• tab-complete-everything

Tab Complete Everything

You may now tab complete everything!

The MassiveCraft tech department has been hard at work and we are proud to announce our new tab completion system. It affects all our plugins, such as: Factions, MassiveTraits, MassiveQuest, MassiveChat, etc.

Tab completion is all about the server guessing what you want when you hit TAB. Here’s a few examples:

  • /f cl /f claim
  • /f f wil /f f Wilderness
  • /trait add ni /trait add NightVison

You get the idea. Hit TAB today!

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  • Festival2

The Summer Festival Begins!

Festival1 Festival3

Festival4 Festival5

Ladies and Gentlemen! Esteemed members of cultured society! We, the Wayfarers of Eastern Regalia, present to you the grand opening of the Summer Festival of 303 AC! Fun, festivities, and endless excitement await you for the next two weeks as our people present to you the best hospitality a tribe of our sorts can offer! When the conclusion of the festival is met, we will be celebrating the Emperor’s most holy of seasons with a grand ball held in what was once a charred skeleton of a district.

Come celebrate with us, people of Regalia! We eagerly await your presence!

July 5th – July 19th

Scheduled Activities

  • Body Auction: July 10th, 12 PM (Noon) PST. Sign Up Thread.
  • Noble Ball: July 11th, 12 PM (Noon) PST. Nobles and members of Regalian aristocracy are encouraged to attend this ball for a healthy dose of intrigue and shade.
  • Commoner Ball: July 18th, 12 PM (Noon) PST. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend this grand ball, concluding the Summer Festival at the newly-refurbished burn district cathedral!
  • Unarmed Tournament: July 11th, 3 PM PST. Unarmed tournament for fighters to win their claim to fame, and epic prizes. Sign Up Thread.
  • Traditional PvP Tournament: July 18th, 3 PM PST. Traditional tournament to win their claim to fame, and epic prizes. Sign Up Thread.

Unscheduled Activities

  • Mob Arena: Fight against our ferocious beasts in these impromptu PvE combat events.
  • Trading Booth: Come by to receive one of a number of unique lore items, kissing tickets, or great items other folks have traded! Blue-tarp tent!
  • Kissing Booth: Staff will occasionally host ticket drops for members of staff. Users are welcome to enter the booth IC and offer kisses to passers by.
  • Archery Range: How fast can you shoot the targets? Hit up the NPC out front.
  • Bat-Bapping: Can you bat the bats in time? Great prizes for winners!
  • Fortune-Telling: Come IC to tell fortunes. Otherwise, fortunes will be periodically offered by the Mysterious Dr. Fong.
  • Barber Tent: Get a haircut or hair dye on your character’s skin from Plecy, Green_Hood, or MrHappyTinkles!
  • Art Tent: Get a one-of-a-kind commission of your character by Annju, Finn_Ish, or Gabriel!
  • Maze: Get lost in our mysterious and enticing maze!
  • Checkers: Move the pieces on the board and play your friends… or your foes!
  • Dunk-a-Qadir: Those dirty nasty Qadir have caused enough ruckus here! Dunk our NPC or dunk your friends!
  • Vending Tents: Buy unique goods from some NPC locals.
  • Quests: Tons of quests going about! Can you complete them all?
  • Festival Tavern: Inside the PvE arena, bartenders can sell special Summer Festival tavern drinks. Get yours while supplies last!
Festival grounds are just north of the Burnt District, or you can take the caravan down the street from spawn! Can’t wait to see you there!​
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  • jorrhildrelease

Jorrhild Early Release!

Our newest Survival map, Jorrhild, has been opened for Early Release. This means Premiums will have Early Access to the map before all regular players. During the time, claiming, PVP and building will be disabled. Premiums can use this time until Wednesday 8th of July to walk around, find their favorite spot and camp out at it. The map will officially open to claiming, building and non-Premiums at 21:00 GMT. Below this post will be a countdown widget that will give you the rough time of release. PVP will be disabled for upwards to 3 hours after release. This will be done to protect non-Premiums leaving spawn during the release time. Everyone should be able to equally enjoy this awesome new map, built with the highest quality and latest technology.

Haven’t got premium yet? Had premium in the past but didn’t renew it? Now would be a wonderful time! If you haven’t seen the awesome premium features yet, besides Early Access to this map, check out our Donation page.

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  • koth

King Of The Hill Now On Massivecraft!

The PvP department and the Quest department have entered into an unholy union and produced a blood-soaked battlefield where players fight for control of a central point. Whoever can stay inside this area for 5 minutes is crowned king of the hill and lavish rewards are bestowed upon them.

Team up with your friends to hold the point or go it alone. Use brute force or clever mechanics to keep people at bay and be the one holding the spot for the 5 minutes required. Attack the players that are clinging on for dear life to win this exciting, fast-paced game.

In addition, a mini Koth has also been added to the KitPvP map to give a slight advantage to the one holding the spot for 1 minute without being knocked off. In a harsh environment like KitPvP, an extra potion can make or break a kill streak. So, go at it and show you have what it takes to be King of the hill all around.

Prizes from winning KOTH
For the winner that is crowned king of the hill there is substantial prizes. A statue is put in place for the winner until the next battle, showing his/hers great feat of strength. The other prizes consists of random items from a total of 4 brackets. You will receive:

  • 1 god weapon
  • 1 piece of god armor
  • 1 lore trophy
  • 1 god book
  • 2 items from the potion bracket.
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Jorrhild Trailer Released

Watch the 1080p teaser trailer for our upcoming new world map!

Jorrhild is a snow map of revolutionary quality. It has been in production by the MassiveCraft team for over half a year and has involved over 30 people. It’s probably the highest quality snow map in the history of Minecraft.

We estimate we will release Jorrhild within a month. At the time of writing the only thing left is the construction of extra travel hubs. You should start planning for your upcoming polar expedition today!

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  • Community and Conflict

New Quest Expansion! Warrenord, Community and Conflict

Look past the window-boxed housefronts of the familiar, well-worn streets of Warrenord to the struggles and celebrations of the people within. Will you stand beside a laborer trapped and coughing in the mines? Are you prepared to defend the people from the cowards who would prey upon them? The quests in Warrenord’s 3rd release, Community and Conflict, all challenge you to lend a hand out of solidarity or bring justice to those who would take advantage.

  • 16 new quests for newcomers and veterans alike. Click here for a listing.
  • Weary of long walks to the Noble Manor? Take the new horse-drawn wagon.
  • Collect lore items and earn more Regals than ever.
  • Explore new areas of Warrenord, both above and below ground.
  • Powered by MassiveCraft’s own MassiveQuest plugin.

Never been to Warrenord? Come quest on massivecraft.com to interact with NPC’s, fight, craft, and choose your own path. We’re always adding new content, offering nearly 70 unique quests! Enter the Warrenord portal at /tp quest to begin your adventure. To keep your items on death and enjoy the extra Premium-only quest content, be sure to visit massivecraft.com/premium and learn about becoming a Premium Member.

Join massivecraft.com and stand strong with the people of Warrenord!



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  • follow-the-rules

All MassiveCraft Rules updated!

We have had a massive update to our entire rule book for MassiveCraft. We suggest and strongly encourage all players new and old, to read the summarized rules on the website. For those who want to be more specific about what each of those rules means with more bullet points, read the rules on the Wiki. For those of you who want to jump straight to the War and Raid rules, read them on the wiki. The Roleplay rules have been unchanged, but for those who want to read them can do so at the Wiki. A couple of rules are gone, many have changed and so some things that were illegal in the past are now legal, while some have only partially become legal. Some examples below:

Grief and claim protection of wilderness has been lifted.
What this means is that land that is unclaimed is no longer protected from stealing or claiming. If you have chests in wilderness, they may be claimed. If you have a house in wilderness, it may be stripped of resources. Factions are cheap and easy to maintain. The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone lives in factions. This however doesn’t mean you can start pouring lava or water over buildings and mountains. Griefing our worlds is still illegal.

Raiding is now allowed without a war declaration.
We do not recognize the difference between a war and a raid anymore. You are enemies as soon as you /enemy, and beyond that point all is fair in love and war. There are some corner cases to be aware of when going to war with someone, so be sure to check out the war rules.

Truces have been shortened to 30 days from 75
We considered the old 75 days truces too long. Truces that were declared before 20/05/2015 are still valid under the 75 days.

Max Tribute has been increased to 300+50*Faction members of the smallest faction
The old rule encouraged massive raiding factions too much. We want to be a bit more accommodating to raiding factions that want to just have a small group of friends in their faction but still get a decent income from raiding.

Actions that were previously faction permission abuse are now permitted within limits.
In the past, if a faction gave ally door perms and then allied you one way or another, you could use their doors. Doing so would have been faction perm abuse. This is now allowed. Factions bear the ultimate responsibility to make sure their faction permissions are functional. In the long run, we will make a tech implementation that will make this impossible, by forcing faction permissions only when both sides are set to the same relation. For now however, using this will not be punished. This also covers portal hopping.

The max raid time has been removed.
As soon as you /enemy someone, you may raid them any day of the week, within reasonable limits of upwards to 3-5 hours a day. The counting of these hours won’t be very specific, and we hope players will make administration on this point unnecessary by keeping civil and fair to others. Staff may intervene if they deem a raid lasts too long, but ultimately Staff are encouraged not to get too involved with situations like these. In short, beyond 3 hours staff members may ask you to back off. Beyond 5 hours, you should definitely back off.

It is important to remember the rules may be subject to minor changes within the coming weeks. We have to settle ourselves into the system as much as the players do. In a way, our wording may not be perfect and we have to find a better way to express certain rules sometimes. For now however, these rules should be functional and are in effect.


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Jorrhildr Map Announced!

It’s been a good year+ since this world was originally started. Several months into development, Jorrhildr is finally approaching the end production stages after several project restarts. Highlights of this map:

  • Large Vanilla Clay deposits underwater.
  • Large Hardened Stained Clay deposits underwater.
  • Large Packed Dirt deposits underwater.
  • Mountains all have stone, diorite, andesite and granite in them.
  • Massive snow map with snowy mountains, plains, canyons and icy oceans with icebergs and plates.
  • Glaciers, sinkholes and caves.

More news will follow when the world goes closer to release!

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  • ithania1

MassiveRestore for Ithania

ithania1 ithania2

MassiveRestore will be enabled for Ithania in two weeks.

Due to popular demand, instead of setting a date for the removal of Ithania entirely, we’re going to be adding MassiveRestore to the world and preserving it instead. MassiveRestore is a plugin coded by MassiveCraft that will automatically restore the landscape of any land unclaimed by factions, allowing the removal of abandoned or messy builds and the general tidying-up of the landscape.

MassiveRestore will be enabled on May 25th, 2015 — two weeks from now. It’s strongly encouraged you claim all your builds by that time, or move any unclaimed storage into claimed land that you don’t want to get restored.

MassiveRestore has a base command you can use: /mr.

You can read more about MassiveRestore here.

Activation Countdown:

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  • massivemobs-newslog

MassiveMobs Taming and More

Our plugin MassiveMobs is now running 24/7 on the map Fendarfell. This is a unique MassiveCraft plugin developed by Cayorion. It replaces the standard Minecraft mobs with more exciting ones. The plugin is still under development but is live and can be played.

Rarity Tiers

The rarity tier of the mob can be seen on the name plate.

  • Common – Most mobs. Cannon fodder.
  • Enchanted – 1 / 10 mobs. Slightly harder.
  • Uncommon – 1 / 100 mobs. Very hard.
  • Rare – 1 / 1000 mobs. Takes a whole faction to kill.
  • Epic – 1 / 10000 mobs. Takes a whole alliance to kill.

With MassiveMobs surviving the night is much harder. This is on purpose to provide more of a challenge.

Fun Facts

  • Money and XP drops are automatically shared among players.
  • Most mobs have a 3% chance to drop a lore item (especially the undead).
  • Guardians spawn in the ocean.
  • Magma Cubes and blazes spawn underground.
  • All mobs can be tamed!


With MassiveMobs all mobs can be tamed! This is done by right clicking them with certain items.

  • Animals eat most food.
  • Monsters can be tamed with diamonds, emeralds and gold ingots.

Remember to tame your farm animals. Otherwise they will despawn when you leave the area.

Tamed mobs will be loyal to your Faction and help you in combat. You and other players in your faction can use the following controls to manage them:

  • Right click with empty hand to toggle if the mob should follow you.
  • Right click while sneaking with empty hand to remove all equipment.
  • Right click while sneaking with weapon or armor in hand to equip.
  • Right click with a lead in hand to put that lead on them.
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