MassiveCraft has finally become a multiverse. The center of the MassiveCraft Multiverse is called “The Multiverse Hub” and it just opened. Use any of these three commands to get there:

  • /mtp (an abbreviation for Multiverse Teleport)
  • /mspawn (an abbreviation for Multiverse Spawn)
  • /warp hub (yeah we added a warp to the location as well)

A Multiverse is a collection of Universes. We currently have three universes:

  1. The Medieval Universe – Our main universe with Regalia, Ellador, Daendroc etc.
  2. The Info Universe – Contains some information rooms and tutorials (/warp info).
  3. The MiniGame Universe – Contains minigames and arenas (/warp minigame).

The medieval universe is our main one and the one we focust on the most. We are however currently working on expanding the minigame universe with some more minigames and arenas. We are also dreaming of adding a creative-mode universe and a science fiction one but these universes are currently just dreams and it could take 1-2 years before we get the time to add them.