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New Donation Shop

We have launched our new and improved donation system. The web page is http://www.massivecraft.com/shop and the ingame command is /shop or simply /s.

The following improvements have been made:

  1. We use Dollars instead of Euros, since most players are from USA.
  2. We added 6 month (Save 10%) and 12 month (Save 30%) premium options.
  3. We added some new products that are completely different from premium.
  4. We added new commands such as /shop gui and /shop top.
  5. We added support for Mojang Name Changes!

You should unsubscribe and subscribe again if you have an old premium subscription. If you subscribed after 2015-02-13 (YYYY-MM-DD) or pay in Dollars you are fine. If you subscribed before that or pay in Euros you should resubscribe.

The reason is the old subscriptions don’t work well since Mojang launched name changes. If you change your user name your old euro subscription will definitely break. Old subscriptions are also unstable and may occasionally fail even if you don’t change your name. This very seldomly happens but we strongly suggest you resubscribe if you have an old subscription.

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Mojang name changes live!

Hello everyone!

Mojang has released their name changing feature on their mojang accounts today, a feature that has been built up to for quite a while. Cayorion has spent many months preparing for this update, so the release and the functionality of the server would go as smooth as possible. Many are already enjoying the username change by switching out their embarrassing or old usernames that they wanted to update. Unfortunately, this change also brings a few problems with it, namely in the people who think changing to a very offensive username is funny, or think that will not be acted upon.

We at MassiveCraft have never taken proactive attempts to punish individuals with offensive or strange names, and we have seen a couple of them in the past. We reason now however that because players can change away from their offensive usernames, that we will no longer permit offensive usernames on the server. We are implementing a rule against names with an offensive nature, meaning names containing any words or meanings that could be interpreted as discriminatory, sexist, racist, vulgar or otherwise breeding an unfriendly environment, under the punishment of a permanent ban. Additionally, we will take pro-active attempts to avoid impersonation. Staff impersonation has always been a very serious matter. Attempts to mimic staff names will result in a ban. This also applies to players, if those changing their name to mimic a player are doing it to troll the original user, defame them, or otherwise troll them. We hope everyone will continue to enjoy this great feature by making cool and iconic names, not by using it as an underhanded method to troll others.

A quick summary of the rule implementation:

  • People with usernames that are considered discriminatory, religious, racist, sexist, vulgar or otherwise offensive as seen by the server staff will be permanently removed from the server.
  • Staff imitation trough the name change feature, or harassment/trolling of players through the name change feature will result in a permanent ban.

As per all the regulations, the final judgement on these matters will be made by the Game staff. If a game staff indicates your name is offensive, you are obliged to change it. Refusal to do so will result in your removal from the server, and in many cases you will not even be warned. This post serves as a warning.

Have a Massive day!

The MassiveCraft Team

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We are getting closer to Regalia V2!

Regalia V2 is coming ever closer, so here another teaser for what’s to come and some of the iconic things that used to be in Regalia V1 making their return in V2.


Regalia V2 is much larger than V1. There are more streets, more places to get lost, and more things to explore. It is currently almost twice as large as V1, and still growing.


Greygate prison is making its return as one of the few buildings taken from Regalia V1.


Regalia features an all new Cathedral, redesigned to move away from real world religion designs and establishing its own religious architecture


Regalia’s streets are completely dipped into a new architectural style, still retaining the old dark Imperial atmosphere, but adding a more warm overtone, and creating variation in the streets.


The skyline of the city is more equalized, with important buildings sticking out. This gives a more realistic feel, and makes navigating the city by looking at the direction of tall buildings easier.


Cute little areas are in abundance, like the new high district overpass.


The all new tavern has had a thorough redesign, making the new building roughly five times as big as the current tavern. The building has a lot of its interior locked out, meaning we never have to rebuild the tavern, but just “unlock” new areas when the server becomes more popular and the tavern can no longer handle the traffic.


Unique streets have become more frequent like the new Old willow square. The old willow tree also comes back in Regalia V2, yet larger and with more square around it. The housing around it in particular are made for player owned *roleplay* shops, with large windows.


The new city has more greenwork overall, adding small parks and little green areas dotted between the houses to break the style.


Regalia’s old Scholar district is back, complete with Scholar’s court and special housing for intellectuals.


Regalia’s old Bathhouse is back, with non Human and Human pools for racial segregation.


The Poor district has more atmosphere, feeling truly like a poor district or even a slum where the poorest of the poorest live in makeshift houses.


Walkways are frequent, giving the poor district a truly unique feel away from the main residential areas in Regalia.


The Dragon Isle, or Cute Island depending on when you would have gotten familiar with it, has had a face lift and has been placed back into Regalia, this time on the sea side. Now also with rent able boats and warehouses!


The old canals in the city have disappeared, but the harbor district and the poor district mesh nicely into one another forming great transitions between the districts.


Part of the old Park will be brought back, but with new innovative ideas. Housing will be meshed into the park, making available the much desired park housing with beautiful views and pristine location.


The Imperial Palace will be making its return, more grand and luxurious than before, now as a full fledged event location with ballrooms and throne rooms.


Regalia’s wilderness itself has become extremely expansive, while most of it is the same, there are some unique locations that are worthy of being explored.


Regalia’s countryside will be filled with different locations as time goes by. Some more hard to find than others, after all we don’t want to draw attention away from the city, but certainly locations that one might want to visit from time to time simply for sightseeing.


Making your own Tavern/Cafe/Restaurant in the new regalia is not permitted. However! Across the city, special shops have been made, unused or empty buildings which can be bought for a large lumpsum, to be turned into a tavern or cafe complete with arsenal of drinks and foods, as well as good location.

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Changes to PvP Mechanics

Over the last week we have been developing an entirely new staff department known as the PvP department. Within this week, we have recruited members who will be responsible for developing and completing projects geared towards the improvement of PvP on MassiveCraft. More information regarding the role of this department can be found here.

We’ve made an excellent amount of progress in little over a week, and we will continue to do so. Below are the changes done that affect PvP in the last week.

Vampires: Disabled → Enabled
Vampires-Bloodlust Max Time: 00:30 Seconds → 00:60 Seconds
Vampires-Combat Strength: 100% → 125%
Vampires-Combat Strength in Bloodlust: 120% → 150%
Vampires-MassiveTraits: Enabled → Disabled
MassiveTraits-Fireball: 00:03 Second Cooldown → 00:05 Second Cooldown
Glitch-Sharp IV Axes: Not Allowed → Allowed
Glitch-Sharp III Axes: Not Allowed → Allowed
Glitch-Random Healing From Damage: Broken → Fixed
Glitch-Random Excessive Damage: Broken → Fixed
Bows-Skillshot Bonus: 200% at Max → 400% at Max
MassiveTraits-AxeExpert: 25% Bonus Damage → 15% Bonus Damage
MassiveTraits-AxeResist: 25% Bonus Defense → 15% Bonus Defense
MassiveTraits-AxeVulnerable: +25% Damage Taken → 15% Damage Taken
MassiveTraits-SwordExpert: 25% Bonus Damage → 15% Bonus Damage
MassiveTraits-SwordResist: 25% Bonus Defense → 15% Bonus Defense
MassiveTraits-SwordVulnerable: +25% Damage Taken → 15% Damage Taken
MassiveTraits-UnarmedExpert: 25% Bonus Damage → 15% Bonus Damage
MassiveTraits-UnarmedResist: 25% Bonus Defense → 15% Bonus Defense
MassiveTraits-UnarmedVulnerable: +25% Damage Taken → 15% Damage Taken
MassiveTraits-ArcheryExpert: 25% Bonus Damage → 15% Bonus Damage
MassiveTraits-ArcheryResist: 25% Bonus Defense → 15% Bonus Defense
MassiveTraits-ArcheryVulnerable: +25% Damage Taken → 15% Damage Taken
MassiveTraits-HarmStrike: Disabled → Enabled
MassiveTraits-HarmRevenge: Disabled → Enabled
MassiveTraits-ArmorPenStrike: Disabled → Enabled
MassiveTraits-ArmorPenRevenge: Disabled → Enabled

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PvP Emphasis


We’re going to be taking a closer look at PvP. We have always been dedicated to improving the experience of our player base as a whole, but have recently realized the lack of focus on PvP.

To help with this issue, we have included a new PvP department of staff and will have the Tech department focus on actions that will improve PvP.

PvP Department

The PvP department is dedicated to the improvement of the player versus player experience on MassiveCraft. We will be recruiting additional individuals to work with existing PvP staff to do the following:

  • Playtest and make balance tweaks to MassiveTraits and MCMMO.
  • Host PvP tournaments and other events.
  • Guide the Tech Department in what plugins to develop/install.
  • Create tutorials regarding PvP on the wiki.
  • General development of the PvP community.
  • Promote healthy and friendly interactions within the PvP Community

A more in depth summary of what the PvP department’s responsibilities are can be found on our wiki here.

Recruitment to become a part of this department can be found here.

Tech Department

The tech department manages our Minecraft plugins and is going to give extra attention to PvP.

First we will focus on decreasing lag and improving TPS. This will make game play smoother and result in a PvP experience free from lag spikes. We have been working on that this week and will continue to do so for at least another week.

Then we will work on MassiveTraits. MassiveTraits is currently in beta and we yet plan on making many improvements and balance tweaks to the plugin. We have already removed HarmStrike, HarmRevenge, ArmorpenStrike and ArmorpenRevenge as a temporary quick balance fix.

We also have many ideas for the future we hope we will get the time to implement: Kit PvP, Anti Combat Logging, Duel plugin, Highscore system, better war system in Factions etc. Though as mentioned, the top priority is TPS and MassiveTraits at the moment.

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The Winter Festival is Here!

The bustling of the Regalian streets echoes laughter and joy through its citizens, and children clamber out of their beds earlier than ever to make their way to the Winter Festival. The host of events promises to spread cheer (and gifts!) throughout the Holy City, and even the gloomiest of adults find themselves picked up by the festive mood, prizes, and games. Join us as we celebrate the holidays with the Winter Festival!

The calendar is below, but we will also have several unscheduled events: get your fortune read by the Mysterious Dr. Fong, come visit the Give-a-Gift Take-a-Gift tent, where you can trade your lore items for new, special holiday lore items and kissing tickets, take those tickets to the Kissing booth to snag a smooch from a handsome gentleman or pretty lady!

Snow Claws Event
2014-12-20 3PM (PST)

Guess the Drink
2014-12-21 3PM (PST)
2014-12-21 10AM (PST)

Lottery Handout
2014-12-22 3PM (PST)

Guess the Drink
2014-12-27 3PM (PST)
2014-12-27 10AM (PST)

PVP Tournament
2014-12-28 2PM (PST)

Winter Sermon
2014-12-29 TBA

Lottery Handout
2014-12-30 3PM (PST)

PVP Tournament
2015-01-02 2PM (PST)

Lottery Handout
2015-01-03 3PM (PST)

The winter festival will run from 2014-12-20 to 2015-01-03. Happy Holidays!

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Minecraft 1.8 – The Bountiful Update

MassiveCraft is now fully updated to Minecraft 1.8 – The Bountiful Update.

Update your client but avoid Forge for now. Forge 1.8 is bugged and you will be unable to join the server. Installing Optifine standalone does however work fine and is something we recommend.

Enjoy the new slime blocks, rabbits and more!

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The Winter Festival is Coming Soon!

As the snow settles in the Holy City, holiday spirits are rising. All across Regalia, signs of festivities are appearing; banners are hung and snow is piled into clunky, cheerful snowmen by children with red ears and chattering teeth. They whisper and dream of Snow Claws as tents and booths rise for the preparation of the festival.

The NPC citizens of Regalia are also feeling the cheer! Several new gift giving quests will be repeatable daily, and new winter storyline quests will be available for the entire festival across the city!

Events such as the PvE Fights, the Gift Trading Event, the Kissing Booth Ticket Giveout, and the player run Kissing Booth will be occurring randomly throughout the entire festival weeks, so make sure you sign on often to participate and get Winter Festival exclusive items!

With snowballs in the air and the joyous cheer spreading, we’ve comprised a calendar for all who want to join us for this holiday season:

Snow Claws Event
2014-12-20 3PM (PST)

Guess the Drink
2014-12-21 3PM (PST)
2014-12-21 10AM (PST)

Lottery Handout
2014-12-22 3PM (PST)

Guess the Drink
2014-12-27 3PM (PST)
2014-12-27 10AM (PST)

PVP Tournament
2014-12-28 2PM (PST)

Winter Sermon
2014-12-29 TBA

Lottery Handout
2014-12-30 3PM (PST)

PVP Tournament
2015-01-02 2PM (PST)

Lottery Handout
2015-01-03 3PM (PST)

The winter festival will run from 2014-12-20 to 2015-01-03. Happy Holidays!

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New Quest Expansion! Warrenord, On Second Thought

Quest veterans of MassiveCraft, it’s time to return to Warrenord! We’re pleased to present an expansion to the most unique Minecraft experience available anywhere. Get ready for more choices, challenging combat, riddles, unique items, and a chance to learn surprising things about some familiar characters.

  • Seven new quest lines for you to explore. New faces and exciting twists await.
  • Your choices matter and will affect future questing. Do the right thing, or don’t—it’s up to you.
  • Gain new lore items and earn regals while having fun.
  • New to questing on MassiveCraft.com? Warrenord already offers 20+ questlines. Come join us!
  • Never visited Warrenord? Come explore a breathtaking map devoted to RPG-style questing and powered by MassiveCraft’s own MassiveQuest plugin, exclusively available on our servers.

-=New Quests=-

Blame Someone Else!
Help Eldric’s son recover his deceased mother’s jewelry and prove himself in the eyes of his father. Head to Eldric’s Elixers near the Warrenord Tavern to find Aldus. Written by Levers.

A Cooling Apparatus
What’s he building over there? Whether a visionary inventor or just another fool on a hill under a tree by a church, Williford needs a hand. Written by Alj23.

Do You Dare?
Can you keep up with Moll? If you think you have what it takes, meet her towards the back of the church. Written by Levers.

The Fool’s Trick
Is your mind as sharp as the wit of that jester that’s been wandering around town? Follow the Fool to find out. Written by Awes0me Lawson.

A Golden Chance
Like most respectable endeavors, this begins in the sewers. Joshua has a job for you, one that might make you squirm a bit. This is the third quest in the Rogue line, beginning with Michael’s Redemption. Written by Darkfarce.

Snack Time
Continue your adventures within the Collective in this fourth installment of the Rogue line. How could something so precious, and hungry, have gone missing? Written by Darkfarce.

You’ve been used!
What will you do when you learn the truth? The lives of the inhabitants of Warrenord hang in the balance. It all begins with the Beggar by the docks, but you’ll have to first complete both Bossy Circci and Caretaker Mira before tackling this engaging quest. Written by Awes0me Lawson.

To reach Warrenord, take the purple and gray sailed ship at /spawn. Good luck and enjoy your haircut!





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The Voting Expansion!

Have you voted today? You should! MassiveCraft has just added over sixty new items you can get daily from voting at three websites for MassiveCraft! From continuations of the popular Luxury Hats to rare Hadar and Vampire relics, the voting list has been refreshed with new blood. New sets, new items, new possibilities!

We’re also cycling out a few items with new catagories such as the Unique Plants, and continuing well loved traditions of giving players items to beat your enemies senseless with. Someone getting too close to an archer? They can now beat them back with the Bumpy Bow, with its Knockback V and Infinity I! Collect the charred bones of possibly the she-banshee Mrs. Baver herself…

Add to your Lore collection today, and go vote!


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