Server Trailer Contest


  • Create a trailer/promotional video for MassiveCraft.
  • The competition starts 2013-09-01 (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • The competition ends 2013-09-20 (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • The video should be uploaded and made public on YouTube.
  • Video length does not matter. Both short and long videos can be good.
  • You are allowed and encouraged to use our brand resources:
  • Remember to mention your minecraft username so we know who you are.
  • Post your submission as a reply to this thread:


  • 1 place: 200 silver
  • 2 place: 150 silver
  • 3 place: 100 silver


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Clucky’s Christmas Tree Event

Dear inhabitants of Ceardia,

Clucky the Christmas chicken has lost his map and wish list while travelling through the tundra and has no idea where to deliver his presents so he needs some help finding his way through Ceardia.

Anyone who creates a Christmas tree in their faction to guide his way will have their wish list granted and some presents left under their tree so please don’t place any presents under your tree when decorating it. Don’t forget to design a spectacular Christmas tree with sparkling lights and fancy decorations so he knows it’s not just an ordinary pine tree.

Christmas Tree Guidlines

  • Do not put presents under the tree as the Clucky the Christmas chicken will deliver the presents.
  • Height must be between 15-30 blocks high!
  • Only one Christmas tree per faction and should be built inside claimed land
  • Email must contain an image of the tree, faction that built it and your Christmas wish list but don’t ask for too much or else you will be getting coal for Christmas!
  • Tree must be built before 24th December so Clucky can make it home

By |December 14th, 2011|Contests|13 Comments

Header Image Contest #1

This contest has been replaced with a header image mission.

See that image at the top of our website? Well how would you like to have your own image up there, and even get 10 silver for your awesome contribution? :)


  • For each image we use, the player who sent it will receive 10 Silver!
  • For the best image sent by 2011-12-24, the player who sent it will receive 50 Silver!
  • For the first image sent, the player who sent it will receive cake! (Seriously!)


  • Sent image to (along with your minecraft username)
  • Image must use the John Smith texture pack
  • Image must be 1000 × 288 pixels
  • Players in the image must have medieval role play skins
  • Image must not include the MassiveCraft logotype (we will add it later)
  • Image must not contain playernames and other HUD elements (use F1)
  • Image must not advertise any faction, or real life organization
  • Image must be from the MassiveCraft server

Note that this image has been modified to have a parchment-like texture. You don’t need to do that. We would prefer the image just as is, and we will add the parchment filter later.

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The first MassiveCraft Build-off

As you may know, we will reset the map for 1.9. We have decided to make a new Spawn Town in that new world, which will be created and actively used by a peaceful faction. This town will include a market district to go alongside the new ChestShop plugin. Each faction will be able to build their own shop in one or two chunks. However we need some decretive chunks to give a little life to this city…

This brings us to the first ever MassiveCraft Build-off. The rules are simple, create any piece of decoration that takes up exactly 2 chunks (16×32) and the perimeter of this decoration must be double smoothstone slabs. Send a picture of your decoration to along with the coordinates (use /getpos). Make sure you use the John Smith texture pack. The competition ends 2011-10-31 (YYYY-MM-DD).

And as for your reward, it’s the satisfaction of… ok fine we will give you free premium, and the opportunity to join the spawn city build team :)

  • First Place – 3 weeks premium
  • Second Place – 2 weeks premium
  • Third Place – 1 week premium

Below is an example… and yes, our example is only 1 chunk, but it displays what we are looking for just as well, and why would we be hosting this competition if we could just build it ourselves? :)

[nggallery id=6]

By |October 15th, 2011|Contests|3 Comments