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New War Declaration And Tribute Rules!

We are altering our War declaration and tribute rules to facilitate the changes in the PVP environment. We want to foremostly, equal out the scales of the Tribute by recognizing that bigger factions don’t automatically earn more money. Additionally we want to make wars more fair, by discouraging one or two man raiding factions, and encouraging large wars between large factions. Lastly we want to still provide essential protection for start up factions. Obviously this system is new, seems complicated and will need some time to get used to. We ask the player for patience and cooperation to stamp out any potential flaws and issues this system might have.

Note: Raid rules, tribute and other factors concerning just raiding will not be affected at all. The Raiding system and its rules work as intended and are not presenting any problems.

Tribute Rule:
The max tribute in a war between A and B is always the number of members of the smallest faction times 50. This means if a 2 member faction declares war on a 10 member faction, the max tribute either way is 2×50= 100 Regals.

  • Note: You may still offer custom demands such as roleplay items or resources. The value of these demands may not exceed the max tribute however, and may not include forced character death, kicking of faction members, or unclaiming homelands.
  • Note: It is always encouraged to offer more than one demand to offer variety and choices for the surrendering factions.

Small Faction Protection:
Factions that are younger than 1 month may not be declared war upon unless they already are at war with another faction. Recreating factions to always be younger than 1 month will be seen as a rule violation and will be punished. Recreating factions also doesn’t end wars.

On alternate accounts:
Alternate accounts will be overlooked in most cases when it comes to Tribute calculations. The exception however, is if a faction is clearly artificially increasing or decreasing the tribute by adding more than reasonable amounts of alts to their faction. If a player suspects this happening, they should report it and the offender will be punished and their alts permanently banned.

Surrender terms:
Max tribute constitutes a 75 day truce between both factions. The surrendering side may always break the truce whenever it pleases them. The declaring side may never break a truce. Custom truce days may be agreed upon but are not able to be enforced with max tribute.

A surrender with max tribute is always enforced. You may not surrender in the name of others, neither may you accept a surrender in the name of others. Surrender terms may only be issued and accepted by War Leaders, and Max Tribute is an automatic surrender and enforced truce. Other surrender terms are optional and subject to negotiation.

The following point is only relevant to you if you plan to use allies in your war. You may ignore it if you fight alone and your target is also alone.

On Alliance wars:
Factions may now declare wars as coordinated alliances and in some cases MUST declare war as an alliance instead of separate factions. Factions coordinating their attacks on a single or multiple factions are seen as an alliance.

  • Note 1: War Leaders are the factions that represent all other members of a Faction Alliance. In most cases, this would mean the faction that posts the war declaration and the receiving faction that is declared war upon.
  • Note 2: War Leader status may be swapped during the war but only by the active War Leader.
  • Note 3: Swapping War Leaders does not alter the tribute whatsoever. Neither does declaring war as an alliance. This rule is simply in place to prevent people from loopholing the system to demand more money from a single faction meanwhile coordinating their attacks to provide unified pressure.
  • Note 4: Only War Leaders may accept surrenders or issue them. War Members may never surrender individually unless the opposing warleader agrees to it. This prevents allied factions from selectively forcing factions out of the war.
  • Note 5: A truce is enforced for all members of either alliance if a surrender is made. Any member of the surrendering alliance may break the truce whenever it pleases them and it will break the truce for all opposing factions. The surrendering factions who did not break their truce, however, will retain their truce. The winning side may never break any truces.Note 6: If you as a member disagree with your War Leader surrendering or accepting a surrender, then that is your own fault, and you should have picked better allies or not entered an allied war effort.
  • Note 7: You do not need to be part of the allied war effort at the start of the war. Any faction may join a war effort at any time on any side, however, this decision is permanent until the war ends either way or until the opposing War Leader agrees to their departure from the war.

On loopholing:
Breaking the rules or trying to find loopholes around the system for your own benefit will be punished. If at any point you feel your opposing side is trying to loop hole around the war declaration rules and especially the Alliance rules, you should report this on the forum. Continually restarting your faction to benefit from the one month grace period will result in severe punishment.

All Wars declared before this post and still active are hereby declared null and void, and must be resubmitted.

The topic in which we respond to questions concerning this change or any concerns you may have can be found here.

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Regalia V3 under construction!

As some hints may have already led some people to suspect, Regalia V3 as a map is under construction (though technically this would be V2). Regalia V3 will not be a rebuilt version of Regalia V2, but a Regalia moved onto a completely new map. This means existing streets (may) be moved over to the new map in their entirety, the city will in general receive an internal restructure. There have been issues with the current version of Regalia for quite a while:
  • We cannot expand in any other direction than North and East, which is not optimal for city planning.
  • The Undercity is terrorized by bad construction decisions made years ago, and horrible World edit errors.
  • We do not have access to a snapshot of the map, so we cannot use /restore on ugly flat stone areas.
  • Regalia’s underground is currently filled with caves, tunnels and unneeded mines. This results in heavier FPS strain on players.
  • Regalia is not built on the standard minecraft height map, resulting in odd color variations of the sky on different texture packs.
  • Our attempts to decentralize the Tavern have resulted in awkward city planning. We plan to reverse this now that we know better.
  • The current harbor cannot be expanded due to the lack of space, meaning future transport ships wold amount to more confusion among the players.
  • We cannot clean up the current map of flowing water or excessive FPS issue causing blocks, which results in a detraction of gameplay value in Regalia due to the low FPS.
  • The current map is ugly. It was made with TerrainControl and looks unrealistic.
In short, the current map is about 2 years old, and we cannot tolerate the shortcomings of it any further, as it is inhibiting expansion of our roleplay capital. The immediate benefits we expect are:
  • Easier navigation trough the new city
  • Better FPS as we go trough extreme measures to limit FPS issue causing problems
  • More and better public buildings, as we have more space to expand housing into, meaning we have more free space for public buildings.
These obvious notes should be held into account:
  • We do not have a strict release date, most optimally speaking, we could finish this medio December, early January. The old Regalia will keep in function until that time, but no innovating work or renovations will be done during that period. When a finalized release date is known, it will be made apparent at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • It is not recommended to buy housing on the marketplace right now, either in auction or the market, unless you are willing to only benefit your purchase for a short amount of time.
  • All houses will be evicted when the map migration happens. This means all players lose their houses and nobody gets special treatment in receiving a new house. There will be more houses available upon the new release, so there will be more choice, but ultimately there will be a race for real estate when the map is officially released. We are considering a couple of days overhead to allow players to explore the city and check out the housing to make sure they know what they are buying, and run towards the house they want to buy. This should allow entry level experience in the housing market for everyone, which will make rich house owners sad, but this is a technical necessity we have to commit to.
  • It is not guaranteed that Regalia will continue to function as a safe chest storage location. We are considering blocking the placement of chests to just a single or double chest to allow some basic storage, but we do not want players to store their entire private storage and then not use the houses for roleplay, which is what they are intended for. Wether we are going to commit to a storage world where you can “rent storage boxes” or force players to store their private items in survival worlds has not yet been decided.

Questions concerning these changes can be directed to our forum thread found here

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Reworking Factions


Did you know that Factions is developed by Cayorion, the server owner here at MassiveCraft? Cayorion is usually busy coding unique plugins for us, such as MassiveQuest and MassiveTraits. The last month however he has been focusing on Factions. In this news post we outline the changes made, why they were made and what can be expected in the future.

Changes Made

  • The map Teled Methen was released (this actually has to do with Factions).
  • The expansion FactionsRestore was developed.
  • The expansion FactionsTax was developed.
  • The faction creation price was lowered from 2000 Regals to 100 Regals.
  • The automatic inactivity player kick was changed from 20 days to between 10 – 100 days dynamically depending on multiple factors.
  • The faction flag monsters is now configurable by faction leader.
  • The power was increased from 10 to 20 for normal players.
  • The power was increased from 20 to 60 for premium players.
  • The commands /f f, /f claim and /f sc were reworked and improved.
  • Fixed over 50 minor bugs and issues reported on GitHub.

Changes Explained

It all starts with FactionsRestore. On big servers, like MassiveCraft, world maps are quickly worn out due to intense player activity. Soon all trees are cut down, all ores are mined and ugly dirt pillars cover the horizon. FactionsRestore counteracts this by restoring wilderness chunks back to their original release state.

The recently released world map Teled Methen is the first to ship with FactionsRestore enabled. Teled Methen turned out exactly like we hope it would. The world remains beautiful, resource rich and factions settling there enjoy knowing they won’t have to move to a new map due to the current one wearing out. With this in mind we have decided that most future maps will ship with FactionsRestore enabled.

But what about factionless players? On maps with FactionsRestore you need a Faction so you can claim what you wish to keep. With this in mind we have made Factions more accessible. Lowering the creation price from 2000 Regals to 100 Regals has made creating a new faction affordable even for new players. To counteract inflation and add a new layer of diplomacy to the game Cayorion developed FactionsTax. Factions now have to pay a low upkeep cost per chunks claimed. To gather that money the faction leader may optionally configure a tax for the players in the faction, which is automatically paid once a day.

In order to quickly clear out inactive one player factions that never really gets used, we reworked the automatic disband of factions and automatic kick of inactive players. Such player factions will be removed after only 10 days. But if you are an old active premium player you will benefit from as much as 100 days which is significantly much more than the previous flat 20 days. Use /f p for more info.

But what about darkrooms? Darkrooms have up till now always been build outside faction territory since monsters could not spawn inside faction territory. Now they have to be built inside faction territory in order to not be restored by FactionsRestore. With this in mind we made the faction flag monsters configurable by the faction leader. Monster spawning can be toggled on using /f flag yourfaction monsters yes.

We also doubled the player power! On MassiveCraft you get 20 power instead of the regular 10, and premiums even enjoy 60 power! This makes it easier to claim what you want to keep in the new FactionsRestore era. We are also confident we can afford giving this to our player base. After all the MassiveCraft network runs on 10 epic rackservers.

Last but not least the commands /f f, /f claim and /f sc were reworked and improved and over 50 minor bugs and issues were fixed. /f f looks better and does not crash for big factions. /f claim and /f unclaim have been replaced by the far superior /f set which supports weird stuff like radius unclaim with circular shape and flood fill. /f sc no longer freezes the client and uses smoke particles to remain active even when the player moves around.

Epic Times!

Changes to Come

Our future plans are revised all the time and should be taken with a grain of salt.
That being said the plans for the near future for MassiveCraft and Factions currently looks like this:

  1. FactionsTax will do the first taxation 7 days from now. Make sure to fill your faction bank!
  2. New epic world maps are in the making. They will be released with FactionsRestore enabled. The next one will be a snow and ice one called “Jorrhildr”.
  3. Old world maps like Daendroc will eventually be removed.
  4. The commands /f perm and /f flag will be reworked to use sub commands like /f flag set monsters yes and /f flag show.
  5. The commands /f recruit, /f member, /f officer, /f leader, /f promote and /f demote will be merged into a single /f rank command like /f rank playername officer and /f rank playername demote.
  6. The commands /f enemy, /f neutral, /f truce and /f ally will be merged into a single /f relation command like /f relation set factionname enemy and /f relation list enemies.
  7. A few extra utility commands will be added.
  8. More expansion plugins like FactionsTax and FactionsRestore will be developed.
  9. The main factions documentation will be updated.
  10. Finally the plugin version number will be declared up from 2 to 3! Factions 3 yaaaaaay!

So in short, what should I do?

These five things should get you well sorted!

  1. Become premium! Because you like MassiveCraft (and the 30+ ingame benefits)!
  2. /f money deposit 1337! So your faction bank contains enough money for the new /f tax system.
  3. Move to Teled Methen (optional)!
  4. Test out /f sc! Remember to enable particles in your client.
  5. Type /f p to see your faction inactivty kick length!
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Massive Halloween Photo Shoot

Last Saturday, October 25th, we held the largest group photo in MassiveCraft history. Not only did we gather over 150 people in one place, but we also filled up all of S4 (sorry guys!) and lagged our poor admins half to death.

If you’ve been taking photo shoots of your own around the temporary Halloween world (accessed with /warp halloween or by visiting the Regalian Victory Tower), feel free to share them here. If you see yourself or your friends in any of these, feel free to use them wherever you want. Tag yourself, tag your buddies, tag their buddies! And remember, have a happy Halloween!

Cue classy slideshow music.




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The Harvest Festival Begins!

The darkest time of the year has come, and in celebration of light, fertility, and devout Unionism, Regalia is hosting their annual Harvest Festival. Vendors, contests, and delights galore will be had this harvest season! But while Regalia celebrates one of the most festive times of the year, evil is beginning to rear its ugly head once more. Old foes are returning for a last stand. Excitement will come in the form of grand festivities and even grander plots. The fate of Aloria will be forever changed.

Click here for more information on events, festivities, and quests in which you can participate this season!

Happy Harvest, MassiveCraft!

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MassiveCraft Teaser Trailer

This is a teaser trailer for a much larger project video. Get excited and get ready for a mind blowing experience. There is no release date for the final video. You just have to wait and see!

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Teled Methen Pre-Release

Teled Methen, our newest world map, has been officially opened for premiums today in the form of a pre-release. For a period of of roughly 6 days, Premiums will have the ability to explore the Elven ruins world of Teled Methen. Faction claiming has been turned off, so nobody can claim anything. PVP and block building has also been turned off, so the map is purely open for exploration and discovery for 4 days. On Monday the 13th of October at 22:00 GMT, the world will officially be opened for non premiums. At the same time as this official opening, the world’s block building and faction claiming will be enabled.

If you haven’t decided yet whether to donate for premium, or to donate again after a while of not having done so, now would be the perfect time to donate! Premiums have 6 whole days to explore the map and look at those high profile locations that everyone wants. Maybe find a hidden location that looks even better? It also gives you a head start on everyone else. You can be on the location that you want to claim as soon as the world opens! The DynMap for Teled Methen is already available. Check it out now!

Teled Methen is the Elven continent that once housed the great Elven capital of Rië. The proud Elven metropolis was reduced to a pile of rubble, but Elves have started to reclaim the lands lost to the Orcs. Will you be on the front lines and build a glorious new base, castle or city in these lands that are so full of lost memories and ancient glory? This world will be fiercely contested by our player base, so make sure you are there early!

Regular Player Access Countdown:





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PvP tournaments on Knights Island

A new island has been built specifically for PvP in Regalia. This island will be used for the new weekly PvP tournaments.

These tournaments will include 1v1’s, 2v2’s, and 4-Man FFA’s, and we will alternate match types every week. Standings will be visible on the website for those who seek recognition. Items will not be returned. This tournament is meant to provide an appreciation to all those that have worked to hone their skills in PvP.

Sign up here:

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New Premium Info Center

MassiveCraft has released a new and hands-on way to learn what donating has to offer. In our new Premium Info Center, you may freely browse visual examples of premium features. The center is located on your right at spawn. Additionally, you may type /warp premium to enter the center.

Take your time to test and learn about features like the in-game Character Card, MassiveEmotes, and many more. In addition to the Premium Info Center, you may always browse our premium page for even more information; located at



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Time to Get Spooky

The harvest season is coming to Aloria!

The spookiest and most exciting time of the year, the harvest, is about to begin. Become a part of something big, help make important decisions that will change the world, and participate in a plot that will bring back old foes, terrorize the lowest of peasants to the highest of princes, and tantalize the horror lovers in us all.

The harvest season will start out with exciting events all leading up to the Harvest Festival for the last two weeks of October. Costume contests, vending stalls, enticing quests and plot lines, and a grand Harvest Ball at the end of the month are only a small taste of what you’ll experience this Halloween, when MassiveCraft is taking greatness to the next level.

Can you handle it?

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