The Spring Festival Returns

The Spring Festival Makes a Triumphant Return

The Spring Festival is on the way! MassiveCraft is proud to host the return of the Spring Festival! This year, it has a very Imperial twist. It’s time for Spring blossoms and surprises. This year we will have activities such as brand new questlines, roleplay events, faction events, and other secrets soon to be revealed! Come along and show your patriotism and pride to the mighty Imperial Dragon! There will be something for everyone to get involved in, as we will be hosting contests and involving our entire community of players with something fun to engage in throughout the month of April!

The Festival Opens on April 8th, 2018

Quests will be plentiful as usual and will be having their own post dedicated to meeting your newest NPCs. There will be many story lines to follow and many creatures to defeat! Shenanigans and ne’er-do-wells will be everywhere in the festival, so be prepared to work hard for some sweet rewards! You can also have your cake and eat it too at this festival! No matter what you like to do, there will be something for you participate in or even host yourself! That’s right, we want you to host an event during the Spring Festival! Enjoy a brand new roleplay site and plenty of staff support!

Roleplay Event Host Signup Post

We cannot wait to see you there! Check back often for updates!

Have a Massive Day!

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New Year, New Main Street!

Main Street’s New Look is Fresh!

Main Street: the hustling and bustling avenue that is the perfect place to spend your well earned coin. Business roleplay is a hallmark of MassiveCraft.  What better way to bring it back to the forefront but to redo the street that is home to so many businesses. Our ever talented World staff has been working tirelessly to revamp it to be the beautiful business street that it was meant to be. The changes themselves have truly been a wonderful addition to the server and are a very good example of how talented and creative the builders and the roleplayers are on MassiveCraft.  Working together to create amazing experience for our entire player base.

Each building is quite unique and varies from two to three stories in height and certainly portrays how much hard work those in the World staff put into their buildings. Each of the buildings have a personal twist in order to ensure every player has a special, enticing build for their own business. From a particular set of windows to the way an archway swoops, the buildings have a unique flair to them that makes them the perfect spot for the burgeoning businesses in Regalia!

The businesses themselves range everywhere from clinics, to pubs to even a general store! There are some properties still up for grabs so if you or any of your friends have businesses, why not apply for a Main street property? Join in the fun!  


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Fountains of Fortune


Fair Fountains of Fortune Await!

What’s that sound? The bubbling of waters so sweet and prosperous that they call your name?  You’re not wrong!  For the Quest Department has delivered astounding new wonders to the Factions Worlds.  Several fountains have sprouted up in the Faction world spawn areas. These are the Fountains of Prosperity, where adventurers can offer tributes to several races of Aloria in return for  unique and delightful rewards!

The Diamond Fountain of Conquest

This ornate fountain serves Humans and Dwarves and can be found in New Ceardia.



The Emerald Fountain of Glory

This mystical fountain serves Elves and Orcs and can be found in Teled Methen.



The Crimson Fountain of Chaos

This dark fountain serves Vampires and is hidden in Fendarfell.


These fountains reward you with various lore items, including sets of racial relics that can be collected to unlock a unique treasure!

Not interested in lore items? Players can toggle a reward setting to receive regals instead!

One more thing…Hadarian Crown Tokens are back! These tokens can be used for points in Crisis of Kings and you will have a chance of receiving them whether you choose to receive lore items or regals.

We hope you enjoy these latest additions to the worlds! Keep your eyes open for the next additions from the staff that loves you best – MassiveCraft!

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MassiveCraft Questlines Take You to Church!

Religious Questlines Open!

Ever wondered just who those priests were?  Why is the Regalian Emperor considered a god?  Or why is it that even reverends have have disputes on the city streets?  Then these quests are are just the sermon you need!

The new Religion and Faith quests let you pick from four questlines!  Will you opt for the traditional Sanchella line?  The radical Etosian?  The exotic Priscelle?  Or the truly wild Heathen?  These quests will help those interested learn about the different sects within the rich MassiveCraft religious lore. And you also get some very nice loot!

Don’t worry, this questline allows you to eventually interact with all the NPCs, and you have to traverse the city to complete them!  So find that Doomsayer at spawn, and get to church!

/tp Regalia to begin!


Want to learn even more about MassiveCraft’s extensive religious lore?  Read all about it on our wiki!

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Winter PvP Tournament Announced!

The Winter of our Discontent:  PvP Tournament


That’s right!  It’s time to get those swords and axes ready!  This PvP tournament is designed for the ultimate fighters in close quarters!

When: February 17th – 11pm GMT, 6pm EST

Comment on this thread with your intent to participate!

If you are a vassal of a great house, or a great house faction, you can get Crisis of Kings points by winning this tournament!

Signups close on February 16th

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Valentine’s Quests Bring the Love

Valentine Quests!


To celebrate the season of love, the Quest Department has released a few Valentine’s quests! You can find them at the Noble Manor in Warrenord (x1464 z1464).



Type /tp ValentineQuest to get there!

A Poem Says It All

A mysterious love letter has been left incomplete on a table! It’s up to you to finish it and deliver it to it’s recipient, whoever that may be. Love is clearly in the air, so you better deliver it quickly! Start this quest by clicking on the Quest sign above the enchantment table inside the manor!

Chocolate Valentine Pt. 1: The Chocolate Cake

Noble William of Warrenord wants to present his love the most exotic cake in the land! But by hiring a mage to do the job, he bought more than he bargained for and now his manor is a mess! This is a longer quest that’ll have you growing magical chocolate trees and defending giant ovens. Talk to Noble William to start this quest!

Chocolate Valentine Pt. 2: The Cave of Chocolate Horrors

There are drawbacks to using too much magic, like the release of horrible monsters. In the second part of this questline, you will need to clean up after the mess created by Master Charles, the mage who was hired by William. Fight your way down their lair and defeat the big bad at the end!

Completing all these quests will net you a moderate amount of regals, as well as a few lovely lore items! Type /tp ValentineQuest to begin!


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Chat Channels Added!

Massivecraft has rolled out its newest set of chat channels to enhance and improve communication for players and staff in-game. We know how important channels are for getting people here and there, for talking without disturbing others and generally for feeling a part of the community and so the tech gurus have released 3 new channels for you to enjoy.



PVP is a new chat channel made specifically for PvP members of the community but can be accessed by anyone. It has been made to re-route PvP related discussions, debates and issues away from General chat.

We know PvP can be frustrating and sometimes you just need to vent, goad, or otherwise challenge your opponents! Staff believes that you should have the right to take those issues into a chat in a way that does not affect other players or fill up the main chat channel and so PVP chat will allow you to do that.

Please note the following about PvP Chat

PvP Chat Cooldowns: same as global chats 60s non-prem 30s prem

PvP Chat Rule Violations:

No severe personal insults towards others

No excessive cursing towards another player

No doxxing threats, no actual doxxing

No severe sexism

No severe racism


No trying to cause mass-panic

No severe political, religious or insensitive comments

No advertising competing servers

You can access this chat by typing “/c join pvp” or “pvp:” or “p:



RP-OOC is a new channel that acts like a General chat for Roleplayers. It allows people to ask questions, request roleplay or discuss RP events without disturbing ongoing RP. This chat channel is accessible to all but will be used specifically for Roleplay topics and discussions.

If you’re looking for someone to roleplay with, looking for the location of an event or want to ask a friend about something related to their character, this is the perfect channel for you.

You can access this chat by typing “/c join RP-OOC” or “RP-OOC:” or “o:

World Broadcast


World Broadcast is an announcement channel very similar to the Broadcast channel in that only staff members will be able to use it but all players will be able to read it, the main difference being that whereas Broadcast is universal, World Broadcast will only be seen by players in the world that it is announced in.

This channel is brilliant for events and world-specific information that will allow important announcements to be seen without bothering anyone it isn’t relevant to.

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Changes for Factions Worlds

Changes for Factions Worlds




MassiveCraft is consistently looking towards the future of our server, and ways to better develop the community.  Staff has taken a hard look at how our survival worlds operate, and spoken to those who play them most.  We have decided to take a large step to improve Factions as a whole. The staff believes in making MassiveCraft a stronger, healthier place, with a thriving player base.  That includes encouraging players to fully enjoy and interact with the worlds we build.

To that end, MasssiveCraft has decided, after months of intensive study, to reduce the amount of Factions worlds.  We believe that this will result in a stronger factions community, with much more player engagement.


The Worlds that are Remaining

Teled Methen

Teled is the most populated of all of the current worlds, and though it only contains one biome, the terrain itself creates enough diversity within said plains biome to allow players the ability to create many different, sprawling factions


Fendarfell is the second most populated of the current worlds, providing players with ample biome and terrain diversity to create a multitude of different factions and themes.

New Ceardia

New Ceardia is a world full of player builds and diverse biomes, as well as holding historical significance to many players who built there for years. It also contains a large player base, with several large factions residing there.


The Worlds Being Removed


Ithania is the oldest world, also created with a system which is completely outdated.  Furthermore, there are very few factions settled there, the majority of PvP factions have their PvP towers there, which are easily relocated, and some factions are shying away from towers altogether.


The least populated of all of the worlds, only a handful of factions call this continent home. That, coupled with it being a single sheet of ice and snow, doesn’t make it appealing to the playerbase, and therefore make it an ideal candidate to be removed.


While Hyarroc is the newest world, created with some of the best terrain control, it would be an obvious choice to be kept. However, jungle biomes are notoriously bad for faction creation, and coupled with how flat and expansive many areas are, the world itself just hasn’t gathered the playerbase it should have, and therefore loses out on a place to New Ceardia.




These changes are motivated in part by player population, world usage, and the variety of biomes.  The current player population does not warrant the need for six full faction worlds.  And whilst some of the worlds are already bustling with players, several of them are only ever used at specific times, or have very few players in them regardless.  Furthermore, the worlds which have more players in are still not too heavily populated. Large distances must be travelled to interact with other factions, which is inhibiting the growth of the factions themselves, and the community as a whole.  

In addition to this, the sheer number of worlds may well be a contributing factor to the lag experienced on MassiveCraft. Reducing the worlds down to one per sharded server should address that as much as possible, whilst also removing the confusion amongst players as to which world players in their tab list could be on.



What does that mean for you, the Factions player?


You can apply for your factions build to be moved into one of the remaining worlds.

The following is important to remember when applying for your faction build to be moved.

Only main factions can be placed by staff.  Alt claims have to be moved to a main factions claim.

Alt faction builds can only be moved to a claimed area by their main factions.

As a rule, only above ground builds will be moved.  These are the following exceptions.


Active, well built underground cities in main factions qualify to be moved over to remaining worlds
Non-active factions won’t be moved, no matter their quality (active = used)
Storages won’t be moved (this includes potion storages)
Darkrooms won’t be moved
Underground farms won’t be moved
Sewers of lesser quality that are easily rebuild won’t be moved
Well built, actively used alt factions will be moved, if there is an existing claim in one of the remaining worlds (same as above ground).


Staff reserve the right to reject a build of poor quality.

The deadline to apply for your build to be moved is April 8th, 2018

The form to apply for your faction build to be moved is here.

Please be as thorough and as complete as possible.

It is expected that all build moves will be complete by April 15th, 2018.


We understand that this is a large undertaking for factions players.  Staff will do our very best to answer your questions as thoroughly as possible, and also keep you updated with any new information that may arise as we approach the deadline. We will all be working tirelessly to make sure that this transition is as smooth and easy as possible for everyone involved.  The team at MassiveCraft want to thank you for your patience and support, and hope that these changes make a better play experience for everyone.

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LoveCrate 2018


LoveCrates 2018


It’s the season of love!  Now, for a limited time in the server shop, you can purchase Love Crates!  These keys will drop for the entire server when you purchase them, and use them at Regalia spawn to have a chance for one of twenty-seven limited edition lore items!

Find them in the MassiveCraft Store!

These crates will only be in the store until March 11th, 2018

Happy Crating!

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MassiveCraft Discord Goes Live!

The everlasting debate of TeamSpeak vs. Discord is now coming to a close.

MassiveCraft will now host both of them!


We are opening a Discord for others to be able to join in voice AND text chats with the community.


The rules of this Discord will be the same as the MassiveCraft TS.


How to Join:

  • Click the Discord link below.
  • Sign into your account or create a new one if you do not already have one.
  • That is all, you should be good to go!



  • No disruptive behaviour. This may include bad language, harassment, racism, sexism, advertising, raging or venting.  Do not post inappropriate links. Please try and use English when talking to people, as it may be difficult for us to understand you.
  • No whistling into the microphone.
  • No vulgar nicknames.
  • If you’re told you’re making too much noise, either leave or use push-to talk immediately. We don’t want to hear your mom yelling at you from another room.
  • If you get moved out due to your noise or disturbing behaviour, take it as a hint and rectify your issue before coming back.
  • Never slander or insult the server, its staff, or players. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Appealing ban requests via Discord is not the right way to be pardoned, and will equal you being banned on Discord.
  • If you happen to receive a position on Discord which you know you’re not supposed to have, report it immediately or be banned permanently.
  • Don’t spam trying to get one person’s attention in a room you know you can’t access. Wait till they’re ready to come to you.
  • It’s considered very rude to interrupt people talking. Please use a private chat if you must have a conversation with one person.
  • Do not record players or staff in public channels without their permission.


Joining Link:

Can’t wait to see you there!

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