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A Fiery Adventure

A new quest has been added to MassiveCraft. Right-click “Prospector Tim” in the Regalian park to start the quest. He needs your help to find and gather different materials in the Rift! The quest has no prerequisites and is available to all players.

This quest was created using the unique plugin MassiveQuest, an exclusive plugin found only on MassiveCraft. Have you ever experienced questing on a Minecraft server? This might be the time to try it out!

MassiveCraft Wiki

The preservation and accessibility of knowledge surrounding MassiveCraft has always been a sought after resource. With every new addition to our plugins, lore, and features, comes the need to provide a reliable and user friendly tool in order to aid our constantly growing server. With this, we are pleased to announce the all new MassiveCraft Wiki.

Quality of Information

Many questions are asked about an array of topics as players experience MassiveCraft. Additionally, we recognize the importance of providing the answers to these questions as accurately as possible. We would like our readers to have full confidence in the answers they find on the wiki. Therefore, official content will only be contributed by approved players and staff. If an individual would like to contribute to the MassiveCraft Wiki, they will need to meet with either MonMarty or Ryciera to become approved as an official contributor.


In essence, the wiki will serve as a central location to obtain knowledge about lore, plugins, features, and other relevant public information. The MassiveCraft wiki acts as a hub for refined knowledge that is already available throughout the rest of the website. This means that past information and future information will both be included into one area for the convenience of our readers. The wiki should be a reader’s first stop when specific and official information is needed.


As always, the MassiveCraft team values the quality of our players’ Minecraft experience. We hope you find the new wiki both useful and reliable.

Available at


Server Trailer Contest Results!

We have now finished the judging of submissions from our recent server trailer contest, and here are the final results after a long period of heated debate and discussion by the judges:

  • (moloon) Aspects 25/40, Creativity 10/20, Editing 10/30, Brand 5/10, Total 50/100
  • (SoTotallyAce) Disqualified for failing to include the required element – IP
  • (andrewnicola) Aspects 40/40, Creativity 15/20, Editing 17/30, Brand 8/10, Total 80/100
  • (Leowe2011) Aspects 40/40, Creativity 20/20, Editing 24/30, Brand 10/10, Total 94/100

We hope that everybody enjoyed watching these videos and participating in the contest! All winners will receive their prizes in-game by the end of next week. You will be notified if you receive a prize.

The Rift – New Nether Resource World!

Upon listening to the requests for a new world containing nether quartz and other valuable materials, a new resource world has been created! At the request of the players, we spent time building a new world so that they would be satisfied. The portal to the new world is located in the Regalian Park.

The world will have claiming disabled, and it is only a temporary resource world, meaning that it will be removed eventually. It can be removed at any time without warning so do not store valuables or build here. Also, the expected life time of this world is one to two months, so do not plan to stay here for long. Explore it at your own risk! 

Here are beautiful screenshots of what is known as the Rift:





Faction WarZone

Hello! Today I’m here to explain a cool new concept that is being added into MassiveCraft… WarZones!

So what is a WarZone, you may be asking? Well, A WarZone is a faction claim with permission settings where all players can inflict damage on one another. This will allow players to test and improve their PVP abilities against one another, without one of them having to leave the faction. A faction will be able to purchase a WarZone for 5000 regals per chunk.

The whole concept is achieved by the creation of a faction labelled XXXXWarZone, So say, for example, the faction Purge buys one WarZone. It would be called “PurgeWarZone”. All the flags are set up to allow pvp to be enabled, and hence allows that area to become a WarZone, that acts just like a PVP arena. The only limit to the amount of WarZone chunks you can have, is the amount of regals you own, so you could have as many as you can afford, but like claiming for your faction, each WarZone chunk must connect to each other,

Along with this new feature, also comes new rules that must be followed, or you risk the WarZone being revoked and disbanded with no refund. These rules are….


  • A faction can only have 1 WarZone faction.
  • There needs to be a prebuilt chunk-based Arena that will contain the WarZone.
  • It needs to be closed and have an entrance that you open to get thru.
  • There need to be proper signs.This will be inspected by an admin before enabling the WarZone.
  • Tricking people into the WarZone will cause you to violate the WarZone agreement and it will be revoked.
  • The WarZone will be disbanded when the faction disbands.
  • The WarZone cannot be moved, you will have to purchase new chunks instead.

How do you get a WarZone for your faction?

To have a WarZone added to your faction, you have to have 5000 Regals for each chunk you wish to purchase, you must also have a prebuilt enclosed arena to put the WarZone in and then when you have met the pre-mentioned requirements, fill out a request using the info template in the Forum WarZone Thread.


5000 Regals per chunk

We hope you all like and enjoy the concept of WarZones. If you have any questions about WarZones feel free to leave your questions in the thread and we will do our best to answer them. Enjoy!

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Premium Lounge Release

A new premium lounge has recently been added in! You can access it through the Hub at /warp hub!

We are going to have a massive gathering at the premium lounge due to its grand opening! Refer to the countdown below to make sure that you are a part of this gathering.

Gathering Countdown

There are many things to do at the premium lounge, and we hope you all enjoy it!









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LWC Replacing Deadbolt

LWC has been uploaded and is replacing Deadbolt.  The Deadbolt plugin will continue to run for 20 days during a transition period, but no new deadbolts will be able to be created.  This should ensure the protection of items as this transition occurs.  More information on LWC can be found on the MasssiveCraft LWC Page.

MassiveCraft has configured LWC to have a cost for the creation of protections.  Each player will get their first 5 protections at no charge.  After the 5th protection, all protections will cost 10 Regals.  There are no refunds for these fees.

The configuration of ChestShops has also been modified to charge 10 Regals for  the creation of a ChestShop, except in Regalia, where the shop owners already pay rent.  This fee also has no refunds. ChestShops will also now expire if a player is inactive for 20 days.

Deadbolt Removal Countdown

Deadbolt will be removed during the next restart.

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MassiveCraft Server Trailer Contest!


Recently, the team has realized that a server “trailer” would be needed to expand and improve our image to reach more players on server lists like Planet Minecraft and social media such as YouTube. Our current trailer is very outdated and does not expand on the all the aspects of MassiveCraft. As a result, we have decided that we would like the players to create a server trailer.


You need to create a server trailer for MassiveCraft. What a trailer should contain or be:

  • No lag if filmed in-game – nobody will want to watch your footage if he/she can’t tell where you are going.
  • Good video editing, text usage, and sound quality – overall, this just means to “be professional”. Don’t use neon captions that are completely unrelated to MassiveCraft, or add in dubstep for your background music, if any at all. It should fit in with MassiveCraft’s medieval theme. Also, make sure you use F1 to hide your toolbar if filmed in-game.
  • All aspects of MassiveCraft – it shouldn’t be recorded all around a PvP tournament or raid, but nor should it be centered around an RP session at the Emperor’s Tavern. It should combine various aspects of MassiveCraft into one, and while we are mainly advertising ourselves as an RP server, you should try to diversify your trailer’s content so that we can appeal to the masses of players.
  • No copyright infringements – this is a must-have and your trailer will be disqualified from any judging if this is violated. If you use music, images, footage, or other forms of media that are protected by copyright, then your trailer is void. I would recommend looking for people who create media for free or looking up non-copyrighted media.
  • YouTube video with both the website link and IP - this is a must-have as well. Your trailer will be disqualified from any judging if this is ignored. We need to see our website link and IP somewhere on your video page, whether it is in your description or in the the video itself. It should be impossible to miss.

Deadline and Prizes

There will not be rewards given out in formats like 1st place, 2nd place, etc. Instead, we will be accepting submissions in for a 1 month period of time – then we will judge trailers on a ?/100 scale for the following criteria:

  • 40 points – Covering of MassiveCraft aspects (look above)
  • 30 points – Good video editing techniques (look above)
  • 20 points – Creativity (try different ways to get footage, maybe animate it)
  • 10 points – Usage of the MassiveCraft brand media (look below)

What this means is that we may be giving out an undefined number of prizes, so everybody has a chance to earn something, no matter how poor you might think your trailer is. :)

The prizes are as follows:

  • 50 points total – 200 regals
  • 70 points total – 400 regals
  • 90 points total – 600 regals, Special Lore Item
  • 100 points total – 700 regals, Enchanted Item and Special Lore Item

Possible References

Common Questions

  • Q: How should I submit my video?
  • A: Post the link on the forum thread or website post with your Minecraft name attached.
  • Q: Should I add my name into the video?
  • A: The viewers won’t really care who made the video. However, if you would like, putting your name in the description could help to prevent video theft.
  • Q: How short or long should the video be?
  • A: There is no length requirement, however, if your video is too long your viewer may quickly become bored. However, if it is too short, the viewer may not have time to learn enough about the server.
  • Q: When is the deadline and will it be a strict deadline?
  • A: The deadline is a month from when this has been posted. We will, however, keep it open for a day longer for last-minute submissions to be sent in – keep in mind that these will have 10 points deducted from their total score though. After one day, though, the deadline will be permanently closed. Feel free to send a trailer in after the deadline, though prizes will not be given.
  • Q: Where do I see the results?
  • A: Once the videos are judged, which could take a while, we will post the winners on the forums and website.
  • Q: How do I claim my prize?
  • A: Once the judging is over, all rewards will be sent to players as well as an in-game mail concerning the prize amount. (Note that we will drop lore items in your inventory, make sure that it is empty or you will not receive your item)
  • Q: How should I upload my video?
  • A: It should be uploaded publicly on YouTube. If you do not have a YouTube account that the video can be uploaded on, you will have to create one. Otherwise, your video will not be judged.
  • Q: How many videos can you send in?
  • A: Only 1 per player/group. Once you submit a video, that will be counted as your final submission and cannot be changed. Be sure that you completely finish it before we take it into consideration. Also, if we find that people are using alternate accounts to submit trailers in a way to earn more prizes, then we will disqualify all of your submissions.
  • Q: How many people can you work with on this?
  • A: There can be as many as you’d like to work with! Each of you will get your own rewards, meaning that it will not be split up amongst you. Therefore, cooperation is highly encouraged.
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Poor District Release!

Recently, our astounding staff have created and released a new poor district in Regalia. What you might want to know:

  • Each house contains three rooms. One of those rooms costs 80 regals for 30 days.
  • It is located at /warp poordistrict, nearby the Abusement Park!
  • It looks great, and there are lots of rooms for you to purchase!
  • There are many new roleplay opportunities for you to situate yourself around.
  • This is a great step of progress in the advancement of Regalia, the spawn city of MassiveCraft, which is something everybody should enjoy.

Some pictures of the amazing district are located below:





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MassiveCraft Chat Rule Change

Chat rules Change

After a lengthy internal discussion, we have decided to change our chat rules with regards to General and Premium chat. In recent trends, many players have made it a daily business to provoke and incite against staff through a various means of misuse of the general chat. This practice is destructive not only to the staff’s energy to deal with such things, but also sapping away from energy to help people who actually need help, due to the harassing nature of this behavior.

We also recognize that with the player number growth, moderating General and Premium becomes more unfeasible. It is already becoming hard to control the conversation topic with a couple of staff members towards over 100 players, and this will only become harder.

The basic idea of the rules change:

  • Minor chat abuses such as usage of hashtags are no longer moderated against in General and Premium chat.
  • General and Premium will now only be moderated for offensive content, described as racist, discriminatory, sexist, vulgar, or otherwise unwanted language.
  • General and Premium will not be moderated for English only usage; any language can be used, though it is recommended to use English to make yourself understandable.
  • Any other chat channel, such as Local, Help, Trade, Recruitment, will still be moderated like before, even for the usage of minor chat abuses such as hashtags or the usage of non English language.
  • Usage of offensive content, as defined by the second point, will receive higher punishments. Instead of regular small mutes or jails, we will start banning people for using offensive language and content in public chat channels.

We will not retroactively remove any bans, mutes or punishments handed against people for the rules which have been repealed now. If these were to submit a punishment appeal, we will judge and vote as if the rules were not repealed.

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