The MassiveCraft team maintain and improve MassiveCraft. Read the the team codex for more information on suggested team member behavior.

There are eight departments and three ranks. A team member may belong to more than one department at a time. You have one rank for each department.


The members of the direction department are handpicked by Cayorion. The directors write project specifications for the rest of the team to pick. Then they rank team members up or down based on their activity and what projects they complete. The higher your rank is the more authority you have when it comes to decisions for that department. That authority does however almost never need to be used and the main purpose of the ranks is to acknowledge the contribution from that team member.

Ingame Effects

Team Members get extra ingame permissions, a name color and a name prefix. The department in which the player has the highest rank is used. This primary department and rank will together form a teamtag. Cayorion’s teamtag is “Direction3″ since he is rank 3 and is primarily in the direction department. Teamtags are visible in the chat.

Current Members

Member Direction Info Game World Lore Quest PR Tech
Cayorion 3 1 3 3
MonMarty 3 3 3 3
Thortuna 3 3 2 1
yendor46 2 2 3 2 3 3
Gethelp 3 2 2
Th3_Drunk_Monk 2 3
Ryciera 3
Jamescl 3
spectec 2 1 2
imboring56 2 2
Tom1804 2
BigBellyBuddah 2
MrHappyTinkles 2
BabaManga 2
_Omnomivore_ 2
BboyMVB 2
MrWackeo 2
Kellock93 2
Feykronos 2
Unluvable 2
DanyWood 2
MinecraftSpartan 2
Cielian 1
jadex224 1
ravenwolfthorn 1
ELtongo 1
TazeHD 1
BillyA835 1
duhsigil 1
Sahrotaar 1
Alj23 1
Ha5h 1

The Ranks

These are the minimum requirements to become and stay at a certain rank. The projects completed must be relevant to the department.


An aspirant is actually a normal player. Aspirants are however allowed to participate the weekly team meetings on TeamSpeak and pick projects.

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Have a decent knowledge of English.
  • Apply and get approved through votes from current rank2+ people.
    Get at least 3 yes votes and at most 1 no vote.

Rank 1

  • Completed 4 project points the last 10 weeks (in that department).

Rank 2

  • Completed 5 project points the last 10 weeks (in that department).
  • Display a will to work on what’s most important to MassiveCraft as a whole.
  • Supportive and communicative to others in the department (work with others).

Rank 3

  • Completed 6 project points the last 10 weeks (in that department).
  • Be a driving force in the progress of the department.
  • Energize and motivate other members of the department (get others to work or help them learn stuff).

The Departments

These are the 8 departments and their responsibilities.


Responsible for MassiveCraft as a whole.

  • Decide the future goals and direction for MassiveCraft.
  • Create projects for the other team members to complete.
  • Handle team member ranks.
  • Formulate policies.


Responsible for research and information gathering.

  • Compile news on what’s new in the upcoming minecraft update.
  • Visit competitors and document what they are doing different from us.
  • Create polls to get a better understanding of our playerbase.
  • Give reports to the direction department to help them take better decisions.


Responsible for the in game moderation and player support.

  • Answer help tickets using MassiveTickets.
  • Answer questions in the help channel.
  • Help players ingame.
  • Enforce rules ingame.


Responsible for our minecraft world maps.

  • Build and maintain in game public areas, such as Regalia.
  • Create new worlds using software such as WorldPainter.
  • Create custom biome objects for new maps (BO2/BO3).
  • Maintain and cleanup in existing worlds.


Responsible for the lore of our fiction universe.

  • Write the storyline and lore.
  • Involve player in the lore and roleplay.
  • Create ingame events.
  • Create ingame book items.


Responsible for the ingame questing experience.

  • Conceptualize and write quest storylines.
  • Describe quests using MassiveQuest commands or pseudo code.
  • Implement MassiveQuests in the capital city and on dedicated quest islands.


Responsible for the MassiveCraft image and brand.

  • Write news on our Main Website, Forums,¬†Facebook etc.
  • Do marketing and create advertisements.
  • Write guides and content on the main website.
  • Manage conversations on the forums.
  • Maintain and improve upon the graphic profile for MassiveCraft.
  • Create images for news posts and guides.
  • Create informative videos and trailers.
  • Maintain the official texturepack.


Responsible for our hardware and software infrastructure.

  • Update software for OS, Minecraft servers, TeamSpeak, websites etc.
  • Finding and installing interesting plugins created by third party authors.
  • Code our own custom Minecraft plugins, such as Factions.