The Regalian Academy of Literature and Science proudly presents their latest creation which can be found in the middle of the Regalia city square. The invention is called TAMITS which is short for “The Academys Magically Influenced Transport System”.

The TAMITS only have one target destination at a time. This target destination is occasionally changed and is usually some major point of interest.

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  • crtimsonhq

Fire in Regalia! Crimson Inquisition no more!

Yesterday night, a large explosion was heard in central Regalia as shopkeepers were about to close their shops and head home. After the confusion cleared, everyone gazed at the Crimson tower in horror as the entire Crimson Headquarters was one large blazing inferno. The smoke reached far and beyond into the clouds to the point where far-off warfleets rushed back to the capital in fear of an invasion. Many citizens attempted to put out the fire, but due to the size of the building bystanders could only watch and see the tower collapse in on itself, crushing the formerly proud headquarters of the Crimson Inquisition. 
Immediately after the fire, explosive residues and redstone was found, indicating the fire was made with the intent to destroy the headquarters. Supreme Reverend Wolffram summoned the Imperial advisors, and after some debating, decided to formally disband the Crimson Inquisition. Following the Solaris Insurrection across several continents, the situation concerning the Inquisition became more unstable in Regalia as the military arm participated in the Solaris Insurrection and was occupied elsewhere. Regalian shipping brought in thousands of refugees from war torn provinces as communication between 9thlegion and Alamut deteriorated, the two cornerstones of the Inquisition. Following the coalition’s formal declaration of war on the Solaris Insurrection, 9thlegion formally declared hostilities to parties directly connected to 9thlegion. While they are not at war at writing of this news, they are expected to clash eventually and relations are at an all time low to the point of no cooperation. 
Supreme Reverend Wolffram gave a speech at the palace steps to the concerned citizens waiting for answers: “The situation between Solaris and the Coalition is threatening to destabilize our internal affairs against the vampire scourge and enemies of the Regalian Empire. As the contracted factions are no longer capable to fulfill their role to us, we have decided to formally disband the Crimson Inquisition. While the vampire protection and prosecution effectively ends with this, we do not intend to sit idly by and let the vampires take a hold of Regalia. We are extending additional executive powers to the Violet Order, the Imperial palace guards of the Emperor.” 
Concerned citizens gather daily at the square to discuss events in the other provinces. Where will the Solaris Insurrection lead to? What of the vampire prosecution? Why is the Regalian navy sending more warships to patrol the shorelines?

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  • Daily creeper Kelmoria

Kelmoria profitable!

A recent increase in Quartz demand and prices in Regalia has caused the existing mining company to no longer be capable of providing the need for Quartz. The Regalian finance ministry has decided to open up a permanent travel ship from Regalia to Kelmoria to allow private mining companies to dig up the rare new material, in the hopes that flooding the markets will solve the shortages. 
Kelmoria was found a long time ago by Laura Redblock, but the island was quickly abandoned due to the general lack of useful resources. There were never any signs of people having lived on this island, but initial search parties have never gone far inland. The Island itself has a temperate climate, it is also filled with extremely dense forests. The Island itself is assumed to have been made by the now inactive volcano that dominates the island. Geologists also assume the Quartz has formed in the bellows of the Volcano. Due to recent technological developments in Redstone craft, the white stone has suddenly become valuable. A small mining company was placed by the Academy several years largely to study the effects of Quartz to redstone circuitry and for use as building material.

As soon as the travel ship has been set up, you can sail to Kelmoria with the green-blue striped sails ship.

Due to the size of Kelmoria, the 16 chunk rule does not apply to this map. Instead, a 6 chunk rule applies, meaning you should settle at least 100 or so blocks away from other people.

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  • The court place of Regalia.

The current Oligarchs retire!

Citizens of Regalia, today we have great news for you. This time, presented to you by the courier of the emperor himself!

Hear the newest news from me, yours truly Hendrik Loudmouth.

The elderly Oligarchs, all from 70-80 years old, will retire all at once. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing like this have been seen before! Hear me, it is now upon you to stand up for your district and become an Oligarch yourself!

This is what you have to do: Go to the court and write down your name and some more information about you and we will contact you if you are ready for it!”

Brought to you, by the daily creeper.

Non Rp-ish part:

The basic information for all players can be found here on the main website.
The information for those who want to become oligarch can be found here (forums).

More in-detail explanation about what an Oligarch is and what they may do can be found here (forums).

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Regalia – The new Center of Civilization

Dear readers, today we have some big news. Regalia is going to be the new center of civilization as we know it. Till now Silver Edge has had this role;however, after a discussion between the supreme reverend of Regalia (Wolffram) and the mayor of Silver Edge (Ninja Baver), it was decided that the two cities should unite and join forces.

With the resources that Regalia will offer to all of it’s citizens everyone is now encouraged to move there. Places such as Silverwind and Prospera will become obsolete, meaning all ship travel and the majority of trade will go through Regalia instead. You can rent your own house in the city, travel to every known corner of the world or even get a market stall to become rich. Regalia has endless possibilities and is truly a brighter future for us all.
For more info : www.massivecraft.com/regalia

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Trade agreement signed – Supreme Reverend of Regalia visits Silver Edge to sign the deal

Today is a historic day for SilverEdge. Last night, the Regalian religious capital ship called the Holy Flame arrived carrying the Supreme Reverend of Regalia named Wolffram. Regalian diplomats cited his approval was required to fully ratify the trade agreement between SilverEdge and Regalia. After a meeting with the mayor of SilverEdge, the Supreme Reverend gave a fairly firm and direct answer to our question as to why Regalia came to SilverEdge to sign a trade agreement.

While SilverEdge is a heretical city infested with the evil fouls of this earth, our holy Emperor Justinian the Third felt it was necessary to bring closer ties between Regalia and the other human settlements around the world.

The Supreme Reverend stated he will stay in SilverEdge for the time being, in order to provide service to all who wish to convert to the Regalian faith. Despite the peaceful intentions, some people are questioning the need to bring two formidable warships for a trade agreement. The Daily Creeper will, as allways, keep you informed of the latest information about Regalia.

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The Regalia Empire comes to visit!

At sundown, a huge ship sailed in to the Silver Edge harbor and dropped anchor. The ship sails with the colors of the Regalia Empire. The captain and a diplomat from the Regalia Council have requested a meeting with the mayor of Silver Edge to discuss yet unknown matters. Both the captain and the diplomat refused to take part in an interview with The Daily Creeper but the mayor says:

“This sure is good news. The Regalia Empire always has high quality goods to offer”.

Many years have passed since the Regalia Empire were last visiting Silver Edge to trade and bring news from the great human empire. The Daily Creeper will keep you informed on all the latest information and trading the Regalia Empire has to offer.

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  • Radio Prototype
  • Radio Station

Redstone carried by Air!

A revolutionary scientific breaktrough was made today at the Academy for magic, science and redstone arts. Wolffram, main lecturer of the Academy explained “A while back, an unknown invidual cloaked in pure black robes, with only a porcelain white mask presented a strange device at our institute capable of receiving redstone pulses trough air. We were at first unable to understand the system, but made a breaktrough when trying to reverse the idea behind this piece of marvel. I will spare the technical details to the masses, but essentially the device can receive redstone pulses trough air, sent out by a sending device. Depending the strenght of these signals, we can make the device emit sound. We called the device Redstone Alternating Device Interim Orrey, or RADIO for short”.

The old abandoned fireworks factory has been destroyed in Silveredge, and replaced by a RADIO station, owned by the renowned Igel_son. He now hosts RADIO shows for entertainment, however the broadcast can only be heard locally due to the high cost of the RADIO constructs.

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Summary: Our new Nether world has been opened.
You can get there by using the command /warp nether .

Diary Entry – Week One:
We found a way!
After hours of research, we have found a way to Gana-Isha. Our magicians have been able to modify the portal that we used for the Nether to connect to our newly constructed base camp. However, the modifications they have made have a few side effects… Hopefully we will be able to settle down here and adjust to this new climate…

Diary Entry – Week Two:
Under attack!
We have found out that we are not the only one around here in Gana-Isha. This place seems to be filled with monsters….. but those are not really the problem. There is another humanoid race that we haven’t encountered before, who appear to be much smarter than the other mobs! Our fighters are being overrun; they are either pulled into lava or being set on fire. Our defences aren’t designed for these kind of attacks. I’m not sure how much longer we can hold out here.

Diary Entry – Week Three:
Four hours ago, they made their final strike. All of our soldiers have been burned to death and most of our buildings have been destroyed. My building team and I managed to make it back through the portal, but we were closely followed by those monsters. We sprinted away into the rainy night, and surprisingly we were not pursued… It was almost as if they were scared of something. I will leave this Diary here, so that if anyone else anyone else discovers what we have left behind, they will at least know what to expect…

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Series of violent earthquakes make a final end to Farmlands

Farmlands had been fairly abandoned for the past months, it’s inhabitants joined other factions or simply left Ceardia to pass over to newer lands with more future. Today, after a series of violent earthquakes, Farmlands was torn asunder as the many houses and castles collapsed and the very ground itself opened up causing water to flow into the streets. What remains of Farmlands is little but a pile of rubble and memories of long ago.

Ruins of Farmlands

Ruins of Farmlands

Farmlands was once one of the greater Empires of Ceardia, it was founded close to Silverwind as one of the earliest cities to rise on the continent. In the past, Farmlands was involved in numerous great historical events. A grand war took place between Farmlands and Aegyptus, as well as Rising sun. In the end Farmlands could however not resist the pure force of nature itself, and the great faction is no more.

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