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Emperors Tavern Social Night

This Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night we’ll have social night at the Emperors Tavern in Regalia. Pay the tavern a visit, hang out and roleplay with others. See the countdowns below.




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The Valentina Islands

Hello Massivecraftians!
Today we can proudly announce that we have been working on for the last several weeks, “The Valentina Islands” (or Valentina for short) this event will open from 5pm GMT today! And it will last for a whole week, Valentina is unique to the majority of other events we have run as it will allow you to buy houses for you and a partner/fiancé to share, this house will be yours to keep for the whole week!

We have three themed islands as well as our home island, the first is a Countryside retreat! For those who prefer a quiet stay away in idyllic scenery away from all the hassles of urban life. Or maybe you could travel to the romantic city of new Venice! With its many attractions and gorgeous housing it is the dream destination for any couple. The third and final island portrays the darker side of love; this island is without housing and is purely for exploring 😉 Conjoined to the third island is an arena for PVP, as we all know “Love is war”.

The set house prices are 5s for a small house (for the week) and 10s for a large house (also for the week) and all funds raised are going directly to the RadioFund! The radio is run by Igel_son and the money raised will be used to give back in events during the radioshows.

Radio Massive @ Valentina Islands
The whole valentines day Radio Massive will send music with a lot of love songs and romantic touch of course! 8pm GMT we go live from Valentina Islands with your favorite hosts Igel_son and BigBellyBuddah playing all those love tunes you long to hear a romantic night on Valentine’s Day as well as some competitions and fun stuff as usual 😉 Come visit our dance floor!

If you wish to purchase a house you will need to contact a staff member and point out which island you would wish to hire a house on and if it’s a large or small house and also the one/two people who will be sharing this house.

Thank you to the hard dedication and work of all the staff team as well as the aspirant team for making this possible! As well as those players who have made a large contribution with their architectural and decorative skills! Who will all be named and thanked in a later post :)

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MassiveCraft: IceFest


Greetings players of MassiveCraft!

Today, at 5pm GMT (London Time), the event portal at spawn will be opened for you and your friends to come and view the work I and the other members of the team have been doing in secret for the past few weeks. The event will last a whole 8 days, ending on the 30th!

This lovely winter holidays event will play host to shops, pvp tournaments and other exciting things as the week draws out.

Also starring a special guest whom will be revealed later on 😉

So make sure you’re online for the wonderful MassiveCraft Winter Event opening!

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Igel’s Treasure Hunt IV

Time to do the fourth Treasure hunt! Same easy rules as the last time. Look at the pictures, find the chest!  All chests have various valuables in them!
There is 1 out of 12 left. To find and they are all placed around Ellador this time!

All chests have been found and here is the positions of the chests and the people who found them!

Gwendyn got 50 silver for finding the last chest.
Johnwolf12 got 50 silver for finding the most amount of chest.

  1. -1488 65 -4523 JohnWolf12
  2. 2732 65 -1532 JohnWolf12
  3. 3892 65 2624 severish
  4. -360 65 2118 Lachrymology
  5. -1584 65 -302 Eramag
  6. -3490 65 -3520 johnWolf12
  7. -4185 65 -853 Schepper
  8. -3876 65 -652 XVW
  9. 2273 65 182 XVW
  10. -1894 65 -654 Gwendyn
  11. 2430 65 -2034 Johnwolf12
  12. -3764 65 3622 Gwendyn
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Ellador Release

[nggallery id=29]

Ellador was released at 2012-09-12 (YYYY-MM-DD). The server was full at the time of the release. We hope you all found those great locations for your Factions :)

Special thanks to Wessexstock for his great contribution as lead world designer. Many thanks to all other team members and players involved.

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The Summer Food Festival Event


Welcome to The Summer Food Festival!
You and all of your friends are invited to this big celebration where food will be served in huge amount to everyone who wants it. This festival is held in the honor of summer and the food that the harvests brings. All kinds of food will be available, melons from the jungles of Daendroc to fresh apples and grilled meat from Ceardia. The food will be free and you will be able to eat it together with all your friends and companions. There will be music playing and room for dancing and singing.

And if you are feeling generous you can bring your own food to the festival and share it with others. Remember that the food is not limitless but it will be handed out as long as there is food in stock.

The festival will be held at Lukkerdam since it’s been abandoned and there is now a lot of room there to host such a festival. On the date of the festival the portal next to the City Hall in Silver Edge will open to allow fast travel to the festival area.

I hope to see you on this special celebration.
Regards The Mayor of Silver Edge.


This event will be held at 2012-07-27 (note:  the date might change so stay updated) and will be active for several hours during the day.
Keep in mind that this is a ROLEPLAY based event. If you don’t wish or like to roleplay we advise you to not take part in the event. But if you want to try or just really like to roleplay you are more than welcome to join the event and take part of the conversations and celebrations.

A few tips on roleplay:
You are not allowed to break any server rules just because you are roleplaying.
So no swearing, sexism or racism in chat and all that.
Remember to use the s: y: and w: chat channels.
You should not
use /msg f: a: or g: to roleplay.
Try to stay in character as much as possible and remember to let everyone roleplay. Roleplaying is at its best when everyone has a chance to take part in it.

There is a timer in the sidebar to the right that shows you
how long it’s left to the event starts.

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The Grand Market Event

The Grand Market is a newly established market on the border of Daendroc; this grand event will take place on the Wednesday 16th May 7:00 PM GMT. The Grand Market event allows you to set up a market stall for an hour or two as a merchant and is not faction based so anyone can come along and see if there is any space available, plots will go to first players who enquire about the plots, this event will hopefully make it easy for poorer players to earn some silver!

To inquire about owning a market stall for a day speak to x_sam_boi_x who is overseeing the event, however if I am not online for any reason another admin may be able to help you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Buildings must be Role-Play market style like the example below.
  • To rent a stall you must enquire before Wednesday 16th May 6:00PM GM
  • Some who are very wealthy may be denied a plot, Giving those less fortunate a chance to earn some silver.
  • If there are any left-over spaces at 6:30 PM GMT anyone will be allowed a stall.
  • Role-Play Anyone caught out of charcter maybe removed or jailed.

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Parthenon Event May 5th

1v1 gladiator event at the parthenon arena on May 5th 7:00 PM GMT.
The entry fee is 5 silver
 and the winner will get it all!
You can enter the tournament by signing up in the comment of this post.
1.) No enchanted weapons or armour, no fists
2.) No diamond armour
3.) Vampires can not have any better armour than gold (Because vampires have a fighting advantage)
4.) No leaving the arena, or walking up on the wall next to the fences
5.) Vampires are not allowed to use bones to fly.
6.) No ender pearls
7: No potions

Eventhost: DaSupahNinja

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Vivamus Treasure Hunt!

1047 days ago construction began on the Vivamus palace, Including the restoration of the Library of Aloria.
The palace contains good and evil altars, a meeting place for vampires or pure souls alike.
During contstruction, many treasures were accidentally left contained in chests. A total of 150 diamonds and much gold are missing from the record books. These are acceptable losses and will not be pursued.

It was discovered that the portal to the palace was destroyed, cutting off access to the interior.
A second portal to this building is believed to be active, leading to the house of the palace’s gardener Windiman.
This portal is believed to be hidden in the sewers under the Vivamus faction and efforts to find it have been unfruitful.

Public access to the sewers has been granted to help locate this hidden gateway.

At April 13th, 21:00 CET +1, the seach for the portal will begin. Anyone who finds the portal is free to explore the Vivamus Palace and take any lost diamonds and gold for themselves.

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