The chest locking plug-in LWC is getting removed. 1.9 has made this plug-in very laggy, buggy and obsolete. Thus, LWC is already replaced by our own locking plugin – MassiveLock! MassiveLock is an internally developed plug-in which is already usable in-game and was introduced on the 9th of March, 2016! If you haven’t heard anything about MassiveLock and how it works – check out the documentation here.

Regarding the reasons why LWC is removed and the time frame of the removal, we made a thread to discuss this with our players. All of the information can be found on this link. The main consensus from these polls seem to be that people want LWC gone sooner rather than later and so we opted for the removal of the plugin by the end of the month.

Let it be noted that we will not remove chestshops along with the regular LWC-s for now. Chest shops will stay around until we are completely happy with the shop functionality of MassiveLock and will be replaced eventually.

Let the countdown begin!

[ujicountdown id=”meeting” expire=”2016/3/31 00:00″]