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Serioos MassevCruft Intervjevv

Cayorion also wanted to make a comic.

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Oh and while we are at it…

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The media department has quite a lot on their hands these days. They even managed to create a Dolan inspired comics.

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Video about Regalian houses

Dannywood has made a video about houses in Regalia. Check it out!

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The Emerald Island

A new quest is now released! It continues the story of the failed Mining company Smith & Son, the previous owners of the gold mine in Silverwind. This story based Parkour adventure will challenge your skills in new ways while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island. By the creators of The gold mine, igel_son and Thedric with decorational help from Varooki and Severek!

You can get there with the little ship with black sails in Silverwind. We hope you will enjoy it!

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New team member images

New great artwork by Ninjabaver!

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Golem Bath

Somewhere in Daendroc… the Golems are bathing.

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Server trailer by Aerodefense

This excellent server trailer was just uploaded to YouTube by Aerodefense. This page have been updated.

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Logtype 3D Animation

Amazing 3D animation by Ninjabaver.

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Villager by EvanDead

Villager by EvanDead

An image of a villager NPC made by EvanDead.

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