The Anglian Misery Grips the Empire


Quiet streets, boarded up windows, and businesses left unattended was what the aftermath of the infection had left. Uncertainty to the citizens of Regalia. What was going to happen?

Those questions were suddenly answered when the infection was seemingly a mere memory in everyone’s minds now. Something far more sinister, far more evil had begun brewing, but what was it?


Anglia, the seat of the Kade Family, has been subsumed by a mist of unknown origin. With the mist, has come the disappearance of every soul within it – including the Imperial Dragon, Cedromar, Alexander Kade, and the Supreme Chancellor Rodderick Howlester!   The government in chaos, scientists and mages alike are racing to find the causes, and try to reverse the affects!

Was the sinister happenings those from the disarray that was happening with the Realm? States pulling their support from the city. Matriarch’s being pulled from their thrones at the hands of usurpers. Seemingly the numbers that supported the State of Regalia were growing less and less.

Or perhaps within the city itself? The strong-arming from the guard forces. The government within the city in disagreements with the church. The Synod deciding to take things into their own hands. Just what would happen within the walls if the people could not be able to stand for themselves?

Though others would say the far more sinister happenings was those we could not see. The vile mist taking people, animals, even seemingly sucking up magic to where? No one knows. The mist covering the entirety of Anglia, the cities source of food. What would happen to the city? Will we all starve at the hands of the void mist? People may begin to steal, riot, or act out at their unjust services during a time of strife.

So how can players get involved in all of this juicy drama and get involved in the RP?

In tons of ways! You can join the city guard, there are multiple to choose from, which side will you pick?

Alongside the multiple guard charters there are constantly expeditions being held for a chance for your character to get involved and help with the war, the famine, studying the mist, a multitude of things for you to get your hands on!

The city of Regalia and all of its inhabitants love to see those smiling new faces so come join us in the city to be involved in these wonderful stories!