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Regalia Region Rental Change

From today onward, Regalia’s max Region Rental number has been increased from 2 to 3. This means that the rules associated with house/shop/cemetery rentals changes along with it. Effective from today, the following Rental Region rules are in effect:

Regalian Shops:

  • One shop per person, no exceptions.
  • Having a shop on your alternate account will result in the closure of both shops without a refund.
  • Using other players as fences is not allowed either. Violating this rule may result in a ban.
  • Separate faction members may own shops from collective teamwork, as long as the profits of the shops go to their respective owners.

Regalian Housing:

  • Two houses per account, Three houses per player maximum.
  • You may own one house on an alternate account as long as your main account does not exceed 2 houses.
  • You may own one house per alternate account, if you have two alternate accounts and one house on your main account.

Regalian Graves:

  • Regalian Graves are new to the Rental Region setup. You may own as many graves as you like.
  • Family Crypts officially function as a grave, meaning you can have as many of them as you like. However, some crypts are large enough to function as housing. If you choose to make your living inside a family sized crypt, the property effectively becomes a house, and will fall under the Regalian Housing regulations.

Regardless of what combination you choose, you may only own 3 regions per account, this is a technological limit we impose on everyone. Some examples of possible combinations on an account:

  • One shop, One house, One grave.
  • One shop, Two houses.
  • One shop, Two graves.
  • One house, Two graves.
  • Two houses, One grave.

Have fun with the new regions!

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The Guards Have Arrived!

Several new quests has been added to MassiveCraft. Recently, new guards have arrived in the Rift, accessible through the portal in the Regalian park. Right-click any guard with a purple name to receive a quest. The quests have no requirements, contain rewards, and are available to all players.

These quests was created using the unique plugin MassiveQuest, an exclusive plugin found only on MassiveCraft. Are you a fan of adventures? Have you ever tried an adventure like this before? This may be the time to check it out!

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New Raid & War Rules


Minecraft PvP and the Factions plugin can provide players a significant amount of challenge and enjoyment beyond standard survival gameplay. The Factions plugin is specifically geared towards allowing players the freedom to forge alliances and declare themselves enemies to another faction. In many cases a faction may choose to defend an ally, or attack an enemy. This will typically engage a faction and it’s members in PvP. Along with the challenge and enjoyment that this can bring, it can also create an excessively unpleasant atmosphere when not handled within reason.

We feel it is very important to clarify information surrounding Faction PvP. The following post will explain the rules and guidelines that must be followed before a player engages in Factions PvP on MassiveCraft.

Raids & Wars

We feel there is a distinct difference between a faction Raid, and a faction War. Therefore, we have provided separate rules and guidelines for both situations. We will define the differences and provide an easy to read understanding of both.

What is classified as a faction Raid?

  • Raiding one faction should last no longer than 2 consecutive hours, and be conducted no more than once within a seven day period. Those being raided would be responsible for providing proof of players that fail to abide by this rule.
  • A faction has the right to request surrender terms under the current rules for tribute.
  • A faction does not need a reason for a simple raid.

What is classified as a faction War?

  • The attacking faction must post a War Declaration and their Reason for the War on the forums where it has to be approved by staff before fighting begins.
  • A War can last until a truce is reached and it has been posted on the War Declaration Thead.
  • There is no limit to how long the individual raids can last.
  • The surrender terms have to be posted on the War Declaration.
  • Everyone involved in the War should be informed of the surrender terms and the Reason for the War.
  • Submit your War Declaration HERE!

Link to the full Raid & War Rules!

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A Fiery Adventure

A new quest has been added to MassiveCraft. Right-click “Prospector Tim” in the Regalian park to start the quest. He needs your help to find and gather different materials in the Rift! The quest has no prerequisites and is available to all players.

This quest was created using the unique plugin MassiveQuest, an exclusive plugin found only on MassiveCraft. Have you ever experienced questing on a Minecraft server? This might be the time to try it out!

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MassiveCraft Wiki

The preservation and accessibility of knowledge surrounding MassiveCraft has always been a sought after resource. With every new addition to our plugins, lore, and features, comes the need to provide a reliable and user friendly tool in order to aid our constantly growing server. With this, we are pleased to announce the all new MassiveCraft Wiki.

Quality of Information

Many questions are asked about an array of topics as players experience MassiveCraft. Additionally, we recognize the importance of providing the answers to these questions as accurately as possible. We would like our readers to have full confidence in the answers they find on the wiki. Therefore, official content will only be contributed by approved players and staff. If an individual would like to contribute to the MassiveCraft Wiki, they will need to meet with either MonMarty or Ryciera to become approved as an official contributor.


In essence, the wiki will serve as a central location to obtain knowledge about lore, plugins, features, and other relevant public information. The MassiveCraft wiki acts as a hub for refined knowledge that is already available throughout the rest of the website. This means that past information and future information will both be included into one area for the convenience of our readers. The wiki should be a reader’s first stop when specific and official information is needed.


As always, the MassiveCraft team values the quality of our players’ Minecraft experience. We hope you find the new wiki both useful and reliable.

Available at


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Server Trailer Contest Results!

We have now finished the judging of submissions from our recent server trailer contest, and here are the final results after a long period of heated debate and discussion by the judges:

  • (moloon) Aspects 25/40, Creativity 10/20, Editing 10/30, Brand 5/10, Total 50/100
  • (SoTotallyAce) Disqualified for failing to include the required element – IP
  • (andrewnicola) Aspects 40/40, Creativity 15/20, Editing 17/30, Brand 8/10, Total 80/100
  • (Leowe2011) Aspects 40/40, Creativity 20/20, Editing 24/30, Brand 10/10, Total 94/100

We hope that everybody enjoyed watching these videos and participating in the contest! All winners will receive their prizes in-game by the end of next week. You will be notified if you receive a prize.

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The Rift – New Nether Resource World!

Upon listening to the requests for a new world containing nether quartz and other valuable materials, a new resource world has been created! At the request of the players, we spent time building a new world so that they would be satisfied. The portal to the new world is located in the Regalian Park.

The world will have claiming disabled, and it is only a temporary resource world, meaning that it will be removed eventually. It can be removed at any time without warning so do not store valuables or build here. Also, the expected life time of this world is one to two months, so do not plan to stay here for long. Explore it at your own risk! 

Here are beautiful screenshots of what is known as the Rift:





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Faction WarZone

Hello! Today I’m here to explain a cool new concept that is being added into MassiveCraft… WarZones!

So what is a WarZone, you may be asking? Well, A WarZone is a faction claim with permission settings where all players can inflict damage on one another. This will allow players to test and improve their PVP abilities against one another, without one of them having to leave the faction. A faction will be able to purchase a WarZone for 5000 regals per chunk.

The whole concept is achieved by the creation of a faction labelled XXXXWarZone, So say, for example, the faction Purge buys one WarZone. It would be called “PurgeWarZone”. All the flags are set up to allow pvp to be enabled, and hence allows that area to become a WarZone, that acts just like a PVP arena. The only limit to the amount of WarZone chunks you can have, is the amount of regals you own, so you could have as many as you can afford, but like claiming for your faction, each WarZone chunk must connect to each other,

Along with this new feature, also comes new rules that must be followed, or you risk the WarZone being revoked and disbanded with no refund. These rules are….


  • A faction can only have 1 WarZone faction.
  • There needs to be a prebuilt chunk-based Arena that will contain the WarZone.
  • It needs to be closed and have an entrance that you open to get thru.
  • There need to be proper signs.This will be inspected by an admin before enabling the WarZone.
  • Tricking people into the WarZone will cause you to violate the WarZone agreement and it will be revoked.
  • The WarZone will be disbanded when the faction disbands.
  • The WarZone cannot be moved, you will have to purchase new chunks instead.

How do you get a WarZone for your faction?

To have a WarZone added to your faction, you have to have 5000 Regals for each chunk you wish to purchase, you must also have a prebuilt enclosed arena to put the WarZone in and then when you have met the pre-mentioned requirements, fill out a request using the info template in the Forum WarZone Thread.


5000 Regals per chunk

We hope you all like and enjoy the concept of WarZones. If you have any questions about WarZones feel free to leave your questions in the thread and we will do our best to answer them. Enjoy!

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Premium Lounge Release

A new premium lounge has recently been added in! You can access it through the Hub at /warp hub!

We are going to have a massive gathering at the premium lounge due to its grand opening! Refer to the countdown below to make sure that you are a part of this gathering.

Gathering Countdown

There are many things to do at the premium lounge, and we hope you all enjoy it!









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LWC Replacing Deadbolt

LWC has been uploaded and is replacing Deadbolt.  The Deadbolt plugin will continue to run for 20 days during a transition period, but no new deadbolts will be able to be created.  This should ensure the protection of items as this transition occurs.  More information on LWC can be found on the MasssiveCraft LWC Page.

MassiveCraft has configured LWC to have a cost for the creation of protections.  Each player will get their first 5 protections at no charge.  After the 5th protection, all protections will cost 10 Regals.  There are no refunds for these fees.

The configuration of ChestShops has also been modified to charge 10 Regals for  the creation of a ChestShop, except in Regalia, where the shop owners already pay rent.  This fee also has no refunds. ChestShops will also now expire if a player is inactive for 20 days.

Deadbolt Removal Countdown

Deadbolt will be removed during the next restart.

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