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Teled Methen Pre-Release

Teled Methen, our newest world map, has been officially opened for premiums today in the form of a pre-release. For a period of of roughly 6 days, Premiums will have the ability to explore the Elven ruins world of Teled Methen. Faction claiming has been turned off, so nobody can claim anything. PVP and block building has also been turned off, so the map is purely open for exploration and discovery for 4 days. On Monday the 13th of October at 22:00 GMT, the world will officially be opened for non premiums. At the same time as this official opening, the world’s block building and faction claiming will be enabled.

If you haven’t decided yet whether to donate for premium, or to donate again after a while of not having done so, now would be the perfect time to donate! Premiums have 6 whole days to explore the map and look at those high profile locations that everyone wants. Maybe find a hidden location that looks even better? It also gives you a head start on everyone else. You can be on the location that you want to claim as soon as the world opens! The DynMap for Teled Methen is already available. Check it out now!

Teled Methen is the Elven continent that once housed the great Elven capital of Rië. The proud Elven metropolis was reduced to a pile of rubble, but Elves have started to reclaim the lands lost to the Orcs. Will you be on the front lines and build a glorious new base, castle or city in these lands that are so full of lost memories and ancient glory? This world will be fiercely contested by our player base, so make sure you are there early!

Regular Player Access Countdown:





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Year 2014 Week 38


  • MonMarty: Directing manpower for the Harvest Festival planning in the correct paths.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction awes0melawson.
  • _Omnomivore_, Thortuna: Individual directing toward eachother and discussing the creation on gamestaff rank guide.
  • Thorodax: Individual Direction panic15
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction _Omnomivore_
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction Werewolfslayer
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction MDeeDub.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Knyxor.
  • Ryciera: Individual Direction BabaManga.
  • MonMarty, Thortuna, Gethelp, Thorodax: Direction meeting participation.


  • Jackson413 x4: Info Report – Potential Spigot Replacements for MassiveCraft
  • spectec x2: Individual research for Cayorion and discussion.
  • spectec: Creation of new Siege Mini-Game thread and poll.
  • Awesomelawson x2: Writing Optifine guide.
  • Jackson413 x2: Processing Optifine guide.
  • Spectec: Harvest festival meeting – 09/21/14.


  • Thortuna x12: World Restores
  • Thortuna x4: Gamestaff assistance
  • _Omnomivore_ x8: Created and made the gamestaff rank guide available to the gamestaff.
  • _Omnomivore_ x4: Ban appeals
  • _Omnomivore_ x3: Aspirant ticket training
  • _Omnomivore_: World Restoration
  • Gethelp: Warzone creation
  • Jamescl x3: Gamestaff assistance
  • Gethelp x4: Gamestaff assistance
  • _Omnomivore_ x3: Gamestaff assistance
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk x3: Gamestaff assistance
  • Aleixandria: War Declarations
  • Aleixandria x4: Wrote up a document on all overclaimed factions
  • Werewolfslayer: Ticket training with senior gamestaff
  • Tuxys: Ticket training with senior gamestaff
  • Kidmodo: Ticket training with senior gamestaff
  • Aleixandria, sevrish, Alj23: Ticket training with aspirants
  • panic15: Ticket training with senior gamestaff
  • _Omnomivore_: Harvest festival meeting – 09/21/14.
  • spectec: Rank 2 ticket training with Aleixandria.
  • spectec: Rank 1 ticket training and aspirant+ workspace setup for Kidmodo.
  • spectec: Help chat support
  • spectec x2: MassiveTickets
  • spectec x2: Ithania world restores
  • Gethelp x2: World restores.
  • Gethelp x2: Aspirant ticket training.
  • Mdeedub: War declarations
  • Mdeedub: Rank 2 ticket training with alj
  • Alj23: Rank 2 ticket training with Mdeedub


  • MonMarty: Update the Noble Lounge in Regalia.
  • MonMarty x2: End the build competition, hand out prizes, and provide feedback.
  • MonMarty: Set up the aspirant playground and expanded the competition grid.
  • MonMarty: Set up the Competition for September Builds on the Forum.
  • MonMarty, mojaveboogieman x2: Tavern renovations.
  • MonMarty x2: Large sewer segment construction.
  • MonMarty: Large sewer segment implementation.
  • MonMarty, Ryciera: Set the prisonhousing on sale and provided aftercare.
  • spectec x3: Beach terraforming in Warrenord world.
  • MonMarty x5: Implementation and construction of the Etosa Basilica in Regalia.
  • MonMarty, Knyxor: Work on the Artesan housing.
  • Satisarah: Harvest festival meeting – 09/21/14.
  • JP1976: Harvest festival meeting – 09/14/14


  • MonMarty x2: Wrote the Voidling/Existling Lore for Ryciera to process.
  • MonMarty x2: Created the Violet Order outfit and provided the items for Shayin to hand out.
  • MonMarty x2: Set up the tavern drinks and managed regions to reinstate the functional crew.
  • MonMarty x2: Recruit BuffyCreepSlayer, Sight and catcat1503 as new Rp staff members, guiding them trough the startup.
  • MonMarty: Writing the Social Etiquette guide on the forum for roleplayers.
  • Oxoman x2: Wrote Void Egg page.
  • Ryciera, Levers x2: Processed Void Egg page.
  • Panic15 x6: Wrote Spirit Magic page.
  • Ryciera, Kammyboo x2: Processed Spirit Magic page.
  • Shayin x2: Wrote Mielikki’s Herb page.
  • Feyona, Sight, Levers x2: Processed Mielikki’s Herb page.
  • Oromir x3: Wrote Bloodthorn Vine page.
  • Ryciera, Levers x2: Processed Bloodthorn Vine page.
  • Leo345678 x2: Wrote Magebane page.
  • BabaManga, Shayin, Ryciera x2: Processed Magebane page.
  • DJWingedHope x2: Wrote Falconet’s Jewel lore.
  • BabaManga, Ryciera x2: Processed Falconet’s Jewel lore.
  • Ryciera x2: Wiki upkeep.
  • BabaManga: Wiki upkeep.
  • Ryciera, Plecy, BabaManga, MonMarty: Harvest festival meeting – 09/21/14.
  • Levers, Shayin, Plecy, Feyona, Ryciera, BabaManga: Harvest festival meeting – 09/14/14
  • MonMarty: Made Aloria Pixel friendly map.


  • leversandpulleys x4: Created a “how to” document for gamestaff to use about quests.
  • Terence29: Harvest festival meeting – 09/21/14.
  • Imboring56, Terence29: Harvest festival meeting – 09/14/14
  • leversandpulleys x2: General quest quality assurance
  • leversandpulleys, Brycea111 (x4), Cayorion: general quest quality assurance.
  • leversandpulleys: General quest quality assurance.


  • Cayorion, leversandpulleys, spectec, Ryciera x2: (Tuesday) News Post – Groundbreaking New Quest World, Published on WordPress, Forums, Facebook and Google+.
  • MonMarty: Wrote the “Let’s talk Roleplay” Internal PR announcement.
  • Ryciera, Thortuna, Cayorion: Answering questions on MassiveCrafts Facebook page


  • Cayorion: (Monday) OS Software Update
  • Cayorion: (Monday) Web server cleanup
  • Cayorion x2: (Tuesday) Forum Maintenance
  • Cayorion x8: (Wednesday) Factions – Removal of universe system, Cooperation with MarkehMe and lag fixes.
  • Cayorion x6: (Thursday) Factions – A few bug fixes and improvements to the faction home system.
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Teled Methen Promo Video Released!

MassiveCraft has released it’s official Teled Methen Promo Video! Watch it on our official Youtube channel, in 1080p! The video features over 3 and a half minutes of in world footage, locations that you can find in and around our new world map. This map will be open for survival players, featuring grand canyons, forests, ruined cities and much much more!

By |September 2nd, 2014|General News|2 Comments

Teled Methen Trailer Announcement!

Teled Methen, our newest world project is nearing completion. We are happy to announce that the Teled Methen trailer will be released on Saturday the 30th of August. The trailer will feature over a minute of unique footage of the world, in preparation of the official world release.

We are proud of the quality of Teled Methen, being built with the latest technology in World Machine and World painter, accompanied with unique Bo2’s build by our world staff found nowhere else.

We hope you look as much forward to this world release as we do. An official release date is not available yet, but we should have a more solid date around the time when the trailer comes out.

By |August 26th, 2014|General News|1 Comment

Massivecraft Is Looking For Video Content Creators/editors!

MassiveCraft is looking for Video Content Creators and editors. This means we need people who have skills with recording good content, as well as actual video editing, splicing video sections together and adding effects and what not. We categorize both as different, so we will give information on each individually.

MassiveCraft Video Content Creators
We are looking for Video Content Creators, meaning people who have a strong computer able to run Minecraft shaders at a comfortable 40 to 60 FPS. Additionally, said individuals should have a decent internet connection, as sharing raw video files could require uploading a gigabyte worth of video material. Good video content is worth Regals for us, and you will be given a position in the PR/Media department for your work.

Do you think you have the requirements for a Video Content Creator? Post on the forum Thread with the name “MassiveCraft is looking for Video Content Creators/Editors!” in the Server News section And submit some sample video recordings you have made.

MassiveCraft Video Content Editors
We are looking for Video Content Editors, meaning people who have good experience with video editing software. Said individuals should have already made several video edited submissions on for example YouTube. Good video editing means smooth transitions, complimentary commentary or audio, and no dub-step music covers. Good video content is worth Regals for us, and you will be given a position in the PR/Media department for your work.

Do you think you have the requirements for a Video Content Editor? Post on the forum Thread with the name “MassiveCraft is looking for Video Content Creators/Editors!” in the Server News section And submit some sample edited videos you have made.

A good example of a well made YouTube video that is well edited. 

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Several Premium features enabled to all players!

Following our recent posts regarding the server monitisation, we have implemented our first step towards making our Premium package EULA compliant. The chances are effective immediately, and have the following effects:

  • All MassiveTraits limitations have been disabled for non premiums.
  • 15% damage reduction for Premium has been lifted.
  • /wb portable workbench is now available to everyone.
  • MCMMO experience boost globally removed for premiums.
  • Faction power and regeneration has been set to Premium levels for everyone.
  • 750 Regals per month from having premium has been removed.
  • All money related commands have been made available to everyone.
  • Premium lounge has been removed.
  • /fix command is now available to everyone.
  • The Premium chat channel has been removed.
  • Creative Gates can now be built by everyone.
  • Cannons can now be built by everyone.
  • Horse armor can be crafted by everyone.
  • Name tags can be crafted by everyone.

As always, we will continue to work to balance out the losses of the Premium package with awesome new features and we hope that all of you will continue donating. The Premium package will continue to be an awesome set of features for any player wanting to donate to the server and receive something in return for it. We continue to work finding new awesome features like the recent pet feature, and several forum features that are currently still in the works. For those of you who haven’t donated yet, with what we hope is an improvement to the server as a whole, we hope that you will consider donating, especially now.

A new round of changes will be implemented within a week, we will keep you all fully up to date on every change we plan to make and implement.

The MassiveCraft Team

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Regalian Market Shop Rework

What is this?
The Regalian Marketplace is being evicted. This means that in about 3 weeks time, on the 30th of July, all market shops in the regalian Marketplace are getting deleted. A new Market world will be introduced where the old one ends, meaning you will still be able to reach it with /warp market etc.

Why are we doing this?
The current Marketplace has been in place for over half a year, but it is becoming awkward in the current Regalia planning. We have also noticed an increase in the decrease of FPS in Regalia AND the market, as a result of all the chest shops. In order for us to allow future expansion of the market area and to provide better service for both the Market and Regalia, we need to move the Market to it’s own world. Additionally, the markets need a rework. We are planning on making the market stalls larger as well as more advertised. We want the market stalls to have more uniqueness to them, and to allow this we need to redesign the frames. 

Does this mean I will lose my shop?
Yes. Your rent region will be deleted on the 30th of July. You will not receive a refund for the cost of the shop rental. 

Can we reserve any new shops in the new world?
No, we believe it’s important to give new merchants a fresh start at the market. The release of the market world will be announced a week in advance in time, and will most likely be hosted after European dinner times and early afternoon American times. 

Is there anything I should do?
Be sure to clear out your shop before the 30th or cancel auto renew. We will delete anything we find inside the shops, no refunds will be made for anything.

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MassiveCraft and Server Monetisation Pt.2

As promised last week, we would consult the Server Direction Staff about the steps ahead of us in changing our business model. We talked for a couple of hours and came up with some interesting ways to move forward to comply to what Mojang wants to see.

Our first step, is to gradually phase out Mojang EULA incompliant features of the Premium package. We are deliberately not saying anything on this matter, as we have not determined what features will disappear when. We can with a fair amount of certainty say however that most premium features will remain for the duration of the month of June. July should see the first features slowly being enabled server wide, or removed altogether.

Our second step, is to gradually phase in Mojang EULA compliant features into the Premium Package. This means both in game visual features, as well as out of game benefits. We can already reveal a couple of them:

  • An in-game pet system.
  • A forum Avatar banner.
  • Other Forum related benefits.
  • Other Teamspeak related benefits.

Many of these are still in the works, but we plan to bring many more awesome features to the Premium Package that are totally okay and will help players to individualize themselves.

Our Premium Donating system will not be altered. Everyone is encouraged to continue donating the way they did, as the system will be unaffected by our changes.

Our third step, is to gradually implement other methods of generating revenue for the server upkeep. These are still high up in planning, meaning we cannot put the details down exactly yet. We can however say the following:

  • Crowd funding projects in which players can help fund projects which take time and effort to finish. Think for example being able to choose what feature will be released on the server next with your donations.
  • Automated advertisement for factions/players on the server that can be bought with a slot based method.
  • Server wide benefits purchased by players and then given to all players while also announcing their name publicly.
  • Purchasable Wiki pages.

There will be no exchange effect for players. Players may continue to sell, buy; Regals, Factions, Items. We as a server however, will not sell anything. If any other news comes available to us, we will make it known immediately to make sure everyone is fully informed. Any changes will be thoroughly announced everywhere we can.

The MassiveCraft Team

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MassiveCraft and Server Monetisation

In response to Mojang’s recent publication that addresses their stance on server monetisation and server hosting, MassiveCraft will be doing some changes to it’s business model. Obviously anyone can conclude from the message that some features in the MassiveCraft Donator Premium are going to change. We are not entirely certain on the direct changes however. Upon the earliest convenience, our Direction Staff will come together and start discussing the changes that will be moved forward to alter our business model.

We decided to publicize this message as we wish to reassure our players that MassiveCraft will continue to function exactly the way people have gotten used to it. In fact, with impending changes to our business model, we might even be able to make the game play experience on MassiveCraft better for everyone, including those who would previously be called non premiums. We have already pumped the long necessary hours into theorizing and researching our potential changes ahead of Mojang’s announcements, and are fully confident we can comply and improve our work.

We do however request the following from our player base:

  • Please refrain from fear mongering. Do not unnecessarily spread rumors or start screaming MassiveCraft is coming to an end. We have all our most talented staff members working hard on these changes, and are fully confident in their ability to make things even better than before. Remember, do not believe anything unless it is publicly posted on the website. Rumors are just rumors, nothing more.
  • Please do not make a decision and act until we have. We plan to fully inform our players of every change and every step we take to our new business model along the way. We want to continue MassiveCraft and improve upon the server just as much as you. We ask the players have some patience, and put trust in the server’s management. We are confident that we will not disappoint you, we hope you feel the same way.

We expect to have our next communication out by Monday, if not late Sunday. Our next post should detail the planned changes and every little bit of information you could need on the matter. We once more beg some patience from you all so that we can work on the changes and improvements without having to worry about reassuring our player base. If you have any further questions, please contact MonMarty as our internal PR spokesperson.

Have a Massive Day!
The MassiveCraft Team

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Regalia Region Rental Change

From today onward, Regalia’s max Region Rental number has been increased from 2 to 3. This means that the rules associated with house/shop/cemetery rentals changes along with it. Effective from today, the following Rental Region rules are in effect:

Regalian Shops:

  • One shop per person, no exceptions.
  • Having a shop on your alternate account will result in the closure of both shops without a refund.
  • Using other players as fences is not allowed either. Violating this rule may result in a ban.
  • Separate faction members may own shops from collective teamwork, as long as the profits of the shops go to their respective owners.

Regalian Housing:

  • Two houses per account, Three houses per player maximum.
  • You may own one house on an alternate account as long as your main account does not exceed 2 houses.
  • You may own one house per alternate account, if you have two alternate accounts and one house on your main account.

Regalian Graves:

  • Regalian Graves are new to the Rental Region setup. You may own as many graves as you like.
  • Family Crypts officially function as a grave, meaning you can have as many of them as you like. However, some crypts are large enough to function as housing. If you choose to make your living inside a family sized crypt, the property effectively becomes a house, and will fall under the Regalian Housing regulations.

Regardless of what combination you choose, you may only own 3 regions per account, this is a technological limit we impose on everyone. Some examples of possible combinations on an account:

  • One shop, One house, One grave.
  • One shop, Two houses.
  • One shop, Two graves.
  • One house, Two graves.
  • Two houses, One grave.

Have fun with the new regions!

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