A Daily Creeper Exclusive interview with Laura Redblock.
Laura Redblock, well known explorer, famous for many discoveries such as the lost colony Silverwind and the untouched wild continent of Daendroc, has recently been on a long search through the thick jungles of Daendroc for a map. A map mentioned in old manuscripts and believed to be a myth. The hunt lead Laura to a Monastery, long forgotten and overgrown by vines and trees.
The walls inside of the monastery were filled with inscriptions in an old forgotten language that Laura managed to decrypt.

Laura, what did the inscriptions tell you?
– Well, they told about some kind of sword, made by the purest of light, strong enough to destroy “the dark” or “evil”, I’m not sure.

Could this be used against Mrs. Baver, the evil ghost that has been attacking Ceardia?
– Who knows, these are some very old inscriptions, could just be stories. I considered that myself, until I found the map.

A map you say?
– Yes! The floor of the monastery shows some kind of map that looks like an old map of the world, but many continents are in place that we do not know, or thought were much smaller. If this is accurate then our world is much bigger than we could ever imagine.

Where is this “Sword of light” ?
– On a continent mentioned in the inscriptions as “The Cold North”, or “The Ella Dor”.
The map is pointing me in a direction. I will travel there as soon as the ships are loaded and ready to go.

Laura, today started her travel towards Ellador with two ships, prepared for harsh, cold weather and many dangers on her way. If she will find this place, remains yet to be seen.