There’s three main ranks within the MassiveCraft team:

  • Rank1: Trusted
  • Rank2: Mod
  • Rank3: Admin

We recruit new Trusted using an Apprentice/Mentor model. Each apprentice has a mentor. Someone who wishes to become an apprentice we call “aspirant”.

Advancement Flowchart:
Aspirant → Apprentice → Trusted → Moderator → Admin

Exam projects are used at each advancement step. These exam projects could be anything of good value for the server. The only thing that is severely discouraged is events. These are bad measurements, and often involve a lot of mod surveillance. The idea is that the person show their own initiative in coming up with an idea, and can execute it to a success on their own. The purpose is to find people who actually contribute and not only talk.

Aspirant → Apprentice


  • The aspirant must be at least 16 years old.
  • The aspirant must have a decent knowledge of English.
  • There must be a mentor interested in taking on the apprentice.
  • The aspirant must have been voice chatting with the mentor and other team members.
  • Exam project approval by Cayorion.

So before an aspirant can be accepted as apprentice, they need to finish one of these exam projects. There must also be a mentor available. Moderators may take one apprentice and and Admins may take 2.

Apprentice limit per team member rank:

  • Trusted: 0 (You may not take on any apprentices as a trusted)
  • Mod: 1 (A moderator may mentor 1 apprentice at a time)
  • Admin: 2 (An admin may mentor 2 apprentices at a time)

For the mentor
It is important you know that your aspirant is in line with your department. If you are a world dev, do not take on any technicians as you will not be able to pass on your department knowledge.

You do not have to ask permission to other staff to apply someone for an apprenticeship, though you should take their word in consideration to consider the chance that they might be pretending or lying to you, as well as hiding rule breaking or sorts.

Dropping an apprentice
Mentors may break off an apprenticeship at any time. It is however requested that they present a valid reason. They may also abandon their apprentice if they have stopped liking them, but it would be required for said mentor to look for another mentor for the apprentice. Apprentices may also break off the apprenticeship, and contact the CM department for a new mentor, provided they present a valid reason. If an apprentice somehow fails their apprenticeship and does not qualify for a new mentor, they will be demoted back to a regular player.


After a month or so the aspirant being an apprentice, the person’s performance may be judged during a meeting or between admins, and it can be decided to end an apprenticeship. The Apprentice may be subjected to another exam.

The apprentice will stay trusted after the ending of the apprenticeship. Promotion to moderator is separate from the whole apprentice/mentor system.


Previously a vote system proved too much dependent on a popularity vote as well as being influenced by personal opinions as opposed to logic conclusions.

Promotions from trusted to Moderator are not defined by time, but by initiative and further work for the server/community outside the regular frame of what is expected of trusted. You could, if you did the right things, get promoted to Moderator straight after your apprenticeship is over, but it could also be a matter of years. This promotion fully depends on the work you do, and the quality of it.

If an admin thinks someone is doing exceptionally good work outside the frame of what is expected of them (for example helping with plugin development or scouting when you are only expected to moderate the server) an admin may recommend you to Cayorion for promotion. Said admin and Cayorion will then proceed to look over what you have done for the team, the server and the community. Important here is dedication, initiative, ambition and consistency. Cayorion may present you with a big project as form of an exam if he deems necessary, as he makes the final call on a promotion.


The last hurdle in MassiveCraft Team rank is also the hardest to take. Despite the fact that trusted to moderator rank is not related to time, the moderator to admin rank is. It is important that a trusted is very familiar with all the commands, the community, the server staff and the general needs and wants of the players. Being able to seamlessly work with the other staff members is also crucial in this regard.

Once again, only admins may present a possible person fit for promotion to Cayorion. This time however, Cayorion may consult all or none of the admins. It is important to establish whether said person is trusted by the lower ranks of the team, as admins are often figureheads and need to be able to work as project leaders and team leaders. Cayorion instead of presenting you with a big project, may simply await you finishing several big projects. Admins are often the driving wheel of the team, and the main generators of projects and direction for the lower departments.

If you plan to be an admin, or whether this is your ambition, expect it to take several months, if not more.