MassiveCraft Factions: Crisis of Nobles

A Crisis of Nobles


MassiveCraft is proud to bring you the next evolution of our factions competition!

Crisis of Nobles is an intense program designed to challenge even the most experienced and active factions to greater heights.


Crisis of Nobles is a factions oriented competition for power in the world of Aloria. It involves PvP, faction population, economics, military, diplomacy and lore. Evolving from Crisis of Kings, this next chapter is poised to challenge factions and watch as they rise to even greater heights.

Crisis of Nobles: A New Era

Crisis of Nobles requires players to develop their faction and apply as Great Houses to participate. In order to apply, a faction must meet the following requirements:

At least 20 members, not including alts.

100 Regals in their faction bank.

Medieval/fantasy styled faction name and base.

The Great Houses have each declared themselves as rulers of Hadar, an Alorian continent. Each month, these Great Houses will compete to reign supreme by earning points. At the end of each month, the Great House with the most points will earn a special yellow lore item prize, as well as right to be King/Queen of Hadar.


There are guidelines regarding the royal title while in Regalia that will be strictly enforced.

Read about that here:


Crisis of Nobles will have many of the same systems in place that made Crisis of Kings so interactive and varied. We’ve kept the ability to have your faction recognized in MassiveCraft lore, and become canonized!

Read all about the canonization process here!

Earning points can happen in multiple ways. From building, to fighting, there’s something for every member of your faction to participate in, and drive you all to victory!  Take a look at the rules below.

Crisis of Nobles: The Rules


You can check out the entire section dedicated to the new Crisis of Nobles program in factions, and start recruiting within your factions for participation!  Any questions can be asked in the Question and Answer thread, located here.


The competition officially opens for applications today, September 24th, for an October 2018 kickoff!

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The Anglian Misery Grips the Empire

The Anglian Misery Grips the Empire


Quiet streets, boarded up windows, and businesses left unattended was what the aftermath of the infection had left. Uncertainty to the citizens of Regalia. What was going to happen?

Those questions were suddenly answered when the infection was seemingly a mere memory in everyone’s minds now. Something far more sinister, far more evil had begun brewing, but what was it?


Anglia, the seat of the Kade Family, has been subsumed by a mist of unknown origin. With the mist, has come the disappearance of every soul within it – including the Imperial Dragon, Cedromar, Alexander Kade, and the Supreme Chancellor Rodderick Howlester!   The government in chaos, scientists and mages alike are racing to find the causes, and try to reverse the affects!

Was the sinister happenings those from the disarray that was happening with the Realm? States pulling their support from the city. Matriarch’s being pulled from their thrones at the hands of usurpers. Seemingly the numbers that supported the State of Regalia were growing less and less.

Or perhaps within the city itself? The strong-arming from the guard forces. The government within the city in disagreements with the church. The Synod deciding to take things into their own hands. Just what would happen within the walls if the people could not be able to stand for themselves?

Though others would say the far more sinister happenings was those we could not see. The vile mist taking people, animals, even seemingly sucking up magic to where? No one knows. The mist covering the entirety of Anglia, the cities source of food. What would happen to the city? Will we all starve at the hands of the void mist? People may begin to steal, riot, or act out at their unjust services during a time of strife.

So how can players get involved in all of this juicy drama and get involved in the RP?

In tons of ways! You can join the city guard, there are multiple to choose from, which side will you pick?

Alongside the multiple guard charters there are constantly expeditions being held for a chance for your character to get involved and help with the war, the famine, studying the mist, a multitude of things for you to get your hands on!

The city of Regalia and all of its inhabitants love to see those smiling new faces so come join us in the city to be involved in these wonderful stories!

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Weekly Changelog | Week 34 Year 2018


  • LumosJared x7: Individual Direction, Quest Direction, Paperwork, Aspirants.
  • Sephite x3, CnocBride x6: Individual Direction.
  • CnocBride x3: Streaming Management and Application Processing.


  • CnocBride x5, Winterless x1, lunarepiphany x1, Zacatero x3: Game Tickets.
  • CnocBride x1, Winterless x1, Zacatero x1, MokeDuck x6: Help Chat Responses.
  • Zacatero x1: Bug Reports.
  • CnocBride x1, Zacatero x1: Faction Investigations.
  • CnocBride x1: MassiveCraft PvP Think Tank Poll.
  • Spectriel x7, Siosie x7: Togetherness Project.
  • MadamAries x1: Weekly Points.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x2: Trello Proposal and Setup.
  • Zacatero x1: Bug Report Cleanup.
  • CnocBride x3: CoK Relaunch Post.
  • CnocBride x1, Jaehaerys x1, Winterless x1, Zacatero x1: Dancy Chairs Event.
  • CnocBride x3,Siosie x2, Spectriel x2, GrumpyGirl314 x2, Zacatero x3: Rank 2 Training.
  • CnocBride x1, Siosie x1, Spectriel x1, MokeDuck x1, CharlieML x1: Rank 1 Training.
  • Siosie x1, MadamAries x1, mcmann x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1, lunarepiphany x1, MokeDuck x1: Individual Direction.
  • CnocBride x1: Staff Cohesion Meeting.


  • Bertramqaz x4: Early Regalia V5 Work.
  • Waterdruppel x4: Early Regalia V5 Work.


  • Caelamus x18, Percuriam x1: Lore Tickets.
  • SupremeCripple x13: Processing.
  • Aespair x4: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x12: Processing.
  • Bagley x6: Sheets.
  • Freema x24: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x28: Sheets.
  • Walrusaur_ x17: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x7: Sheets.
  • Percuriam x21: Sheets.
  • BillyTheScroofy x26: Sheets.
  • Vegemiite x29: Sheets.
  • Enkiduu x8: Silverwind. 
  • Crashir x3: Event Festival.
  • SpunSugar x1: Staff Cohesion Meeting.
  • Puagrace x2: Comical Posts.
  • CS_Birb x15: Various Tech Tasks.
  • TheComputerGeek2 x19: Various Tech Tasks.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 33 Year 2018


  • LumosJared x10: Individual Direction, Recruitment, Paperwork.
  • SpunSugar x21: Codex, Wiki, Individual Direction.


  • MadamAries x1, CnocBride x5, Spectriel x1, Winterless x1, lunarepiphany x1, 65jes89 x2, Zacatero x3, Jaehaerys x1, : Game Tickets.
  • CnocBride x1, Winterless x1, 65jes89 x1, Zacatero x1, MokeDuck x1, falconhand x2: Help Chat Responses.
  • Sephite x2, CnocBride x2: Ban Appeals.
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1: Survival Investigation.
  • CnocBride x1, Zacatero x2: Trunk Storage.
  • falconhand x7: Lore Item Documentation.
  • CnocBride x1: Weekly Points.
  • Zacatero x1: Event Proposal and Research.
  • CnocBride x1: CoK Relaunch Post.
  • MadamAries x1, CnocBride x1, Zacatero x2: Rank 2 Training
  • CnocBride x1, falconhand x1: Rank 1 Training.


  • SpunSugar x12: Various Regalia spots. 
  • Jaehaerys x5: Castle.
  • Eccetra x4: Decor.
  • Patsie x1: Interiors.
  • WaterDruppel x9: Slums.
  • Annju x6: Tutorial Street.


  • Billythescroofy x32: Processing and Sheets.
  • LumosJared x5: Sheets, Processing.
  • Freema x6: Sheets.
  • Vegemiite x14: Sheets.
  • Hydralana x65: Sheets, Writing, Processing.
  • Aespair x5: Writing.
  • Eccetra x5: Sheets.
  • Caelamus x19: Sheets.
  • Walrusaur x3: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Processing.
  • Percuriam x1: Lore Tickets.
  • Enkiduu x5: Silverwind.
  • Markisbeest x7: Essalonia Quest.
  • SpunSugar x8: Meetings, Leaf Decay, Event posts.
  • Seoulmate x6: Weekend Roundup + Postings.
  • CS_Birb x22: Various Tech Tasks, Discord, etc.
  • TheComputerGeek x12: Various Tech Tasks, MassiveEvents, etc.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 32 Year 2018


  • LumosJared x11: Premium Rework, Individual Direction, Paperwork.
  • Sephite x6, CnocBride x6: Individual Direction


  • Sephite x2, Omnomivore x1, CnocBride x7, Jaehaerys x1, Spectriel x1, Winterless x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1, lunarepiphany x1, 65jes89 x3, Zacatero x3: Game Tickets
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1: Ban Appeals
  • CnocBride x1, Spectriel x1, Winterless x1, lunarepiphany x1, 65jes89 x1, Zacatero x1, falconhand x3: Help Chat Responses
  • Zacatero x1: Bug Reports
  • Siosie x1, CnocBride x2: Long Tickets
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x2, Zacatero x2: Faction Investigations
  • Omnomivore x4: Internal HR
  • Siosie x1: Hacking Investigations
  • CnocBride x1, Spectriel x1, Zacatero x2: Trunk Storage Assistance
  • CnocBride x1: Google Drive Cleanup
  • Spectriel x3: Event Building
  • Winterless x2: Hacked Client Training Overview
  • Zacatero x4: Feature and Idea Discussion Overhaul
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1: Weekly Points
  • Siosie x3, Spectriel x1: Togetherness Project Organization
  • MadamAries x2: Event Scheduling
  • CnocBride x2: Feature and Idea Discussion Overhaul (Rules)
  • Alj23 x1: Faction Changes Project Rework
  • Sephite x1, Jaehaerys x2, CnocBride x1, lunarepiphany x2, Zacatero x2, falconhand x2: Jumping Event
  • Jaehaerys x1, CnocBride x1, Spectriel x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1: Boat Race Event
  • Sephite x1, Siosie x1, CnocBride x1, Spectriel x1: MassiveCommands Training
  • CnocBride x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1: MassiveLock and Regions training
  • CnocBride x1, CharlieML x1: Rules and Commands & Permissions Training
  • Zacatero x1, CharlieML x1: Punishments Documentation training
  • Jaehaerys x1, Spectriel x1, Winterless x1, 65jes89 x1, Alj23, Zacatero x1: Individual Direction


  • Greenie x4: Isle of Mull. 
  • Eccetra x6: Street Work.
  • Bertramqaz x4: Silverwind Deco Work.
  • Patsie x6: Slums.
  • Mojaven x20: KOTH construction.
  • WaterDruppel x9: Slums.


  • HydraLana x39: Sheets.
  • Bagley x6: Sheets.
  • Vegemiite x35: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x8: Processing.
  • Aespair x3: Processing.
  • Eccetra x4: Processing.
  • Jonificus x3: Sheets.
  • Percuriam x7: Event Hosting.
  • LumosJared x7: Rangers and Processing.
  • Scribbe x6: Sheets.
  • Caelamus x27: Sheets.
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Year 2018 Week 28


  • LumosJared x16: TrunkStorage, Google Drive Security Perms and Forums Purge, Individual Direction, HR, Meetings, etc.
  • SpunSugar x7: Meetings, HR, Transition Work.
  • Sephite x7: Meetings, Game Leadership, Transition Work.


  • Omnomivore x2, MadamAries x5, mcmann x2, CnocBride x11, Spectriel x7, Winterless x8, lunarepiphany x5: Game Tickets.
  • MadamAries x1, CnocBride x1, Winterless x1, lunarepiphany x1, 65jes89 x6, MokeDuck x1, falconhand x3: Help Chat Responses.
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1: Ban Appeals.
  • Omnomivore x2, CnocBride x2: Ban List.
  • Sephite x5, Omnomivore x9, MadamAries x9, CnocBride x39, Spectriel x38, Winterless x36, lunarepiphany x13:Trunk Storage Assistance.
  • Sephite x7, CnocBride x4: Server Transition.
  • CnocBride x1: MassiveElytra Testing.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x2: New Server World Assistance.
  • Winterless x1: Essalonia Spawn Building.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x2: Event Diagnosis Sheet.
  • Zacatero x2: Custom Commands Documentation.
  • CnocBride x1: Meeting with SpunSugar.
  • Sephite x1: Weekly Points.
  • Sephite x2, CnocBride x2, Alj23 x2: CoK Points.
  • CnocBride x3: CoK Weekly Progression.
  • MadamAries x1, Spectriel x1, GrumpyGirl314 x1, Mokeduck x1, Zacatero x1, Falconhand x1: Cups Event.
  • Sephite x1, CnocBride x1, MokeDuck x1, 65jes89 x1: Rank1 Ticket Training.


  • Patsie x3: Estate and Moves. 
  • Waterdruppel x3: External.
  • SpunSugar x5: Lobby.
  • Mojaven x23: Castle Spawn.
  • Julu8 x3: Creative Spawn.
  • Eccetra x3: Build Assistance.
  • Annju x5: Assistance.
  • LumosJared x3: Survival Spawn.


  • LumosJared x1: Lore Tickets
  • Percuriam x1: Lore Tickets
  • Eccetra x1: Lore Tickets
  • Aespair x4: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x3: Sheets.
  • Bagley x12: Sheets.
  • Percuriam x25: Sheets.
  • Aespair x5: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x11: Processing.
  • Suicidium x4: Sheets.
  • Hydralana x53: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Processing.
  • LumosJared x4: Processing.


  • Enkidu x11: Silverwind.
  • Markisbeest x23: Trunkstorage.


  • Puagrace x4: Video Work.
  • Owlet_ x11: External Bumping.
  • SpunSugar x1: Meeting with CnocBride regarding faction related announcements and transitioning faction specific information to other media hosts (e.g. forums and wiki).
  • SpunSugar x23: Survival posts, transition.
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.


  • TheComputerGeek2 x22: Various Tech Work.
  • CS_Birb x27: Various Tech work.
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Summer Festival 2018 – Abusement Park Fun!


Summer Festival Park Grand Opening Celebration

Summer Festival Starts – July 6, 306 AC



The MassiveCraft Summer Festival is going live!  We would like to welcome you, dear player, to explore the latest iteration of the “Abusement Park.” A MassiveCraft tradition spanning five years, Mysterious Dr. Fong’s famous cursed amusement park is now in its fourth incarnation and ready to entertain you for 2018’s Summer Festival!

This time, the Abusement Park has come back to Regalia! Roleplay in a fantasy carnival setting with slightly dangerous and macabre attractions. Delight in discovering the park’s many strange mysteries and hidden easter eggs.

The Abusement Park has been handcrafted for your entertainment by a team of 10,000 maniacs over the last nine months. Each block has been placed with your abusement in mind. We have packed many secrets, hidden dungeons, riddles, parkour, etc. into the Abusement Park. We hope you and your friends will be able to visit the park many times, finding something new on each visit.

Now on to the main event!

Abusement Park Mini Games


Shoot the targets: There are twenty-four targets hidden throughout the Abusement Park. Can you find them all and shoot each one with an arrow?


Find the treasures: There are twenty-four treasure boxes hidden throughout the Abusement Park. Can you find them all?


Solve the murders: There has been a murder! Actually, there have been a whole bunch of murders. Find the ghastly crime scenes and see if you can deduce how the victim died.


Unlock the secret doors: There are four secret passwords hidden in the Abusement Park. Each one unlocks a new secret area to explore within the park behind a color coded door. Can you find them all?


Finding all four secret passwords will unlock all four chambers leading to the highly secretive Regalian Adventure Club Lounge.




Current Attractions


Danger-Go-Round: Why would someone build this? Spin around the track with a friend and try to dodge the dangerous hanging obstacles.


“The Inferno” Roller Coaster: Sadly, this massive roller coaster has been out of order since part of it collapsed, killing a family of Elves. Ride what’s left at your own risk. Please do not leave your minecart during the ride.


Midway Games: So many games and prizes it boggles the mind. Try your hand at the various carnival games. Collect tickets and trade them for prizes at the Prize Shack!


Clown Racing: The Abusement Park is home to an underground clown racing circuit. Not much information is available about this unusual sport.


Lava Dunk: Drop one of our unpaid interns into a vat of steaming hot magma piped in from one of many geothermal anomalies located under the Abusement Park.


The Oracle: (requires an operator present) It is cursed to tell you the absolute truth. You may not like what you hear.


Pachinko Machine: (requires an operator present) Bounce the slime ball around the posts to win a prize. The player wins a prize on blue or purple.


Dr. Fong’s Patented Love Test-o-meter: (requires an operator present) Use the power of “technology” to find your love connection. A small fee may be charged to pay for testing materials.


Aerialist DJs Eel-Man & the BABY: They fly through the air with the greatest of beats. Dance the night away or at least until BABY’s bedtime.


Themed Vending: These whimsically themed booths offer delicious treats and fascinating souvenirs for sale. All of the profits from these sales go towards encouraging local Regalian business.


Cages of Freaks: Trick and trap your friends into the various “freak cages” scattered around the park. Each one has a hidden entrance that can be activated to capture an unsuspecting victim.


Big Top Bar: Take a break and get yourself a foamy beer or a bowl of steaming noodles. The brave will enjoy the hanging “acrobat booths” swinging high above the bar.


The Main Stage: You never know what type of performance will appear on the main stage. Will it be a magician? Could it be a mime trapped inside an invisible box? Apply for a performers license and it could be you!


The Great Wheel: A slow moving, romantic ride, the Great Wheel offers some of the best views in the park. Large spiders have taken over some of the top supports. Their webs are a great place to try out the webfly trait.


The Hall of Heads: The famous mask collection of the Mysterious Dr. Fong is now on display here in the Hall of Heads. Mysterious Dr. Fong is always looking to buy, sell, or chop player heads to better the collection.


FongCo© Market: Buy, sell or trade your FongCo© collectible products. New products are released occasionally through our multi-level marketing dealer system.


The Ice Caves: Plunge into the icey labyrinth and see if you can complete the maze. Your friends can watch you struggle from outside. Please don’t feed the penguins.


Elytra Course: Fly our airship high into the sky and then soar on your Elytra through the colorful hoops. Do you have the aeronautical skills to complete the course? The warp to the beginning of the Elytra course is located near the front gates of the park to allow for quick repeat entry.  Besides the main course, the entire Abusement Park has been designed with Elytra flight in mind. There are hoops and secret challenges everywhere!


Bumper Boats: Rocket around the lagoon dodging obstacles in your very own wooden rowboat. Sharks will try to sink you to the bottom.


Miniature Golf: Like regular golf, but small and fantastic. Throw your chosen ball from hole to hole counting your strokes. Can you get a lower score than your friends while avoiding the obstacles?


Explosion Therapy Medicine Show: (requires an operator present) Strap in for the latest in medieval healthcare. A small fee may be charged to pay for the explosives.


Drown the Clown: Dump freezing cold water onto the head of one of our unpaid interns. How long will they be able to last? Do you have the guts to find out?


The Grotto Room: Cool off in our romantic underground Grotto Room. Sip a cocktail and listen to the gentle music while you relax from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the park. Do look out for sharks.


Fongkey Kong 1 & 2: In this experimental attraction, you and a partner will play the game together. Player one runs the course while player two operates the controls. Can you help your partner reach the finish line or will you end their journey entirely?


Regalian House of Ooze: Jump your cares away! Worries for another day! Jump your cares away! Regalian House of Ooze!


The Wild Wurm Coaster: A small and nauseating coaster. Try not to throw up as you spin around and around. Strange symbols flash past as you do your best not to lose your mind.


Dr. Fong’s Attic Adventure: Ride a cart through a replica of various Fong Manors from past maps and versions of Regalia. Search for the proper button to continue your journey. Don’t cheat or bad things might happen. If you have discovered the Gold Member password you can visit Mysterious Dr. Fong’s most inner-office on the final stop of your journey.


The Tower Parkour Deluxe: Designed to frustrate the non-expert, only the most nimble will climb their way to the top of this tricksy tower.


The Under Park: Who knows what dangers lurk deep in the heart of the Abusement Park? The clowns know. There are many more attractions hidden down below, but we aren’t going to tell you about them right now. Explore at your own risk.



We can’t wait to see you there!

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Shop Updates and Voting Changes

Voting Changes and Store Updates

Introducing New and Improved Crates!


Fellow MassiveCraftians, we call upon you all to do your civic duty, and vote!  We’ve implemented some long-overdue voting changes that should provide you with more rewards, for less work! We’ve reduced the number of voting sites to four, so you don’t have that pesky list filing your chat window!  Narrowing the list down to three keeps the process short and simple! But never, fear because in addition…


Voting Rewards have increased to 10 Regals per Vote!

That’s 40 Regals a day for helping your server with just a few clicks.

We have also removed the item drops you normally get from voting.  However, you will now receive a voting key every four votes! That’s one key a day, with a chance to win an assortment of crates from our shop! Head over to /tp crates and exchange them for a Peasant, Citizen, Scholar, Builder, Marshall, or Emperor crate!

We hope these changes make voting for our wonderful community neat, quick, and rewarding for everyone!


So hop onto the server, type /vote, and show MassiveCraft some love!

Store Changes


We felt it was time for a major store revamp, we’ve decided to change up the crate offerings for the community. Staff have come up with fun and useful items for the server to enjoy.  We’ve also set up different price points for the crates, so you can spam a few Commoner ones like a peasant, or splurge on that Imperial Crate like the big spender you are! Here’s the breakdown:



PeasantCrate – This crate is full of useful, everyday items that most Minecrafters need. From food, blocks, and decoration, Commoner Crates give out practical gubbins for every player. $2.99

CitizenCrate – The next level crate is full of handy items and lore-compliant alchemy gear!  Brewing stands, iron blocks, and common Regalian alchemy lore items fill this cart. We’ve also included things like prismarine shards, quartz, and bookshelves in higher amounts than the Commoner Crate gives you. This crate has exclusive lore-compliant content, as well as uncommon tools and blocks. $5.99

BuildersCrate – We didn’t forget you, faction builders! This crate is full of items like glazed terra cotta, prismarine blocks, stacks of diorite and quartz.  The Builder’s Crate drops blocks that are either more difficult to obtain, or that are very much in demand for those constructing the amazing builds we see in the faction worlds. $6.99

ScholarCrate – The first release in a rotating line of lore-compliant items!  Our first collection’s theme is “Everyday Regalia.” This crate will give you the things that most people would use as they go about their lives in the Crown City. From house keys to gloves, this initial release is designed to give role-players items that can be used as they engage with each other on the Regalian streets! $7.99

Extra Special Crates


EmperorCrate – This crate holds the rarest of treasures. Brand new yellow-lore items, completely lore compliant, and fit for any collector. This elegant masterpiece is sure to entice those who have refined tastes. $12.99

MarshalCrate – This PvP and Factions centric rare crate contains stacks of rare blocks, and a brand new max-enchant armor set named after New Ceardia.   We’ve also released weapon and tool set that pair with these armors, all in shiny yellow-lore, and a chance to win a Regal Chip worth major regals!  $12.99

In addition: a new limited-edition seasonal crate hits the store!  The SpringCrate is now available, filled with springtime lore items, for $12.99!

Every crate except the seasonal SpringCrate are also possible to receive if you vote!  Head in-game and type /vote to get started!

Have a Crate Key?  Head to /tp Crates to trade it in!


Thank you to everyone who continues to support the server through these crates and premium. The staff is dedicated to bringing you new content, and more fun!

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Spring Festival Kickoff


The Spring Festival has begun!


For the next two weeks, MassiveCraft is hosting an event that has tons of surprises, rewards, and ways to engage on the server!   We’ve been hard at work creating what we hope will be an enjoyable two weeks worth of activities and fun for the entire server to enjoy!  Take a look at what’s in store!


RP Events

Almost every day for the next two weeks, look for player-run roleplay events, surprise pop-up events by staff, and regular server-wide events for all!

Check out the calendar of RP events here!


New Quests!

The Dragon Festival is in full swing in the town of Meerberg. Help the residents get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding the strange eggs, or help the population party in celebration of the Imperial Dragon!   Head over to /tp festival to start the next line of quests!

In addition, the original easter quests have been extended to last through the festival! If you haven’t had the chance to experience them, hop to it!


New Competition


It’s selfie time!  When you first arrive at Meerberg, there’s a brightly colored frame available to take some screenshots with friends.  Take them with yourself, or group a bunch of your friends together for one giant party shot.  Submit your pictures by April 22nd right here!




New PvP Tournament

Fighting? In Regalia? Say it ain’t so!  Yes, we’re having a PvP tournament at the Spring Festival!  Sign-ups are right here.  Get excited, get prepped, and get ready to watch some pixelated blood spill!


Head over to /tp festival and enjoy!

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Surprise! Easter Quests are Hopping Down the Bunny Trail!

At Regalia spawn, stands a Town Crier from a nearby village, inviting you to enjoy their Spring Festival!

Speak to the Town Crier at Spawn to start the limited edition Easter quests!

You only have one week to finish up these quests as the countdown to the Spring Festival begins!  Head to the carriage in front of the Golden Willow Tavern that will transport you to Meerberg! From there, you can complete some of the quests once a day, while some are a one-time-only quest!  

From the moment you start the quest you will have one week before the quests complete and the festival starts, regardless if you’ve finished all of them, so make sure you hurry!

These quest NPCs also have some special colors attached! Questgiver NPCs have an underlined orange name and other NPCs should have a regular, colorful orange name. 

Once you talk to the Town Crier at Regalia spawn, either head down the road to the carriage, or /tp festival to take part in these limited edition quests!

Enjoy this week of fun surprises and great loot! Take the time to explore the town of Meerberg, and get ready for the festival to begin!

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