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The Daily Creeper – Silver Edge under attack?

Numerous reports have come in to the office of The Daily Creeper telling us that the weird obsidian formations around the ruins of Lukkerdam have been growing, fast, covering a large area of Ceardia. The obsidian has now reached the borders of Silver Edge. The Daily Creeper have asked the Mayor of Silver Edge for feedback on the matter but all he gave in response was “There is still time, I can’t say more, I’m sorry”. The Regalian Council sent out four warships to investigate but there is currently no information about where the warships are or if they have made any progress.  The council states that the situation will be handled but citizens in and around Silver Edge should temporarily evacuate until further notice. There are of course plenty of rumors going around regarding the growing obsidian and one of the more common rumors tells us that the obsidian is in fact a living creature. How such a “creature” would even exist is of course a good question and the Regalian Council encourages everyone to disregard all such information.

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The Daily Creeper – Lukkerdam is alive?

The dark stone and lava that once was the city known as Lukkerdam is moving. With less than two months left till the one year memorial of the “Festival Massacre” this sure is unsettling information for some. The mayor of Silver Edge, Ninja Baver, says in an interview that anyone who lives close to the ruins of Old Lukkerdam should evacuate as soon as possible. He also claims that citizens of Silver Edge should consider the same. The Regalian council announces that there is no danger and nothing to fear. The Regalian council also state that Mr. Baver is in no position to suggest such a serious action since it may cause unnecessary panic and riots. In a last announcement the Regalian council asks everyone to stay away from the location of the old Lukkerdam ruins as it is now a matter for the council to take care of.

For our readers that want to know more:
You can find the article about the “Festival Massacre” in our archive.
The Daily Creeper – Festival Massacre!

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Website Makeover On The Way

In the near future we will update the design of the website to make it better in many ways.
The development of the new design have just started but we wanted to give you all a little heads up on what’s coming soon.

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The Regalia Empire comes to visit!

At sundown, a huge ship sailed in to the Silver Edge harbor and dropped anchor. The ship sails with the colors of the Regalia Empire. The captain and a diplomat from the Regalia Council have requested a meeting with the mayor of Silver Edge to discuss yet unknown matters. Both the captain and the diplomat refused to take part in an interview with The Daily Creeper but the mayor says:

“This sure is good news. The Regalia Empire always has high quality goods to offer”.

Many years have passed since the Regalia Empire were last visiting Silver Edge to trade and bring news from the great human empire. The Daily Creeper will keep you informed on all the latest information and trading the Regalia Empire has to offer.

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Time for WAR! And a happy new year!

So we have installed the WAR plugin on the server and we launched 2 WAR arenas to fully test it. We hope you will enjoy the arenas we have built and the new kind of PvP this plugin brings. So if you want to do some good old fashioned team combat you should travel to the War Hub in Silverwind.

Do /warp plaza and go to the right when you exit the building, enter the building with 2 swords on the roof and enter any of the portals.
Inside the new WAR arenas there are pre-set classes (you pick class by sneaking) and we have disabled MCMMO, Races, Vampirism and inventory to try to balance the arenas.
Some of the game modes we currently have are Capture The Flag (CTF), Bomb planting and Team Death Match (Team DM).
Here are the current arenas we launched:

The Siege


IceFest is now closed and we hope you all had a good time celebrating the winter holidays with us during this event. It all ended with a few awesome firework shows 😀 And talking about fireworks, we here at MassiveCraft hope you all get a…

Happy New Year!


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Ithania… Why?

As some of you might know we released a new world named Ithania and how we released this world and why are questions that have caused some major complains from the players. So let me start with an apology from me as I am the creator and leader of the project Ithania. I’m sorry for my errors and I will now take my time to explain.

The Idea

The idea of Ithania is to have a new world with vanilla biomes that are easy to navigate and easy to build in.

Why? The only vanilla world we have on the server is Ceardia and as most people know Ceardia is old and haven’t aged well at all. So the idea that struck me is that we should have a vanilla world that we can release in a short amount of time compared to the epic TerrainControl worlds we normally make.

Why not TerrainControl? Worlds created with TerrainControl are complicated to create and take a lot of time to plan, create and render. The time it takes is around 2-4 months. Ithania was made in 22 hours total.

But Ithania is ugly and not as epic as TerrainControl! Exactly! With vanilla biomes and the limits of not using TerrainControl makes the world look less epic compared to the ones created with TerrainControl but we feel it’s good to have a mix of worlds to give the players a bigger selection of worlds to choose from. After all we all have different tastes.
Keep in mind that Ithania is not exactly a vanilla world. It uses normal vanilla biomes but is hand painted to look less messy than normally rendered vanilla worlds in MineCraft (like snow next to a desert and stuff like that).

The release

The release did not work well at all and this is my fault and I will apologize once more. The thought was to release the world in 2 weeks from the actual world creation and to not make big fuzz about it since I personally didn’t see the world as something unique and new compared to our epic TerrainControl worlds. And due to that not much information was released since I was in charge of the project.

Why is it premium exclusive for a few days? This is to test a new idea to give something extra to our supporters and we thought Ithania would be a good world to test this on. If we will keep doing this for future world releases remains to be decided on.

Why haven’t there been any lore or RP released for Ithania? This is also my mistake as I was very busy before the winter holidays started and I have much to prepare before I go visit my family for Christmas/New Year celebrations. And due to this the lore for Ithania was put aside to be released later.

Some general info about Ithania

Ithania was done by me Ninjabaver as my first world project and was painted and rendered in 22 hours total.
The capital city of Ithania is Havenreach and in Havenreach you will find enchantment tables, anvils, forges, crafting tables, brewing stands and beds that can be used by all players at any time.
Havenreach was built by me together with many team members and players, and I thank you all for the wonderful job you have done to make the city look the way I imagined it.
Ithania contains all vanilla biomes including a small part of Nether that will spawn some Nether mobs.
You can reach Ithania via the ship with light blue sails in SilverWind (/warp plaza)
Ithania is NOT planned to replace Ceardia.

Some final words
I would like to yet again put in an apology for how this world release was handled and all I can say is that I wanted to try something new and failed. I’m sorry but I will learn from my mistakes.
I hope you can enjoy the world I have created and look forward for our future TerrainControl releases: Faradeen and Hadar. And maybe I can get a chance to make yet another world sometime and make something much greater. 😉

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Summary: Our new Nether world has been opened.
You can get there by using the command /warp nether .

Diary Entry – Week One:
We found a way!
After hours of research, we have found a way to Gana-Isha. Our magicians have been able to modify the portal that we used for the Nether to connect to our newly constructed base camp. However, the modifications they have made have a few side effects… Hopefully we will be able to settle down here and adjust to this new climate…

Diary Entry – Week Two:
Under attack!
We have found out that we are not the only one around here in Gana-Isha. This place seems to be filled with monsters….. but those are not really the problem. There is another humanoid race that we haven’t encountered before, who appear to be much smarter than the other mobs! Our fighters are being overrun; they are either pulled into lava or being set on fire. Our defences aren’t designed for these kind of attacks. I’m not sure how much longer we can hold out here.

Diary Entry – Week Three:
Four hours ago, they made their final strike. All of our soldiers have been burned to death and most of our buildings have been destroyed. My building team and I managed to make it back through the portal, but we were closely followed by those monsters. We sprinted away into the rainy night, and surprisingly we were not pursued… It was almost as if they were scared of something. I will leave this Diary here, so that if anyone else anyone else discovers what we have left behind, they will at least know what to expect…

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It’s that time of year again when all the Skeletons, Creepers and Zombies ( Oh My!) come out to haunt the worlds of Massivecraft.
Yes, it’s Creeperween, the most spooky and fun night of the year! This year is extra special because the team have all gathered together to bring in the festivities.
NinjaBaver will be hosting an all-night scare-a-thon with “Spooky”, a realm where all your nightmares come true. Priestess Farria will be hosting an all day/night Festival with shopping booths, fun events and prizes given away. There’ll even be a bit of PvP arena tournament fun for perticipants who want to go head to head with each other, fighting for a grand prize! Loads of fun! So, make sure to come on out, and join in the activities.

The event will start today (2012-10-31) and close on Wednesday next week (2012-11-07) So every other day there will be small mini events inside the event itself (eventception!) such as: survival horror games, PvP arena tournament, Extreme Grass Growing and much more.
To get to the event area you go through the Event Portal in Silver Edge (spawn) So have fun and beware of the creepers! And ghosts!

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Important Information About Silver Edge

Hello there MassiveCrafters!

Let’s get right to the point. At the moment there are many factions who own plots inside the borders of Silver Edge and a problem have occurred. The problem is that some of the houses on many of these plots do not follow the guidelines or rules connected to the districts they are built on.

So I have decided to enforce all these guidelines and rules a bit harder. At the moment, those plots that do not follow the guidelines/rules have signs placed right outside the plot area. These signs will tell you the date as to when the plot needs to be fixed. If you do not fix your plot before this date your plot will be claimed by Silver Edge. All blocks, items, chests etc. will be taken by Silver Edge and you will get no money for the plot itself.

So I encourage all factions that own a plot in Silver Edge to take a closer look at your buildings and fix them if needed.
If you don’t know the rules and guidelines please read about them here:

And also some good news.
There is a new instance that you can explore. Just make sure to bring a friend with you.

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The Daily Creeper – Festival Massacre!

Festival massacre! Several dozen dead!

The food festival started as a peaceful event of sharing food, conversations, dancing and happiness. But a dark shadow was lurking over Lukkerdam. The Banshee Mrs.Baver appeared and opened a portal to a dark world. Hundreds of monsters from the other world such as Ghasts and Blazes were called forth just as the final dance was about to take place at the festival. The monsters came out and killed almost all visitors and destroyed parts of the city! I was there and saw it with my own eyes and as the massacre went on I hid in a barrel of rum. When I got the chance to escape I ran for my life.

One of the survivors, Lewis Dickson, told us at The Daily Creeper about what happened next:

I had passed out during the attack when one of the Lukkerdam buildings collapsed and when I woke up there was fire everywhere, I could hear monsters screaming and shrieking as they searched for prey. I hid for a while and could see the terrible banshee tear apart buildings with her magic. The ground was shaking from earthquakes and lava erupted from the deep, setting even more buildings on fire.
A small search party found me where I was hiding and we ran out of there as fast as we could before she got the chance to see us.

This apocalyptic event left Lukkerdam scarred, the ships and houses have all been blown apart and savaged by Mrs.Bavers wrath and her minions still lurk there. Lukkerdam is now turned into a chaos of lava and she kills almost everyone that enters her new home. She is more powerful than ever and her power still grows. Who will know where she will next roam and strike?

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