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The Daily Creeper – Demonic Slaughter

A public awakening has recently happened in Regalia. This awakening was led by a famed mage and was over viewed by senator, and Leader of the Guard, Alistair Sterling and Ser Baldwin Viraine. The newly awakened women entered a comatose state and began to float a few feet off the stage. The courtyard was filled with a dark red color and the odor of rotten flesh. One onlooker claimed she saw a look of fear creep up the mage’s face. As onlookers gagged from the smell and began to leave, the eyes of the woman opened, and were a bright red. She shrieked and immediately jumped off the platform, looking for her first victim. As lightning rained down from the heavens, onlookers fled in terror, trying to get out of the path of woman. The captain of the guard ordered his men after her and on his way out, he yelled at the mage about the dangers of magic.

The possessed woman, whose name will be disclosed, rampaged through the streets of Regalia and killed fourteen innocent people and two vampires. The Regalian Guard soon contained the possessed woman and executed her swiftly. Glaring at the mage, the captain of the guard ordered the school of magic to be closed and guarded. “No one will be allowed into this cursed place. No one will ever use that horrid art again.” he said. Looking towards the crowd, he exclaimed, “Magic is no longer allowed in the holy city of Regalia. Any mage seen performing such unholy acts will be arrested immediately!”


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The Daily Creeper – The Golden Willow

Recently, the famed Emperor’s Tavern was brought under new management as the older team left due to personal reasons. The new tavern owners are none other than: Ser Baldwin Viraine, Jared Silverhand the Ranger of Regalia, Posidem Sonofnone the Archmage of Avgard, and Luthien Duchamp, Madame of the Night. After a few hours of heated talk, the four decided on renaming the tavern to… The Golden Willow! Shortly after, the tavern made major renovations with the generous donations made by the Kade and Viraine family. Not only did these beautiful renovations add onto the tavern’s popularity, the new drinks that were brewed by the owners did as well. Baldwin contributed with Burnheart Bourbon and Great Greyhead, drinks that pack a punch. Jared contacted his Elven friends to provide the tavern with Elverquisst and Utterdark wines. Posidem provided Melon Ale, a popular Avgardian drink, and Mudblood Liquor, something he says all Half-Elves should be able to relate to. The odd creature, Luthien, had servants bring forth Blood Orange Liquor and Ebony Ale, two very sweet drinks. These eight drinks have been a hit with the public and there is always some available.

If you’re new to Reglaia, check out the Golden Willow, where there are events galore! Ranging from meet and greets to comedy nights, the Golden Willow is the place to be. Next week there will be events on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

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The Daily Creeper – Ceardia Blockaded!

The “Dark Stone of Lukkerdam”, as it has been named, has recently reached the city of SilverEdge, a wonderful trading partner to Regalia. However, with the evacuation of the city and lack of opportunity for trade, Regalia has officially stopped all communications with the once great city of SilverEdge. What does the Chancellor have to say about all of this? I, Lucas Horraswroth, am here to give you an interview with Ser Moriarty Kade, Chancellor of Regalia.

Lucas: How do you feel about the loss of the city?

Ser Kade: While I am sad to lose such a great trading partner, it is the way of things. Everything comes to an end.

Lucas: I see.. Concerning the “Stone of Lukkerdam”, how do you think it should be handled?

Ser Kade: As we’ve left it. According to our scholars, the stone will continue to expand over Ceardia. What happens when the whole continent is overrun with this black curse, I mean stone, only time will tell.

Lucas: Ser, did you say “curse”? What did you mean by that? Are the rumors true?! Has the Dark Bansh-

Ser Kade: This interview is over.

Lucas: But Ser, you have not given me a strai-

Ser Kade: That will be all, Lucas!

The Chancellor immediately left me standing in the rain after I had asked about this “curse”. Soaked and disappointed that I would not have a story for the Daily Creeper, I had began my sad course back to the office when an elderly woman approached me. Apparently she had overheard our interview, and this is what she had to say.

Old Hag: Oi! Boy, come ‘ere! I ah…. o’erheard you and mister fancy pants over there. If you wanna know what really happened, lissen’ up.

Lucas: Go on, mam.

Old Hag: The Dark Banshee… Aye, it was her! That there daemon has gottin’ herself up from the pits of hell from which she come from.

Lucas: Oh? Could you tell me about this “curse”?

Old Hag: Aye… that curse. The Demoness approached the mayor, her old husband some say, and set a curse on him. An evil ol’ woman that dere one is.

Lucas: Hm.. Well, thank you, miss…

Old Hag: You dun’ needa know my name, boy.

Lucas: As you say, madam.

Shortly after my talk to the old hag, the Regalian navy sent a fleet to Ceardia and placed the entire continent under blockade. Any ship leaving or entering the continent is being sunk by the battleships, and the only passage in and out are ships of the academy under escort. The ship leading passengers to and from Ceardia in Regalia is being moved to the merchant fleet and all official communication with the continent has been cut off. The last refugee ships arrived in Regalia shortly afterwards with weary travelers stating the very ground underneath SilverEdge ripped open and foul creates spewed forth, that is all they say.

This was Lucas Horraswroth reporting from Reaglia for the Daily Creeper.

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The Daily Creeper – Evacuation announced!

Sarah Mundew, twenty four year old reporter from Regalia traveled to SilverEdge to take an updated report on the “creature” and was instantly greeting by monstrous sights. Here is Sarah’s report.

The previous reported dark stone of Lukkerdam has continued it’s trail to the Capital city of SilverEdge, destroying landscape, cities and ships on it’s path. Nothing is known of this dark stone, or even why it’s doing what it is, however rumors and theories suggest that this “creature” is some form of attack from Mrs Baver herself! Today the Bank of SilverEdge, formally owned by Mayor Ninja Baver, was attacked by these dark tentacles. It ripped through the ceiling, through windows and straight through the ground. It is unknown how far the tentacles dug down, or even what the dark stone is made of, however people have been urged to steer clear and to not lay a finger on the devilish stone.

Our researchers are stating that given the course of the tentacles, we have but days before they penetrate the SilverEdge town building and, not before long, wipe out life in Ceardia all together! Citizens have been instructed to don their storage and board the nearest ship to Regalia or any other continent. SilverEdge is no longer safe, we hope you receive this message in time.

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The Daily Creeper – Crimson Developments

Sarah Mundew, twenty-four year old reporter from Regalia, sat down with Ser Thomas Kade at the Crimson Inquisition HQ

Thomas Kade is a member of the Kade family, son of Ser Kade and brother of the Chamberlain. He was recently charged with leadership of the Inquisition and has changed the way we view the Crimsons a rather substantial amount so far.

After many executions, many raids and even more riots caused by the Crimson Inquisition, I, Sarah Mundew, decided to go and speak with Thomas Kade, Grand Master of the Crimson Inquisition about these recent events and the latest developments of the Inquisition itself!

Sarah: There have been many reports that the Crimson Inquisition will soon target other races, such as undead. Is this true?

Thomas Kade: Heavens no. The Crimson Inquisition was brought into Regalia by the Senate to target Vampires, and Vampires only. No other race should fear our force.

Sarah: Have you executed any Non-Vampires?

Thomas Kade: Yes, yes we have. This however was intentional. Anyone who supports the Vampires, harbours them or in any way attempts to damage the Crimson Inquisition will be treated with the same amount of judgement as a Vampire itself.

Sarah: I see… Have there been any forces who have attempted to bring down the Inquisition?

Thomas Kade: Funnily enough, yes there has. A few nights ago I heard rumour of a cult forming at the Emperors Tavern in Regalia. I immediately dispatched towards the public building along with a squadron of my men and immediately detained the group at the Tavern. One or two Vampires supporters managed to escape and attempted to class the meeting as a trap for the Inquisition, however they were the ones who were detained, and nothing to us has changed.

Sarah: Haha, unfortunate for them. Anyway, there has been rumours that you yourself are infected with the Vampiric Virus, is this correct?

Thomas Kade: Of course not. That is insane. How could the GrandMaster of the Inquisition be a Vampire? Haha, funny. I will admit that a few nights ago during a Vampire execution I was looking and feeling slightly queasy, however upon medical review, it turned out to be nothing more than a simple cold.

Sarah: What do you say about the Mrs Baver attack on the Crimson Inquisition the other evening?

Thomas Kade: The attack was rather feeble by the Beheasal and has damaged us none. The attack has only spurred us forward further. These kind of attacks are precisely what we were brought in to prevent. We will not be affected by this attack.

Sarah: What will you do now to develop the Inquisition further?

Thomas Kade: We will soon be given permission to set up barricades around the exits of Regalia, we will monitor any and all activity on people entering and exiting the city, along with testing them for the Virus. We will set up blockades around each sewer entrance and place guards around every public building. Raids and patrols will be set out every evening and more and more executions and trials will occur.

Sarah: I see… Well Ser Kade, that’s all we have time for. Thank you very much for coming!

Thomas Kade: You’re very welcome Miss Mundew.

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Daily Creeper – Chancellor speaks out!

Lucas Horraswroth, new reporter for the Daily Creeper reporting from Regalia, with Ser Moriarty Kade, Chancellor of Regalia with him.

With the various events happening across Aloria, it only makes sense that there are some turmoils occurring in Regalia itself as well. So I, Lucas Horraswroth, am here to bring you this interview with the Chancellor of Regalia, Ser Moriarty Kade.

Lucas: How would you describe the current state of Regalia?

Ser Kade: Regalia is, as usual, stable. We are experiencing an economic boom and our military cannot be matched! However, balance of power in Regalia is… sliding.

Lucas: How do you plan on dealing with these political difficulties?

Ser Kade: Positioning The Dragons as I, my father, and my grandfathers before me always have: as the center that tries to work with everyone. We hope to gather support for our goal.

Lucas: What would this goal be?

Ser Kade: We wish to counteract the radicalizing tendencies forming in some of the other political factions of Regalia.

Lucas: The Dragons… Would you mind explaining the political factions of Regalia?

Ser Kade: Certainly, I am head of the “Dragons” faction, a faction in the Senate that keeps everything together. We often propose compromises between the other factions. These other factions include the religious “Order of Dawn”, the militant “Iron Bulwark, the royalist “Purple Faction”, the populist “Red faction” and the merchants guild is know as the “Golden Sigil”. Without us, The Dragons that is, the whole senate would most likely fall into disarray and dismantle the fine political balance in the realm.

Lucas: You mentioned “radicalizing tendencies”, what do you mean by that?

Ser Kade: More and more senators are supporting the Iron Bulwark and Order of Dawn Senate factions, meaning they want to take further actions against non Humans and foreigners. Their policy proposals have often been volatile and violent.

Lucas: I see.. What are your thoughts on these policies?

Ser Kade: As usual, they are destructive. The Dragons have always worked to strike a compromise between the more.. destructive factions involved. For the first time in a very very long time however, the Dragons were outmanuevered by the Order of Dawn and the Iron Bulwark which have created a coalition to outnumber the other factions in the Senate. The return of the Crimson Inquisition is by their hand, and while I agree with the purpose and goal, I do not agree with their methods. The Dragons and the Golden Sigil would have preferred a more passive and peaceful approach, but were outmanuevered by the Senate majority.

Lucas: Hm.. Well, it seems we’re all out of time! Thank you for this interview, Ser Kade.

Ser Kade: You’re very welcome, Lucas. The people should know what is going on.

For those that do not know how to Regalian Senate works: The Senate is composed of the elite of Regalia, old families and princes of the Royal family. The Senate is devided among several factions, the Dragons, Order of Dawn and Iron Bulwark being among the largest interest groups. The composition of the senate constantly changes due to intrigue and plotting from various politicians, but has in the past always held stable due to the central position of the Dragons faction. The Emperor holds full power in Regalia, but leaves the daily running of the Empire mostly to the Senate, as well as referring laws and ruling the capital itself to them.

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The Daily Creeper – Silver Edge under attack?

Numerous reports have come in to the office of The Daily Creeper telling us that the weird obsidian formations around the ruins of Lukkerdam have been growing, fast, covering a large area of Ceardia. The obsidian has now reached the borders of Silver Edge. The Daily Creeper have asked the Mayor of Silver Edge for feedback on the matter but all he gave in response was “There is still time, I can’t say more, I’m sorry”. The Regalian Council sent out four warships to investigate but there is currently no information about where the warships are or if they have made any progress.  The council states that the situation will be handled but citizens in and around Silver Edge should temporarily evacuate until further notice. There are of course plenty of rumors going around regarding the growing obsidian and one of the more common rumors tells us that the obsidian is in fact a living creature. How such a “creature” would even exist is of course a good question and the Regalian Council encourages everyone to disregard all such information.

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The Daily Creeper – Lukkerdam is alive?

The dark stone and lava that once was the city known as Lukkerdam is moving. With less than two months left till the one year memorial of the “Festival Massacre” this sure is unsettling information for some. The mayor of Silver Edge, Ninja Baver, says in an interview that anyone who lives close to the ruins of Old Lukkerdam should evacuate as soon as possible. He also claims that citizens of Silver Edge should consider the same. The Regalian council announces that there is no danger and nothing to fear. The Regalian council also state that Mr. Baver is in no position to suggest such a serious action since it may cause unnecessary panic and riots. In a last announcement the Regalian council asks everyone to stay away from the location of the old Lukkerdam ruins as it is now a matter for the council to take care of.

For our readers that want to know more:
You can find the article about the “Festival Massacre” in our archive.
The Daily Creeper – Festival Massacre!

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Codex moved!

The Imperial Archives of Regalia have announced to the public that they will be transferring a Elven History Codex, which they currently have in their possession, to the Regalian Academy of Science and Magic.

This decision was made by regulators of the Archives in an effort to help the young and bright minds of Aloria become better informed of their history. With the recent Crimson Inquisition and other frightful things happening in our city it is understandable how to this reporter why this action is being taken.

The Codex is planned on being moved directly from the Archives to the Academy and reports say that it shall be heavily guarded by the Emperor’s personal bodyguard force. Others say that it will be moved more discreetly, but I think that is the lesser story here.

When the Codex arrives it will be stored in the upper level of the Academy until a proper place is made for it to be put on display. Hopefully once this is completed all Regalians can have an opportunity to gain a new insight into our past.

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  • The Daily Creeper - No suspect caught Regalian bank robbery

Bank robbery!

Regalia officials are currently investigating a bank robbery that happened late last night in the Noble District of the city.

The robbery occurred at the Bank of Regalia on Friday, while the bank was closed.

Regalian authorities say the suspect were employed at the bank a few months before and the robbery must have been planned before they received the jobs. They were able to enter the bank with the banker’s keys to the vault that were stolen the day before.

After obtaining an undisclosed amount of silver, diamonds, gold, emeralds, and iron the perpetrators and their unknown accomplices fled on foot.

The suspects were last seen heading north towards the Poor District and are suspected to have escaped through a sewer entrance somewhere in the Poor or Common district.

The bank was empty except for one solitary teller who had stayed late to finish closing out his window. When he say the suspects come into the bank he hid under a table in the back room until the whole thing was over. For safety reasons the witness has asked to remain anonymous.

The witness describes the suspects as males of average height and average build. He also saw that they were wearing dark loosely fitting clothes made of leather, also they had on what looked like skull masks so it has been quite hard trying to identify them. Some of them were seen in normal clothing and seemed to be in charge of the robbery.


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