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All MassiveCraft Rules updated!

We have had a massive update to our entire rule book for MassiveCraft. We suggest and strongly encourage all players new and old, to read the summarized rules on the website. For those who want to be more specific about what each of those rules means with more bullet points, read the rules on the Wiki. For those of you who want to jump straight to the War and Raid rules, read them on the wiki. The Roleplay rules have been unchanged, but for those who want to read them can do so at the Wiki. A couple of rules are gone, many have changed and so some things that were illegal in the past are now legal, while some have only partially become legal. Some examples below:

Grief and claim protection of wilderness has been lifted.
What this means is that land that is unclaimed is no longer protected from stealing or claiming. If you have chests in wilderness, they may be claimed. If you have a house in wilderness, it may be stripped of resources. Factions are cheap and easy to maintain. The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone lives in factions. This however doesn’t mean you can start pouring lava or water over buildings and mountains. Griefing our worlds is still illegal.

Raiding is now allowed without a war declaration.
We do not recognize the difference between a war and a raid anymore. You are enemies as soon as you /enemy, and beyond that point all is fair in love and war. There are some corner cases to be aware of when going to war with someone, so be sure to check out the war rules.

Truces have been shortened to 30 days from 75
We considered the old 75 days truces too long. Truces that were declared before 20/05/2015 are still valid under the 75 days.

Max Tribute has been increased to 300+50*Faction members of the smallest faction
The old rule encouraged massive raiding factions too much. We want to be a bit more accommodating to raiding factions that want to just have a small group of friends in their faction but still get a decent income from raiding.

Actions that were previously faction permission abuse are now permitted within limits.
In the past, if a faction gave ally door perms and then allied you one way or another, you could use their doors. Doing so would have been faction perm abuse. This is now allowed. Factions bear the ultimate responsibility to make sure their faction permissions are functional. In the long run, we will make a tech implementation that will make this impossible, by forcing faction permissions only when both sides are set to the same relation. For now however, using this will not be punished. This also covers portal hopping.

The max raid time has been removed.
As soon as you /enemy someone, you may raid them any day of the week, within reasonable limits of upwards to 3-5 hours a day. The counting of these hours won’t be very specific, and we hope players will make administration on this point unnecessary by keeping civil and fair to others. Staff may intervene if they deem a raid lasts too long, but ultimately Staff are encouraged not to get too involved with situations like these. In short, beyond 3 hours staff members may ask you to back off. Beyond 5 hours, you should definitely back off.

It is important to remember the rules may be subject to minor changes within the coming weeks. We have to settle ourselves into the system as much as the players do. In a way, our wording may not be perfect and we have to find a better way to express certain rules sometimes. For now however, these rules should be functional and are in effect.


  • http://www.massivecraft.com/rules
  • http://wiki.massivecraft.com/Massive_Rules
  • http://wiki.massivecraft.com/Warfare_Rules
  • http://wiki.massivecraft.com/Roleplay_Rules
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Jorrhildr Map Announced!

It’s been a good year+ since this world was originally started. Several months into development, Jorrhildr is finally approaching the end production stages after several project restarts. Highlights of this map:

  • Large Vanilla Clay deposits underwater.
  • Large Hardened Stained Clay deposits underwater.
  • Large Packed Dirt deposits underwater.
  • Mountains all have stone, diorite, andesite and granite in them.
  • Massive snow map with snowy mountains, plains, canyons and icy oceans with icebergs and plates.
  • Glaciers, sinkholes and caves.

More news will follow when the world goes closer to release!

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MassiveRestore for Ithania

ithania1 ithania2

MassiveRestore will be enabled for Ithania in two weeks.

Due to popular demand, instead of setting a date for the removal of Ithania entirely, we’re going to be adding MassiveRestore to the world and preserving it instead. MassiveRestore is a plugin coded by MassiveCraft that will automatically restore the landscape of any land unclaimed by factions, allowing the removal of abandoned or messy builds and the general tidying-up of the landscape.

MassiveRestore will be enabled on May 25th, 2015 — two weeks from now. It’s strongly encouraged you claim all your builds by that time, or move any unclaimed storage into claimed land that you don’t want to get restored.

MassiveRestore has a base command you can use: /mr.
Read all about MassiveRestore here.

Activation Countdown:

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MassiveMobs Taming and More

Our plugin MassiveMobs is now running 24/7 on the map Fendarfell. This is a unique MassiveCraft plugin developed by Cayorion. It replaces the standard Minecraft mobs with more exciting ones. The plugin is still under development but is live and can be played.

Rarity Tiers

The rarity tier of the mob can be seen on the name plate.

  • Common – Most mobs. Cannon fodder.
  • Enchanted – 1 / 10 mobs. Slightly harder.
  • Uncommon – 1 / 100 mobs. Very hard.
  • Rare – 1 / 1000 mobs. Takes a whole faction to kill.
  • Epic – 1 / 10000 mobs. Takes a whole alliance to kill.

With MassiveMobs surviving the night is much harder. This is on purpose to provide more of a challenge.

Fun Facts

  • Money and XP drops are automatically shared among players.
  • Most mobs have a 3% chance to drop a lore item (especially the undead).
  • Guardians spawn in the ocean.
  • Magma Cubes and blazes spawn underground.
  • All mobs can be tamed!


With MassiveMobs all mobs can be tamed! This is done by right clicking them with certain items.

  • Animals eat most food.
  • Monsters can be tamed with diamonds, emeralds and gold ingots.

Remember to tame your farm animals. Otherwise they will despawn when you leave the area.

Tamed mobs will be loyal to your Faction and help you in combat. You and other players in your faction can use the following controls to manage them:

  • Right click with empty hand to toggle if the mob should follow you.
  • Right click while sneaking with empty hand to remove all equipment.
  • Right click while sneaking with weapon or armor in hand to equip.
  • Right click with a lead in hand to put that lead on them.
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KitPvP now open on MassiveCraft!

Today we are proud to present MassiveCraft KitPvP. We’ve combined the best of free-for-all combat with our own exclusive MassiveTraits and Vampire plugins. Our KitPVP is faster, harder-hitting, and more explosive. Dash through an exhilarating and unique map to grab buffs or use the versatile terrain as cover while you time your fireball or rain down wither-charged arrows. Design your own trait builds, pick from our varied kits, sharpen your fangs, and come dominate Farad’h, our new KitPvP map.

  • Jump into the action by choosing one of our well-balanced kits, from Regalian Archer to Qadir Swordsman.
  • Customize by becoming a vampire or choosing from one of our many trait builds.
  • Want to try out a new strategy or counter someone’s build? Design your own trait set.
  • Get an edge on the competition by heading to the booster points on the map for a buff.
  • Powered by MassiveCraft’s own MassiveTraits and Vampire plugins.

Suit your needs and play-style by combining the kits with either a trait build or Vampire. The combinations are nearly endless, bringing a new level of strategy into this very popular minigame. Never heard about MassiveTraits? You can read up on that here. Never heard about the Vampire plugin? You can read up on that here.

Around the map there are booster points, in each of these points there are diamond or emerald blocks. If you right click the block you will get a boost to either speed, strength, or regeneration for a short period of time.

Join MassiveCraft.com now and type /tp PvP to enter KitFarad’h.

Coundown to release.

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  • b.arachn_whole

Challenging New Dungeon and Quest World!

We’re excited to bring you Arach’n, the most difficult quest world and fight-for-your-life dungeon crawl massivecraft.com has ever known. In the dark of the temple and the ruined town that survives in its shadow, you’ll likely find only cruel, webbed death, but vast rewards also await any who rise to the challenge. Grab your very best gear, you’re going to need it!

  •  Combat-heavy RPG-style questing within the The Temple of Arach’n.
  • Solve puzzles, survive the parkour, and lose yourself in an immersive storyline.
  • 22 new quests of every level of difficulty. Click here for a listing.
  • Haul away money, special items, and extremely valuable gear.
  • Band together to defeat NPC bosses and waves of mobs.
  • Powered by MassiveCraft’s own MassiveQuest plugin.

Arach’n is as much a legend as it is a new adventure map. Never quested on massivecraft.com? Interact with NPC’s, fight, craft, choose your own path, and find your fortune in this new world, or visit Warrenord, which already features nearly 30 questlines.

Talk to the Ticket Seller in Regalia at /tp spawn to lose yourself in this tale. To keep your items on death and complete two additional side-quests, be sure to visit massivecraft.com/premium and learn about becoming a Premium Member.

Join massivecraft.com and see if you can escape the web of Arach’n! 



Coundown to non-Premium release.

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Regalia House Rental Announcement

As most of you know, we’ve had technical difficulties using the house rental plugin for Regalia. Those have officially been resolved since yesterday, and we have gone ahead and set up most of the rental regions. This post will serve as an announcement to tell everyone when the house rentals will be enabled, and what the specific rules or limitations are.

First and foremost, house rentals will be enabled at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 4th of March. For those who have trouble converting the time, there is a widget at the bottom of this page which will tell you in how many hours the release will take place.

Secondly, house rentals will only be enabled for premiums during the first release. Premiums will have the ability to purchase housing before the release to non Premiums. The non Premium release will take place a full week after the Premium release, so at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 11th of March. This date may change due to the availability of our tech staff.

Some further points of interest:

  • We have a Tutorial on our forum to explain the new commands used for house rental.
  • There is a tech limitation to the amount of houses that can be rented. A non Premium can only rent 1 house. A Premium can rent 3 houses, though by rules may only own 2 at a time. They may “possess” a third for the purpose of resale, though such a property should be sold within at most 2 weeks of purchase.
  • The old Regalia housing rules apply. You may not alter the walls or exterior of a building. You may do with the interior as you please.
  • Several blocks and items are banned with a plugin from being placed in Regalia, meaning you cannot place blocks such as item frames, trapdoors, armor stands and more. We have made this decision to conserve FPS in Regalia.
  • While non Premiums cannot buy housing, they can still be added as “friends” by Premiums who have already bought a house.
  • Different districts will be staged with their release. Our first release is the common districts, which is all the housing (380 in total) within the city walls. The poor district will be put on sale at a later date (at least 2 weeks from now), and the rogue district and ship rentals will be put on sale at an even later date.

If you haven’t gotten Premium before, or if it is running out soon, now might be an excellent time to consider donating (again). Houses are much desired objects on MassiveCraft of which there are only 380 available, there is a realistic chance that all houses will already be bought up by premiums before the non-Premiums even get the ability to rent them. Remember, donating also gives you 750 Regals per month, the in-game currency. This is more than enough for two months of rent.

Coundown to Premium housing Rentals

Coundown to non-Premium housing Rentals

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MassiveRestore for Fendarfell and New Ceardia

MassiveRestore will be activated for Fendarfell and New Ceardia 1 week from now.

The plugin has been used on the world Teled Methen. Since that worked really well we have decided to use MassiveRestore on Fendarfell and New Ceardia as well. On those two maps the restoration cycle will be 1 month rather than 2 weeks.

For those unaware of MassiveRestore it is a unique plugin, developed by us here at MassiveCraft. With this plugin world maps can be configured to automatically restore wilderness chunks. Chunks claimed by factions are left alone, but all other chunks are restored to their beautiful, untouched, grief-free, LWC lock-free, tree-rich, ore-rich, original state.

MassiveRestore has the base command /mr.
Read all about MassiveRestore here.

Coundown to activation

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  • MassiveMerch

Massive Merchandise


MassiveCraft is teaming up with Teespring to produce a line of super high quality, screen printed soft American Apparel T-Shirts and Hoodies. Before they are made and shipped to you we need to meet a minimum amount of orders. This is where you, the MassiveCraft community, can help make this dream a wonderful reality.

We have three wonderful pieces of merchandise to offer at the moment and the list will grow over time. Please check out the online store and if you don’t buy one we hope that you would at least spread the word so that others can discover this awesome merchandise.

We feature two MassiveCraft Shirt designs made of 100% ringspun combed fine jersey soft, premium fabric. The new MassiveCraft round logo is used on a black shirt.

Additionally we have a zip up hoodie that is made from 50% combed cotton and 50% polyester. This hanes heavy blend full zip hoodie will keep you warm and is designed to last a long time. The MassiveCraft round logo is used on the back with the words MassiveCraft used on the front.

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Regalia V2 is prepared for release!

MassiveCraft has released its official Regalia Sneakpeek Trailer! Watch it on our official Youtube channel, in 1080p! The video features nearly 3 minutes of Regalia footage, large scenery and all rendered in beautiful shaders with far viewing distance. Regalia is soon prepared for release, here are some of the highlights:

  • BuyRegion will be replaced by AreaShop as the new house rental plugin. This new plugin features options such as being able to sell your own property, adding your friends to your house, teleporting to your house, due payment warning and much more!
  • Regalia’s total house market has been increased twice fold with a total of 280 common Regalian housing, 80 Poor district housing and 15 island houses. More districts will be added at later stages!
  • Due to new restore technology from snapshot, gone are the days of disorganized and construction zone Regalia V1. Regalia V2 will always be in it’s prime state.
  • Regalia V2 will be “pre-released” for 3 days after initial release. This means the city is effectively functional, yet you cannot rent houses. After this 3 day period is over, premiums will have first picks at housing properties for a full week. After this week is over, non premiums can also rent house properties.
  • The Regalian wilderness is currently still empty, but will feature many expansions over the next months as more additions are added to keep Regalia interesting.
  • Regalia’s performance has been increased five times! New intelligent building techniques allow us to eliminate lag and FPS issues.

Regalia will be released within the coming days, along with guides on how to use the new rental plugin.

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