The PR-Department is in charge of developing and maintaining the MassiveCraft Image and Brand on the forums, wiki, and several other social medias. We are also in charge of creating a lot of informative and entertaining videos for our player base, which should show each player the best aspects of MassiveCraft as a whole. As such, the MassiveCraft-Team wants to offer you the chance to learn more about the process of video creation and how you can help us with your ideas!

When and for what do we need videos?
A good question! The creation of a video is following the overall PR-Schedule, which plans several months ahead of when a video is required to be done. Most videos are created for a particular post on the forums, either to support the thread or to announce and excite the players even more. The videos are needed to bring enjoyment to our player base.
How is the PR-Department recording videos?
This is one of the many questions we hear when we are working on videos or publish a new one on our YouTube-Page. The answer is simple. We are using a different mixture of mods, libs and magical fairy dust to record most of our videos on MassiveCraft. This combination was chosen to minimize the overall amount of required programs, while maximizing the outcome, making the workload a lot easier for us.
Would I be credited for creating videos with the PR-Department?
Yes! Any player, which has worked with the PR-Department on a video, will earn a certain amount of points in the PR-Department, which are used for player evaluation. In addition, any work you do on Massive will be credited to you, for use in resumes, cv’s, or otherwise.
Do I need to do something to get credit/points for my video’s?
No. The leading PR-Member of the Video-Team will take care of the points. Depending on how much work you did on a video or project he/she will decide on how many points you will receive in the end.
How do I get in contact with the PR-Department for video work?
First of all; You will need to write up an application in the staff application section. Afterward, you will be either accepted or rejected by one of the PR-Members. If you get accepted by the PR-Department, you will be added to a skype chat where you will receive your first training and where a member of the team will explain the overall workload and progress.
How do I apply for the Team?
To join the PR-Team, you are required to fill in this application format and post it in this forum section. Please remember that we won’t accept everyone and that you should always add examples of your previous work (Videos, etc.), so that we can have a first impression of what you are able to do already.
We hope that this small post awakened your interest in the Video-Team and Videos in itself! We also hope to see you soon in our Video-Team!