Weekend Roundup
Friday April 7th – Sunday April 9th
Role Play Events
Church of the Serpent Meeting – 4/8/17  1am GMT (technically 4/9/17 for Europe)/8pm EST
A Mysterious Masquerade  –  4/8/17  1am GMT (technically 4/9/17 for Europe)/8pm EST
House Ravenstad: Moudeschau Vun Heich Kultur  – 4/8/17  8pm GMT/3pm EST
House Bigge Presents: An Exhibit of Talent –  4/8/17 10pm GMT/6pm EST
The Drachenberg Annual Beer Tasting –  4/9/17 7pm GMT/2pm EST
Minigame Events
Game Staff will be bringing game events to you all weekend long!
Stay in event chat for surprise mingame events!
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KOTH will be running every three hours.  Spring has sprung in all time zones!
4am/pm, 7am/pm, 10am/pm, 1am/pm GMT
MassiveMusic Weekend
It is Rainy Day weekend!  Share with the community the songs that get you through those grey and stormy days.
Beginning 4/8/17!
Explore Aloria!
This travel log follows two intrepid adventurers as they explore the wilds of the survival worlds.
News to Catch Up On
The criminal side of you just itching to get domestic?  Sign up for a Regalian Sewer Base!
Say hello to the newest race on Alorian soil.  Wolathar!
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Have a Massive Weekend!