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New Year’s Address From The Staff

As the year 2013 draws to a close, we collectively look back on all the things that happened this year, the progress made with the server, and the foundations laid for the future improvements. The past year was an extremely good year for MassiveCraft, seeing the implementations of the Sharding system, restructure and growth of the MassiveCraft Team, revitalization of the roleplay scene, implementation of the Questing system, and many more things of greater and smaller importance.

We look back on 2013 as a productive year, both with regards to the server’s improvements, as well as the new friends we have made, the overwhelming support and assistance from the community to shape the environment they play in. We as the staff are ever grateful, for those who contribute to the server in a productive and helpful way, but also to all the other players who do not voice their existance, yet choose to make MassiveCraft their first venue of entertainment. Upon the realization that nearly 2000 returning players choose for MassiveCraft every day, we are both humbled and proud, of our work, and energized to continue out work troughout 2014 and the time thereafter to come.

We hope we can all look forward, and move into 2014 with more determination and dedication to shape MassiveCraft into the best Minecraft Server we can. We personally extend our gratitude for all the players who have loyally stuck with MassiveCraft over the past year, as well as newcomers new to MassiveCraft. We look forward to meeting many new people, catering to even greater numbers of people, and broadening our spectrum of service that we provide.

We all wish you a good new year’s eve, stay safe with your fireworks, and enjoy the evening. Above all, we wish you all a Massive good, successfull and happy 2014.

With regards, 
The MassiveCraft Team

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MassiveMoney Documentation and Statistics

MassiveMoney now has documentation and statistics pages!

MassiveMoney is is a money plugin developed specifically for MassiveCraft by Cayorion.

MassiveMoney offers an in-game currency and logs statistics. These statistics are used to detect causes for inflation and deflation with ease, tweak them, and offer our player base a remarkably stable in-game economy.

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MassiveMoney is Here!

The plugin MassiveMoney has now been created by Cayorion and added to MassiveCraft.
MassiveMoney is a money framework providing a /money command and similar features.


The idea from this plugin arose from the internal debate we had during the implementation of the 75 silver for premiums a month. Many staff members were concerned for the stability of the economy, but despite the many wild conclusions and theories, nobody could really say for certain that the economy could go one way or another without proper analytical tools. As such, Cayorion started development of MassiveMoney, largely for statistical purposes.


  • Silver and Copper disappear in favor of the new coin, Regal. Regals are worth 10 copper.
  • Players can no longer accidentally send money to a non existant player. The system will refuse to send the money to a player who has never played.
  • You will be able to see your 9 most recent transactions of money. There are talks of giving Premiums a larger transaction history view, but for now the number is kept low to avoid database clutter.
  • We can scale up and down the economy at any time we desire.
  • We will implement graphs and statistics at a later stage that allow even players, to view how much money goes in and out of the economy on a daily basis, any of the financial tools needed for any prospecting financial broker.
  • All balance accounts will be automatically updated. Nobody will lose any money.
  • All ChestShops and Regalian house rentals in Regalia will be automatically updated to reflect the new coin. Nobody has to change anything. Chest shops outside of Regalia are not updated. It is recommended players take these down.
  • You can now add a reason to your transactions of money, which will also be visible in your transaction history.
  • The MassiveMoney plugin is an inhouse plugin, we are not going to release it for other servers to use.

Mob Drops

MassiveMoney has a built in mob drops system. These are the new money drops. With “0.1 Regals” we mean you have a 10% chance to get 1 Regal.

  • Ender Dragon: 50 Regals
  • Wither: 25 Regals
  • Giant: 10 Regals
  • Enderman: 0.5 Regals
  • Zombie Pigman: 0.5 Regals
  • Blaze: 0.5 Regals
  • Cave Spider: 0.5 Regals
  • Ghast: 0.5 Regals
  • Creeper: 0.3 Regals
  • Spider: 0.2 Regals
  • Skeleton: 0.2 Regals
  • Witch: 0.2 Regals
  • Silverfish: 0.2 Regals
  • Zombie: 0.1 Regals
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Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2

MassiveCraft is now updated to Minecraft 1.7.2
Find out what Mojang changed here:

Our resource pack is mostly updated and can be downloaded here:
Optifine is however not updated yet. If you have FPS issues you should try setting graphics to fast and reducing your render distance in your client video options.

Please report bugs here on the forums:

Some features aren’t fully updated yet and will be fixed in a few days:

  • Chairs are disabled.
  • Signs can not be edited through right clicking.
  • Footprints will not appear.
  • Vampires will emit potion effects.

Enjoy the new flowers!

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Chairs and Bitechance

We have made a fix to MCMMO fishing. Your bite chance per tick is now buffed proportionally to your MCMMO fishing level. It’s 1% at level 0 and 5% at level 1000. You can check your bite chance using /bitechance. It does not matter what biome you are in or if you are in a boat.

Additionally you can’t hold a block in your hand when sitting down on a chair anymore. You will now place the block instead making roof building possible again.

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Diamond Armor for non premiums!

For a while now, we have been playing around with the premium features, adding and changing where necessary, and a while back we came to the conclusion that the “diamond armor only for premiums” feature, was not up to date any more. We spent some time theorizing on how to evolve this feature where it would still be a bonus to premiums, but give some power back to the non premiums as well. We have spent a lot of time questioning both premiums and non premiums (though largely non premiums) and were happy to find that our conclusions enjoyed broad support among the premium population.

To summarize the change:

  • We are allowing non premiums to wear diamond armor as well.
  • We are granting premiums a 15% damage reduction modifier, that is effective everywhere.

What we hope this achieves:

  • Happier non premiums as it is a move away from a threat of becoming pay to win.
  • Non premiums now drop more loot if they die, making killing them more profitable.
  • Non premiums will put up more of a fight in diamond armor, thus making fighting them more fun.
  • Diamonds will get used up and destroyed more, hopefully increasing the price of diamonds.
  • Diamond armor sets will become marketable as the purchasing population has increased.
  • The price of enchantments will go up hopefully, as non premiums will be using them more.
  • Non premiums will still feel a feature towards their PVP advantage is maintained, as their
    protection bonus (while halved) is maintained and also applied to raids.
  • Non premiums will have more courage to engage premiums because they will be on more equal grounds.
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4 New Premium Features

Today we are proudly announcing the release of 4 new premium features:

  1. Get 75 ingame silver per premium month
  2. Use /fix to repair 5 items daily
  3. MCMMO +50% experience gain
  4. Use the premium chat channel

Additionally we just gave all current premium members 75 silver each as a general thank you and compensation for already being premium this month.

Get 75 ingame silver per premium month

When you donate for one month of premium you will immediately get 75 silver. If you donate for three months you get 225 silver since 75 * 3 = 225. When we decided to implement this feature we had the role players in mind. As a premium role player you can now afford your house in Regalia without any extra hassle. No doubt the feature will be useful for others as well.

Use /fix to repair 5 items daily

The /fix command can repair any kind of damaged item. Enchantments and other item features are kept. You can fully repair 5 items daily.

MCMMO +50% experience gain

As a premium member you now level up 50% faster. This covers all MCMMO skills.

Use the premium chat channel

We have added a premium chat channel. Use “p:” or “/chat focus premium” to use the channel.

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Big update but not 1.7.2

We just made a big server update. Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • Support for the client mod MorePlayerModels2.
  • Chairs should work again (yeah really, we are using a new plugin now).
  • Signs can be edited through shift clicking.
  • Ender Pearl usage has 15 seconds cooldown.
  • Repair chainmail (MCMMO).
  • Nerfed fishing bite chance so that it’s the same regardless of biome and boat (MCMMO).

We did however not update to Minecraft 1.7.2 yet.

The reason is the core server software, Bukkit/Spigot, isn’t ready yet. There are fake versions out there, 1.6.4 servers pretending to be 1.7.2, but they actually offer none of the new features since they are just 1.6.4 servers in disguise. The hackyness of the solution is however known to cause client crashes and since Optifine isn’t 1.7.2 ready yet we felt there just were downsides to use a fake version.

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The Harvest Festival has arrived!

The great Harvest Festival comes to Regalia with great enthusiasm and has great events in store for everyone. There are quests, a dunk tank, fireworks and a whole variety of things to see and experience. Some of the events you will be able to participate in are:

  • Firework shows
  • Guess the Drink event.
  • Kissing Booth event.
  • Archery Competitions.
  • Horse jumping race.
  • Firework competition.
  • Jousting Tournament.
  • Lotteries.
  • Creep Ball.

Events can happen at any time during the day/night, the easiest way to know when one is about to happen is to follow the broadcasts ingame. There will be broadcasts for the different events ingame in advance of the events to give everyone a chance to join in on the fun.

To get to the Harvest Festival grounds follow the purple line in the road in Regalia and it will lead you straight to it. We hope you join us and have an awesome time at the events.



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New Voting Rewards

We now have new voting rewards and there’s a stunning 170 different rewards you can get from voting. Additionally we have introduced the rarity tiers “common”, “enchanted”, “uncommon”, “rare”, “epic” and “legendary”.

Check out the new rewards at

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