Become Premium

The system is completely automatic. You usually become premium within minutes after your payment.
You don’t need a PayPal account to buy three months, but to subscribe you do.

Subscribe for 6€ monthly

Buy 3 months for 18€


As a premium member you get special powers. They may be changed at any time but are always awesome. The special powers are currently:

  • 15% less damage taken in PVP [NEW!]
  • Open your huge backpack using /bp
  • Open a portable workbench using /wb
  • Keep backpack items on death (always)
  • Keep armor slots on death (always)
  • Keep inventory items unless you attacked someone within 30s
  • Keep xp level (always)
  • Keep xp progress unless you attacked someone within 30s
  • MCMMO +20% experience gain [NEW!]
  • MCMMO cooldowns reduced to 50%
  • Faction power doubled: You get 20 instead of 10
  • Faction power regeneration speed doubled
  • Get 750 ingame money per premium month [NEW!]
  • See others money using /money show <player>
  • See others money using /money top [page=1]
  • Use /fix to repair 5 items daily [NEW!]
  • Use the premium chat channel [NEW!]
  • Wear any block as a hat
  • Create and control undead horses
  • Create creative gates
  • Build and fire cannons
  • Join servers even if they are full
  • Craft horse armor
  • Craft and use name tags

15% less damage taken in PVP


Premium members take 15% less damage from other players. This applies both to close combat and arrows. The feature covers PVP only and does not apply to damage taken from monsters such as creepers.

Huge backpack and portable workbench


Reach your huge backpack (54 slots of extra inventory) and portable workbench at any time using the commands /bp and /wb.

Keep items and xp on death


Premium members keep items and xp on death under certain circumstances. Backpack, armor and xp level is always kept on death. Inventory items and xp progress towards next level is also kept unless you attacked someone within 30 seconds of your death.

Create and control undead horses


Premium members can create and control undead horses. Right click a horse you tamed while holding a gold sword. The horse will become a skeleton if it’s night and a zombie if it’s day.

Wear any block as a hat


As a premium member you can wear any block as a hat. Just place it on your head as you would with a regular helmet.

Faction power and regen speed doubled


As a premium member you get 20 faction power instead of 10. Additionally your power will regenerate twice as fast if you die.

Create Creative Gates


As a premium member you can create creative gates. This will allow you to teleport between your favorite locations with ease.

Build and fire cannons


Premium members can build and use cannons.

Craft horse armor


As premium you can craft horse armor. Custom workbench recipes for iron, gold and diamond horse armor are made available for you.

Craft and use name tags


You can also craft name tags and name your animals.


You don’t actually buy anything from MassiveCraft by donating. Being a premium member is a Privilege and not a Right. You must still follow our rules and can be banned if you don’t (just like regular players). Server moderators have no obligation to help you or answer your questions (/ticket). Just like you, we do this for fun. That being said, server moderators are friendly and we help out as often we can.

How to unsubscribe

We do not offer refunds. Unsubscribing is however entirely possible and you can do this yourself at any time. Just log on to PayPal and cancel your subscription from there. You need neither help nor approval from the MassiveCraft team to unsubscribe.