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Jorrhild Early Release!

Our newest Survival map, Jorrhild, has been opened for Early Release. This means Premiums will have Early Access to the map before all regular players. During the time, claiming, PVP and building will be disabled. Premiums can use this time until Wednesday 8th of July to walk around, find their favorite spot and camp out at it. The map will officially open to claiming, building and non-Premiums at 21:00 GMT. Below this post will be a countdown widget that will give you the rough time of release. PVP will be disabled for upwards to 3 hours after release. This will be done to protect non-Premiums leaving spawn during the release time. Everyone should be able to equally enjoy this awesome new map, built with the highest quality and latest technology.

Haven’t got premium yet? Had premium in the past but didn’t renew it? Now would be a wonderful time! If you haven’t seen the awesome premium features yet, besides Early Access to this map, check out our Donation page.

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All MassiveCraft Rules updated!

We have had a massive update to our entire rule book for MassiveCraft. We suggest and strongly encourage all players new and old, to read the summarized rules on the website. For those who want to be more specific about what each of those rules means with more bullet points, read the rules on the Wiki. For those of you who want to jump straight to the War and Raid rules, read them on the wiki. The Roleplay rules have been unchanged, but for those who want to read them can do so at the Wiki. A couple of rules are gone, many have changed and so some things that were illegal in the past are now legal, while some have only partially become legal. Some examples below:

Grief and claim protection of wilderness has been lifted.
What this means is that land that is unclaimed is no longer protected from stealing or claiming. If you have chests in wilderness, they may be claimed. If you have a house in wilderness, it may be stripped of resources. Factions are cheap and easy to maintain. The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone lives in factions. This however doesn’t mean you can start pouring lava or water over buildings and mountains. Griefing our worlds is still illegal.

Raiding is now allowed without a war declaration.
We do not recognize the difference between a war and a raid anymore. You are enemies as soon as you /enemy, and beyond that point all is fair in love and war. There are some corner cases to be aware of when going to war with someone, so be sure to check out the war rules.

Truces have been shortened to 30 days from 75
We considered the old 75 days truces too long. Truces that were declared before 20/05/2015 are still valid under the 75 days.

Max Tribute has been increased to 300+50*Faction members of the smallest faction
The old rule encouraged massive raiding factions too much. We want to be a bit more accommodating to raiding factions that want to just have a small group of friends in their faction but still get a decent income from raiding.

Actions that were previously faction permission abuse are now permitted within limits.
In the past, if a faction gave ally door perms and then allied you one way or another, you could use their doors. Doing so would have been faction perm abuse. This is now allowed. Factions bear the ultimate responsibility to make sure their faction permissions are functional. In the long run, we will make a tech implementation that will make this impossible, by forcing faction permissions only when both sides are set to the same relation. For now however, using this will not be punished. This also covers portal hopping.

The max raid time has been removed.
As soon as you /enemy someone, you may raid them any day of the week, within reasonable limits of upwards to 3-5 hours a day. The counting of these hours won’t be very specific, and we hope players will make administration on this point unnecessary by keeping civil and fair to others. Staff may intervene if they deem a raid lasts too long, but ultimately Staff are encouraged not to get too involved with situations like these. In short, beyond 3 hours staff members may ask you to back off. Beyond 5 hours, you should definitely back off.

It is important to remember the rules may be subject to minor changes within the coming weeks. We have to settle ourselves into the system as much as the players do. In a way, our wording may not be perfect and we have to find a better way to express certain rules sometimes. For now however, these rules should be functional and are in effect.


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Jorrhildr Map Announced!

It’s been a good year+ since this world was originally started. Several months into development, Jorrhildr is finally approaching the end production stages after several project restarts. Highlights of this map:

  • Large Vanilla Clay deposits underwater.
  • Large Hardened Stained Clay deposits underwater.
  • Large Packed Dirt deposits underwater.
  • Mountains all have stone, diorite, andesite and granite in them.
  • Massive snow map with snowy mountains, plains, canyons and icy oceans with icebergs and plates.
  • Glaciers, sinkholes and caves.

More news will follow when the world goes closer to release!

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Regalia House Rental Announcement

As most of you know, we’ve had technical difficulties using the house rental plugin for Regalia. Those have officially been resolved since yesterday, and we have gone ahead and set up most of the rental regions. This post will serve as an announcement to tell everyone when the house rentals will be enabled, and what the specific rules or limitations are.

First and foremost, house rentals will be enabled at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 4th of March. For those who have trouble converting the time, there is a widget at the bottom of this page which will tell you in how many hours the release will take place.

Secondly, house rentals will only be enabled for premiums during the first release. Premiums will have the ability to purchase housing before the release to non Premiums. The non Premium release will take place a full week after the Premium release, so at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 11th of March. This date may change due to the availability of our tech staff.

Some further points of interest:

  • We have a Tutorial on our forum to explain the new commands used for house rental.
  • There is a tech limitation to the amount of houses that can be rented. A non Premium can only rent 1 house. A Premium can rent 3 houses, though by rules may only own 2 at a time. They may “possess” a third for the purpose of resale, though such a property should be sold within at most 2 weeks of purchase.
  • The old Regalia housing rules apply. You may not alter the walls or exterior of a building. You may do with the interior as you please.
  • Several blocks and items are banned with a plugin from being placed in Regalia, meaning you cannot place blocks such as item frames, trapdoors, armor stands and more. We have made this decision to conserve FPS in Regalia.
  • While non Premiums cannot buy housing, they can still be added as “friends” by Premiums who have already bought a house.
  • Different districts will be staged with their release. Our first release is the common districts, which is all the housing (380 in total) within the city walls. The poor district will be put on sale at a later date (at least 2 weeks from now), and the rogue district and ship rentals will be put on sale at an even later date.

If you haven’t gotten Premium before, or if it is running out soon, now might be an excellent time to consider donating (again). Houses are much desired objects on MassiveCraft of which there are only 380 available, there is a realistic chance that all houses will already be bought up by premiums before the non-Premiums even get the ability to rent them. Remember, donating also gives you 750 Regals per month, the in-game currency. This is more than enough for two months of rent.

Coundown to Premium housing Rentals

Coundown to non-Premium housing Rentals

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Regalia V2 is prepared for release!

MassiveCraft has released its official Regalia Sneakpeek Trailer! Watch it on our official Youtube channel, in 1080p! The video features nearly 3 minutes of Regalia footage, large scenery and all rendered in beautiful shaders with far viewing distance. Regalia is soon prepared for release, here are some of the highlights:

  • BuyRegion will be replaced by AreaShop as the new house rental plugin. This new plugin features options such as being able to sell your own property, adding your friends to your house, teleporting to your house, due payment warning and much more!
  • Regalia’s total house market has been increased twice fold with a total of 280 common Regalian housing, 80 Poor district housing and 15 island houses. More districts will be added at later stages!
  • Due to new restore technology from snapshot, gone are the days of disorganized and construction zone Regalia V1. Regalia V2 will always be in it’s prime state.
  • Regalia V2 will be “pre-released” for 3 days after initial release. This means the city is effectively functional, yet you cannot rent houses. After this 3 day period is over, premiums will have first picks at housing properties for a full week. After this week is over, non premiums can also rent house properties.
  • The Regalian wilderness is currently still empty, but will feature many expansions over the next months as more additions are added to keep Regalia interesting.
  • Regalia’s performance has been increased five times! New intelligent building techniques allow us to eliminate lag and FPS issues.

Regalia will be released within the coming days, along with guides on how to use the new rental plugin.

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Mojang name changes live!

Hello everyone!

Mojang has released their name changing feature on their mojang accounts today, a feature that has been built up to for quite a while. Cayorion has spent many months preparing for this update, so the release and the functionality of the server would go as smooth as possible. Many are already enjoying the username change by switching out their embarrassing or old usernames that they wanted to update. Unfortunately, this change also brings a few problems with it, namely in the people who think changing to a very offensive username is funny, or think that will not be acted upon.

We at MassiveCraft have never taken proactive attempts to punish individuals with offensive or strange names, and we have seen a couple of them in the past. We reason now however that because players can change away from their offensive usernames, that we will no longer permit offensive usernames on the server. We are implementing a rule against names with an offensive nature, meaning names containing any words or meanings that could be interpreted as discriminatory, sexist, racist, vulgar or otherwise breeding an unfriendly environment, under the punishment of a permanent ban. Additionally, we will take pro-active attempts to avoid impersonation. Staff impersonation has always been a very serious matter. Attempts to mimic staff names will result in a ban. This also applies to players, if those changing their name to mimic a player are doing it to troll the original user, defame them, or otherwise troll them. We hope everyone will continue to enjoy this great feature by making cool and iconic names, not by using it as an underhanded method to troll others.

A quick summary of the rule implementation:

  • People with usernames that are considered discriminatory, religious, racist, sexist, vulgar or otherwise offensive as seen by the server staff will be permanently removed from the server.
  • Staff imitation trough the name change feature, or harassment/trolling of players through the name change feature will result in a permanent ban.

As per all the regulations, the final judgement on these matters will be made by the Game staff. If a game staff indicates your name is offensive, you are obliged to change it. Refusal to do so will result in your removal from the server, and in many cases you will not even be warned. This post serves as a warning.

Have a Massive day!

The MassiveCraft Team

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Year 2015 Week 02


  • Thortuna, leversandpulleys, Gethelp x2: Week 01 Meeting.
  • MonMarty: Introduction Hakuretsu1987.
  • MonMarty: Introduction Steltral.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Spectec.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Bertramqaz.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Bertramqaz.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Spectec.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Kellock93.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Steltral.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Satisarah.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Spectec.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Luthein.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Jared4242.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction Feyona.
  • MonMarty: Individual Direction JakkDread.
  • Cayorion: (Wednesday) Individual Direction – Ninjabaver in working on the graphic profile.
  • Thortuna x2: Individual Direction – Spectec regarding pvp changes and pvp department
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – ThatQadirGuy on how to train aspirants
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – panic15 on how to gain rank2, what is missing and what he should work on.
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Hakuretsu1987 on what it means to be gamestaff and how to report points.
  • Cayorion: (Saturday) Individual Direction – Ulumulu1510 in Factions development.
  • Thortuna, Gethelp x2: Individual Direction toward eachother regarding current gamestaff situation, recruitment and training
  • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Jamescl
  • Thortuna x2: Feedback and direction for spectec during the development of the Squire Staff.
  • Cayorion, MonMarty, Thortuna: Meeting and discussion about formation of PvP Department
  • leversandpulleys: Individual Direction Spectec regarding PvP Department.
  • leversandpulleys: Individual Direction DarkFarce regarding a rank in Lore.


  • Awes0meLawson x25: MassiveQuest player survey, presentation of results, and detailed analysis.


  • Th3_Drunk_Monk, ThatQadirGuy, Panic15, LilDipper_, Sevrish, Hakuretsu1987 x2: Week 01 Meeting.
  • Gethelp x3: Reworking and fixing social forums permissions
  • ThatQadirGuy: Ticket training with Hakuretsu1987
  • Thortuna x5: Gamestaff assistance
  • Hakuretsu1987: Ticket training with ThatQadirGuy
  • Jamescl x4: Gamestaff assistance
  • Gethelp x3: Gamestaff assistance
  • Jamescl: Email confirmation on the forums
  • Jamescl: Market cleanup
  • Jamescl x2: Rank 2 gamestaff training and clearing with ThatQadirGuy
  • ThatQadirGuy x2: Rank 2 gamestaff training and clearing with Jamescl
  • panic15: Ticket training with Hakuretsu1987
  • Hakuretsu1987: Ticket training with panic15
  • Gethelp: Email confirmation on the forums
  • Gethelp: Warzone maintenance
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk x2: Gamestaff assistance
  • Thortuna: Helpchat
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk: Helpchat
  • Awes0meLawson: Helpchat
  • Jamescl: Helpchat
  • panic15: Helpchat
  • LilDipper_: Helpchat
  • bertramqaz: Helpchat
  • Sevrish x7: Helpchat
  • hakuretsu1987 x8: Helpchat
  • Gethelp x3: MassiveTickets
  • ThatQadirGuy x3: MassiveTickets
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk x2: MassiveTickets
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk, Jamescl: Ban appeals
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk, Jamescl: War declarations
  • LilDipper_ x2: MassiveTickets
  • Jamescl: MassiveTickets
  • Luthein: MassiveTickets
  • _Omnomivore_: MassiveTickets
  • panic15: MassiveTickets
  • Thortuna: MassiveTickets
  • Awes0meLawson: MassiveTickets


  • spectec: Meeting and discussion about formation of PvP Department
  • spectec: Wiki article for PvP Department
  • spectec, Cayorion, leversandpulleys, Thortuna, MonMarty x2: PvP Department Wiki article discussion and edits.
  • spectec, MonMarty: Recruitment article for PvP department
  • spectec: Processing applicants and formation of conversation
  • spectec, Th3_Drunk_Monk: Introduction meeting
  • spectec: Forum conversation creation for MassiveTraits changes and testing


  • Danywood, imboring56, Sexyrose x2: Week 01 Meeting.
  • mojaveboogieman x9: Regalia Construction.
  • Sexyrose_ x3: Regalia Construction.
  • MonMarty x4:  Regalia Construction.
  • Sexyrose x3: Regalia Construction.
  • MonMarty x2: Regalia Construction.
  • Kellock93, mojaveboogieman x2: Regalia Construction.
  • MonMarty, Luthein x2: Regalia Construction.
  • MonMarty, Luthein: Palace construction.
  • satisarah x2: Regalia house construction.
  • satisarah x2: bo2 help creation for Thortuna.
  • Luthien: House building in Regalia.
  • Bertramqaz, ThatQadirGuy x2: House building in Regalia.
  • Danywood x5: House building in Regalia.
  • SexyRose x7: House building in Regalia.
  • Steltral x9: House building in Regalia.
  • Kellock93 x6: House building in Regalia.
  • Satisarah x3: House building in Regalia.
  • MonMarty x2: house building in Regalia.
  • MonMarty x2: Park building in Regalia.
  • MonMarty: poor district construction.


  • Feyona, JakkDhread, Shayin x2: Week 01 Meeting.
  • MonMarty x4: Lore Q&A Treatment.
  • CatCat1305, Jared4242, Shayin, LilDipper_: Violet Order meeting/maintenance.
  • Jared4242 x4: Rewrote Dwarf lore.
  • Ryciera, Shayin, Jamesicle x2: Processed Dwarf lore.
  • MonMarty x2: Wrote Hivre Haute Puisse lore.
  • Feyona, Jamesicle, Shayin x2: Processed Hivrefrenchfrench lore.
  • Harmsway68 x4: Wrote Al Alus Republic lore.
  • Jakkdhread, Levers x2: Processed Al Alus Republic lore.
  • 0romir x3: Wrote tale: Kyla.
  • Ryciera, Plecy x2: Processed tale: Kyla.
  • Ryciera x3: Wiki maintenance.
  • Cruallassar x2: Wrote tale: The Forms of Life.
  • Plecy, Feyona x2: Processed tale: The Forms of Life.


  • Terence29 x2: Week 01 Meeting.
  • DarkFarce x2, leversandpulleys x1, Awes0meLawson x1: Rank 2 Quest training.
  • leversandpulleys x2: Implementation, regions, NPC’s, and QA for Protection Money.
  • Terence29: Quality assurance for A Cup of Tea.
  • leversandpulleys: Quality assurance for His Only Memory.
  • leversandpulleys: Quality assurance for Take from the Poor.
  • Awes0meLawson x2: Storyline for A Race Against Time.
  • Awes0meLawson x3, imboring56 x1: Advanced Quest Writing Techniques documentation.
  • leversandpulleys, DarkFarce: QA, Implementation, edits, and regions for A Cup of Tea.
  • leversandpulleys: Quality assurance for Arachnid Demise


  • Ninjabaver x2: (Tuesday) Graphic Profile – Conceptualization.
  • Ha5h: Pvp newspost feature image


  • Cayorion x6: (Monday) MassiveLag – Coding on the plugin itself.
  • Cayorion x6: (Tuesday) MassiveLag – Coding on the plugin itself.
  • Cayorion x7: (Wednesday) MassiveLag – Coding on the plugin itself. Alpha version now ready!
  • Cayorion: (Wednesday) MassiveSharding – Fixed a lag spike reported by MassiveLag.
  • Cayorion: (Wednesday) MassiveMoney – Fixed a lag spike reported by MassiveLag.
  • Cayorion x9: (Thursday) MassiveLag – Fixed a few lag spikes and coding on the plugin itself.
  • Cayorion x6: (Friday) MassiveLag – Fixed a few lag spikes and coding on the plugin itself.
  • Cayorion x2: (Saturday) MassiveLag – Fixed a few lag spikes and coding on the plugin itself.
  • spectec: WorldGuard bug report.
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New War Declaration And Tribute Rules!

We are altering our War declaration and tribute rules to facilitate the changes in the PVP environment. We want to foremostly, equal out the scales of the Tribute by recognizing that bigger factions don’t automatically earn more money. Additionally we want to make wars more fair, by discouraging one or two man raiding factions, and encouraging large wars between large factions. Lastly we want to still provide essential protection for start up factions. Obviously this system is new, seems complicated and will need some time to get used to. We ask the player for patience and cooperation to stamp out any potential flaws and issues this system might have.

Note: Raid rules, tribute and other factors concerning just raiding will not be affected at all. The Raiding system and its rules work as intended and are not presenting any problems.

Tribute Rule:
The max tribute in a war between A and B is always the number of members of the smallest faction times 50. This means if a 2 member faction declares war on a 10 member faction, the max tribute either way is 2×50= 100 Regals.

  • Note: You may still offer custom demands such as roleplay items or resources. The value of these demands may not exceed the max tribute however, and may not include forced character death, kicking of faction members, or unclaiming homelands.
  • Note: It is always encouraged to offer more than one demand to offer variety and choices for the surrendering factions.

Small Faction Protection:
Factions that are younger than 1 month may not be declared war upon unless they already are at war with another faction. Recreating factions to always be younger than 1 month will be seen as a rule violation and will be punished. Recreating factions also doesn’t end wars.

On alternate accounts:
Alternate accounts will be overlooked in most cases when it comes to Tribute calculations. The exception however, is if a faction is clearly artificially increasing or decreasing the tribute by adding more than reasonable amounts of alts to their faction. If a player suspects this happening, they should report it and the offender will be punished and their alts permanently banned.

Surrender terms:
Max tribute constitutes a 75 day truce between both factions. The surrendering side may always break the truce whenever it pleases them. The declaring side may never break a truce. Custom truce days may be agreed upon but are not able to be enforced with max tribute.

A surrender with max tribute is always enforced. You may not surrender in the name of others, neither may you accept a surrender in the name of others. Surrender terms may only be issued and accepted by War Leaders, and Max Tribute is an automatic surrender and enforced truce. Other surrender terms are optional and subject to negotiation.

The following point is only relevant to you if you plan to use allies in your war. You may ignore it if you fight alone and your target is also alone.

On Alliance wars:
Factions may now declare wars as coordinated alliances and in some cases MUST declare war as an alliance instead of separate factions. Factions coordinating their attacks on a single or multiple factions are seen as an alliance.

  • Note 1: War Leaders are the factions that represent all other members of a Faction Alliance. In most cases, this would mean the faction that posts the war declaration and the receiving faction that is declared war upon.
  • Note 2: War Leader status may be swapped during the war but only by the active War Leader.
  • Note 3: Swapping War Leaders does not alter the tribute whatsoever. Neither does declaring war as an alliance. This rule is simply in place to prevent people from loopholing the system to demand more money from a single faction meanwhile coordinating their attacks to provide unified pressure.
  • Note 4: Only War Leaders may accept surrenders or issue them. War Members may never surrender individually unless the opposing warleader agrees to it. This prevents allied factions from selectively forcing factions out of the war.
  • Note 5: A truce is enforced for all members of either alliance if a surrender is made. Any member of the surrendering alliance may break the truce whenever it pleases them and it will break the truce for all opposing factions. The surrendering factions who did not break their truce, however, will retain their truce. The winning side may never break any truces.Note 6: If you as a member disagree with your War Leader surrendering or accepting a surrender, then that is your own fault, and you should have picked better allies or not entered an allied war effort.
  • Note 7: You do not need to be part of the allied war effort at the start of the war. Any faction may join a war effort at any time on any side, however, this decision is permanent until the war ends either way or until the opposing War Leader agrees to their departure from the war.

On loopholing:
Breaking the rules or trying to find loopholes around the system for your own benefit will be punished. If at any point you feel your opposing side is trying to loop hole around the war declaration rules and especially the Alliance rules, you should report this on the forum. Continually restarting your faction to benefit from the one month grace period will result in severe punishment.

All Wars declared before this post and still active are hereby declared null and void, and must be resubmitted.

The topic in which we respond to questions concerning this change or any concerns you may have can be found here.

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Regalia V3 under construction!

As some hints may have already led some people to suspect, Regalia V3 as a map is under construction (though technically this would be V2). Regalia V3 will not be a rebuilt version of Regalia V2, but a Regalia moved onto a completely new map. This means existing streets (may) be moved over to the new map in their entirety, the city will in general receive an internal restructure. There have been issues with the current version of Regalia for quite a while:
  • We cannot expand in any other direction than North and East, which is not optimal for city planning.
  • The Undercity is terrorized by bad construction decisions made years ago, and horrible World edit errors.
  • We do not have access to a snapshot of the map, so we cannot use /restore on ugly flat stone areas.
  • Regalia’s underground is currently filled with caves, tunnels and unneeded mines. This results in heavier FPS strain on players.
  • Regalia is not built on the standard minecraft height map, resulting in odd color variations of the sky on different texture packs.
  • Our attempts to decentralize the Tavern have resulted in awkward city planning. We plan to reverse this now that we know better.
  • The current harbor cannot be expanded due to the lack of space, meaning future transport ships wold amount to more confusion among the players.
  • We cannot clean up the current map of flowing water or excessive FPS issue causing blocks, which results in a detraction of gameplay value in Regalia due to the low FPS.
  • The current map is ugly. It was made with TerrainControl and looks unrealistic.
In short, the current map is about 2 years old, and we cannot tolerate the shortcomings of it any further, as it is inhibiting expansion of our roleplay capital. The immediate benefits we expect are:
  • Easier navigation trough the new city
  • Better FPS as we go trough extreme measures to limit FPS issue causing problems
  • More and better public buildings, as we have more space to expand housing into, meaning we have more free space for public buildings.
These obvious notes should be held into account:
  • We do not have a strict release date, most optimally speaking, we could finish this medio December, early January. The old Regalia will keep in function until that time, but no innovating work or renovations will be done during that period. When a finalized release date is known, it will be made apparent at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • It is not recommended to buy housing on the marketplace right now, either in auction or the market, unless you are willing to only benefit your purchase for a short amount of time.
  • All houses will be evicted when the map migration happens. This means all players lose their houses and nobody gets special treatment in receiving a new house. There will be more houses available upon the new release, so there will be more choice, but ultimately there will be a race for real estate when the map is officially released. We are considering a couple of days overhead to allow players to explore the city and check out the housing to make sure they know what they are buying, and run towards the house they want to buy. This should allow entry level experience in the housing market for everyone, which will make rich house owners sad, but this is a technical necessity we have to commit to.
  • It is not guaranteed that Regalia will continue to function as a safe chest storage location. We are considering blocking the placement of chests to just a single or double chest to allow some basic storage, but we do not want players to store their entire private storage and then not use the houses for roleplay, which is what they are intended for. Wether we are going to commit to a storage world where you can “rent storage boxes” or force players to store their private items in survival worlds has not yet been decided.

Questions concerning these changes can be directed to our forum thread found here

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Teled Methen Pre-Release

Teled Methen, our newest world map, has been officially opened for premiums today in the form of a pre-release. For a period of of roughly 6 days, Premiums will have the ability to explore the Elven ruins world of Teled Methen. Faction claiming has been turned off, so nobody can claim anything. PVP and block building has also been turned off, so the map is purely open for exploration and discovery for 4 days. On Monday the 13th of October at 22:00 GMT, the world will officially be opened for non premiums. At the same time as this official opening, the world’s block building and faction claiming will be enabled.

If you haven’t decided yet whether to donate for premium, or to donate again after a while of not having done so, now would be the perfect time to donate! Premiums have 6 whole days to explore the map and look at those high profile locations that everyone wants. Maybe find a hidden location that looks even better? It also gives you a head start on everyone else. You can be on the location that you want to claim as soon as the world opens! The DynMap for Teled Methen is already available. Check it out now!

Teled Methen is the Elven continent that once housed the great Elven capital of Rië. The proud Elven metropolis was reduced to a pile of rubble, but Elves have started to reclaim the lands lost to the Orcs. Will you be on the front lines and build a glorious new base, castle or city in these lands that are so full of lost memories and ancient glory? This world will be fiercely contested by our player base, so make sure you are there early!

Regular Player Access Countdown:





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