuest Workshop Participant
  • yendor46: MassiveQuest Workshop Participant
  • PickAccess: MassiveQuest Workshop Participant
  • Jamescl: MassiveQuest Workshop Participant
  • MinecraftSpartan: MassiveQuest Workshop Participant
  • MonMarty: Etosil Meeting #2
  • Xskill: Etosil Meeting #2
  • BboyMVB: Etosil Meeting #2
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk: Etosil Meeting #2
  • yendor46: Etosil Meeting #2
  • MinecraftSpartan: Etosil Meeting #2
  • BabaManga: Etosil Meeting #2
  • Feykronos: Etosil Meeting #2
  • Jamescl: Etosil Meeting #2
  • newarrior: Etosil Meeting #2
  • BigBellyBuddah: Etosil Meeting #2


  • Gethelp: Restored a few chunks as part of resolving a help ticket.
  • Danywood x2: Building the HQ
  • MonMarty x4: Building the HQ
  • MrHappyTinkles x2: Building the HQ
  • Pickaccess x2: Building the HQ
  • MinecraftSpartan x2: Building the HQ
  • Bsavs x3: Building the HQ
  • JP1976 x3: Building the HQ
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk x4: Building the HQ
  • yendor46: Building the HQ
  • Feawyn: Building the HQ
  • Gethelp, Thortuna: Fixed the arena Siege and made it playable again.


  • Cayorion: Promoted the chairs and bitechance changes on WordPress, Forums and Facebook.



no activity


  • Cayorion: Updated TeamSpeak server to latest version.
  • Cayorion: Helping yendor46 with Bukkit plugin development.
  • yendor46 x2: Created a plugin “BiteChance” that buffs the fishing bite chance proportional to the mcMMO fishing level, with bite chance per tick between 1% at level 0 and 5% at level 1000.
  • yendor46: To sit down in a chair you must now be empty handed. This way building roofs will be easier.
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Diamond Armor for non premiums!

For a while now, we have been playing around with the premium features, adding and changing where necessary, and a while back we came to the conclusion that the “diamond armor only for premiums” feature, was not up to date any more. We spent some time theorizing on how to evolve this feature where it would still be a bonus to premiums, but give some power back to the non premiums as well. We have spent a lot of time questioning both premiums and non premiums (though largely non premiums) and were happy to find that our conclusions enjoyed broad support among the premium population.

To summarize the change:

  • We are allowing non premiums to wear diamond armor as well.
  • We are granting premiums a 15% damage reduction modifier, that is effective everywhere.

What we hope this achieves:

  • Happier non premiums as it is a move away from a threat of becoming pay to win.
  • Non premiums now drop more loot if they die, making killing them more profitable.
  • Non premiums will put up more of a fight in diamond armor, thus making fighting them more fun.
  • Diamonds will get used up and destroyed more, hopefully increasing the price of diamonds.
  • Diamond armor sets will become marketable as the purchasing population has increased.
  • The price of enchantments will go up hopefully, as non premiums will be using them more.
  • Non premiums will still feel a feature towards their PVP advantage is maintained, as their
    protection bonus (while halved) is maintained and also applied to raids.
  • Non premiums will have more courage to engage premiums because they will be on more equal grounds.
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New Quest for Everyone – A Game of Riddles

A Vexing Riddler has come to Regalia promising gifts to anyone whose intellect can outmatch his devious riddles, including hints to a spectacular event awaiting at the end. Can you outmatch this trickster and find his riddles hidden throughout Regalia? This quest is available for both premium and non-premium players, so everyone can participate in the fun that will test your knowledge of Regalia. From the market district to the Cathedral, from the spawn to the noble district, this quest requires players to traverse throughout Regalia while solving the perplexing clues and riddles given by the Vexing Riddler.


The Vexing Riddler can be found in the plaza, just outside of spawn. Right click on him to receive the quest. Each segment can be advanced by finding a Quest sign with the name of the quest on it.


Three new riddles appear each day. If you find a sign like the one above, make sure to return to that spot the following day to get the next set of riddles and a small prize, and continue on your journey to best the Vexing Riddler

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Policy changes and small important Announcements

A quick bullet list of stuff everyone should know.

  • We have changed a line in our “hacked account treatment”. We still do not transfer MCMMO, Money, Items or anything of the like to alt accounts from hacked accounts. If provided with valid proof of ownership of both accounts however, we are prepared to transfer faction ownership.
  • Massive Armor has been removed from the voting rewards system. All remaining Massive armor items will be transferred to 10 in game silver as soon as the user attempts to click and or use it. We chose to remove it after popular support from the players to make this change.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, @Golden_Dragon is not the same person as the infamous Golden_Dragon god-rper who used to terrorize the forum and Regalia with his below standard roleplay quality, metagaming and rule breaking, as well as ban evading etc etc. The ip’s are completely different and I did a double check on the provider of Golden_Dragon2000, and it’s not a proxy as it has a legit Times warner cable connection line.
  • We are now running the “anti evil machines” plugin on the server. This basically stops anyone from placing more than a certain amount of minecarts in a certain radius of each other. Why did we do this? Ithania would often suffer from large sorting machines, cutting server performance down to 4.0 TPS from 20.0 TPS due to chunk loading. We don’t want players to kill the performance of the server that much just because they don’t want to manually sort items.
  • We changed our policy on rendering services for real life money or goods/services not otherwise attainable inside MassiveCraft on the forum.

Especially this last point needs to be more explained. Before it was never allowed to offer any services for money or links to website generating people money based off the population of MassiveCraft. We decided to change this today for a multitude of reasons. So what has exact changed?

  • You may now post youtube links on the forum to your or other people’s youtube accounts on the forum, which have advertisements enabled, thus effectively making traffic to your youtube channel and gaining advertisement funds from it. As long as your video’s do not break the MassiveCraft TOS or Youtube TOS, you can post any youtube link you like.
  • You may now sell/buy in game silver or premium on the forum for real life money or vice versa on the forum. Additionally, anyone who buys and sells premium trough the forum from another player will enjoy investment protection. If you get scammed for premium sales on the “black market”, you will not get your money back. If you become the victim of a scam that is recorded on the forum, you will receive a full refund on your in game silver (Premium payments are still not refunded as they are donations and not payments. we are not legally obliged to return a faulty payment).
  • You may now sell services or goods in game for real life currency and or goods and or services on the forum. For example, you may sell your architectural abilities, artwork, mining time, etc. for real life currency. Additionally, much like the previous point, if your purchase or service was recorded on the forum we will refund any lost silver that was scammed trough a transaction. We will not refund any money or lost time since we are obviously not part of the tansaction.

This policy change only covers the forum. You may still not advertise any of this on the server. Additionally, advertising any of this in trade or general chat is now becoming illegal. You may not sell premium in trade chat anymore, only on the forum. We encourage everyone to transfer silver first and money last when they deal with premium sales.

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Regalia wants your books!

We are working on expanding the Regalian Archives, but we need more books for it. Our lore department is working on books right now, but we want the players to be able to contribute as well. The library, ideally, will be a place people can visit with a book and quill and just spend hours reading in game events, lore, politics, religions, fiction, myths and much more. The drop off boxes are marked as following:

You can reach the Imperial Library the fastest by using /warp market, walking straight trough the market district and then turning left after passing the wall, as seen from screenshot below.

If any of the boxes is refusing more books, please contact a staff member to clear them.


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Short Roleplay Announcement

  • All Regalian Guards have been suspended until we can reorganize their ranks and systems.
  • The Crimson Inquisition will be scrutinized soon

These two points because of reports concerning abuse of permissions by guards and lore incompliant acting/trolling with jail build rights. Registration for both organizations will soon be open again, but for the time being all Regalian Guards have their permissions revoked and are disallowed from roleplaying as a Regalian Guard.

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