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Teled Methen Trailer Announcement!

Teled Methen, our newest world project is nearing completion. We are happy to announce that the Teled Methen trailer will be released on Saturday the 30th of August. The trailer will feature over a minute of unique footage of the world, in preparation of the official world release.

We are proud of the quality of Teled Methen, being built with the latest technology in World Machine and World painter, accompanied with unique Bo2’s build by our world staff found nowhere else.

We hope you look as much forward to this world release as we do. An official release date is not available yet, but we should have a more solid date around the time when the trailer comes out.

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Premium Social Forums

Premium members can now create their very own sub forum on MassiveCraft:

  • Premiums can join 5 and create 1.
  • Non premiums can join 3 but not create.

So become premium today, support MassiveCraft and create a private sub forum for your Faction:

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MassiveCraft Wiki Survey, Voice Your Input!

Everyone that uses our wiki is invited to fill out a short, 7 question survey about their experience using our wiki!

This is your chance to share your thoughts and opinions about what we could be doing differently and parts that should be fixed.  Please put a little bit of thought into each response so that we can get the most out of your input.

Fill out this survey to get started.


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Performance Fixing Spree

Lately I have been focusing my plugin development efforts on performance improvements and bug fixes. The goal is to improve server TPS and overall stability. So far I have done the following:

  • Reconfigured our web servers: Websites now load quicker.
  • Reworked the Factions Dynmap integration: improves TPS, popups on dynmap looks better.
  • MassiveQuest got a performance fix: improves TPS.
  • Fixed a memory leak: we no longer need to restart once a day.
  • Removed MassiveMobs temporarily: improves TPS

Except for the improved Dynmap popups none of these projects have added new features. The game-play experience should however be slightly less laggy which is something we highly value.

Regards Cayorion

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Premium Smoke Trails

Our premium members can now use smoke trails!

The examples in the image are:

  • /trail happy
  • /trail magma
  • /trail hearts

Become Premium Here:

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Server Policy Changes

Today August 7, 2014,  we have decided to make a few policy changes. Additionally, we would like to clarify a few rules that have long been considered common sense, but may be confused by some.

Our first topic of change is in regards to Portal Traps. Not to be confused with Trapped Portals; where a player goes through and either instantly dies, or loses the ability to defend themselves. Portal Traps can be defined as a portal that is not visible immediately, completely out of sight, and therefore a player may unintentionally enter the portal. Originally, this design of portals was created for cosmetic means in order to keep a medieval look. However, its integration into PvP has become undesireable in popular opinion. Therefore, portal traps are no longer allowed when being used in a deceiving manner for pvp. You may continue to use your interior hidden portals for cosmetic means, but you must do this responsibly.

Collecting disarmed weapons with hoppers will now officially be punishable. This goes against the intended purpose of how disarm was originally changed for the better of the player base. As always, you may not abuse Minecraft mechanics to break changes implemented by MassiveCraft.

The worlds of Aloria have become quite inhabited. With this comes the issue of faction claiming. We have long since had the sixteen chunk rule. However, with the growth of our player base, we have decided it is time for a change. The distance will be reduced from sixteen chunks down to ten chunks. This means you may not claim any closer than 160 blocks from another faction. Additionally, you may not claim over actively used land or active LWC locks. We’d like to remind our players that they have access to tools in order to help protect themselves from breaking the rules. You may use /f map to check your distance from another faction. You may /he tool blocks to see if they’re actively being used/changed/lived in. You can then do /seen to see if the player is still active in case you find signs with a name.

Our final topic of clarification is in regards to houses in Regalia. We’re changing the housing rule, stating you may now own up to 3 houses per account, with an upper maximum of 4 over 2 accounts. Previously, this was was 2 houses per account with an upper maximum of 3 over 2 accounts. However, it should be taken into account that this raise is only for real estate. Meaning, if you already own 3 houses over 2 accounts, you are expected to sell your fourth house within a week. We have decided this to encourage people who want to start a real estate business.

These rules can be viewed on our rules page at:

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How Has MassiveCraft Changed You?

Since MassiveCraft’s humble beginnings as, the mission statement of the server has always been to change lives. Whether it be through strengthened friendships created in our community, to education gleaned from allies and others with their respective specializations, we’ve adamantly stood by that idea to change the lives of those who frequent our server.

Now we want to hear from you. How has MassiveCraft changed your life?

Has it changed you for better or for worse? What kind of person were you when you started on the server, and what kind of person are you now?

Click here to tell us how MassiveCraft has changed you. Your story might have the chance to be published on the website or wiki!

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Massivecraft Is Looking For Video Content Creators/editors!

MassiveCraft is looking for Video Content Creators and editors. This means we need people who have skills with recording good content, as well as actual video editing, splicing video sections together and adding effects and what not. We categorize both as different, so we will give information on each individually.

MassiveCraft Video Content Creators
We are looking for Video Content Creators, meaning people who have a strong computer able to run Minecraft shaders at a comfortable 40 to 60 FPS. Additionally, said individuals should have a decent internet connection, as sharing raw video files could require uploading a gigabyte worth of video material. Good video content is worth Regals for us, and you will be given a position in the PR/Media department for your work.

Do you think you have the requirements for a Video Content Creator? Post on the forum Thread with the name “MassiveCraft is looking for Video Content Creators/Editors!” in the Server News section And submit some sample video recordings you have made.

MassiveCraft Video Content Editors
We are looking for Video Content Editors, meaning people who have good experience with video editing software. Said individuals should have already made several video edited submissions on for example YouTube. Good video editing means smooth transitions, complimentary commentary or audio, and no dub-step music covers. Good video content is worth Regals for us, and you will be given a position in the PR/Media department for your work.

Do you think you have the requirements for a Video Content Editor? Post on the forum Thread with the name “MassiveCraft is looking for Video Content Creators/Editors!” in the Server News section And submit some sample edited videos you have made.

A good example of a well made YouTube video that is well edited. 

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Attention Current Market Holders

We will be implementing the new player market on August 2. Shops will be evicted in 48 hours from the posting of this announcement. All shops that have a current lease over 5 days will be refunded. There has already been a an announcement on the forums, website, and facebook.

Please take careful note that all items within the current shops will be removed without refund upon eviction. If you have questions feel free to contact a member of staff, but it would be a good idea to remove your items first.

Thank you

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The Summer Festival!

The hot summer air lay stagnant in Regalia, hanging heavy over the dull, bored citizens. The children played in the dust, the merchants reclines in their shady alcoves, and the tavern was sweltering and quiet. The days went by flatly, nothing too noteworthy piquing interest.

Like a refreshing wave of icy cold water, relief and even excitement gripped the people: the Summer Festival is coming! Flamboyant posters announcing the arrival of the jovial event were tacked onto walls, littered through the streets, and handed to people directly. The people waited eagerly for the fairgrounds to open, and for the festivities to begin.

Hello all! After some careful planning and longs hours of work from your lovely MassiveCraft team, we’re happy to finally announce the Summer Festival! From casual roleplay to fun PvP tournaments, the festival will host a variety of fun activities for all the players of MassiveCraft.

July 21st – August 1st

Go to /spawn and follow the purple carpet from there.


  • Firework Show – 7/21
  • Guess the Drink Game – 7/22
  • Kissing Booth Event – 7/23
  • Play – 7/25
  • Body Auction – 7/26
  • PvP Tournament – 7/27
  • Guess the Drink Game (2) – 7/29
  • Kissing Booth Event (2) – 7/30
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