Weekly Changelog | Week 22 Year 2019

This week, Direction focused on internal paperwork and site ip safety nets, as well as taking in new applicants to the team.

  • LumosJared x9: Paperwork and Staff Apps.

Game evaluated the first results from the Dynmap hide change, released war declarations, investigated rule breaks, holds a PvE event tonight

  • MadamAries x7: Essalonia Revolution item rewards and speedrunning.
  • JoyShake x1: Speedrun training.
  • Sebbysc x6: Testing and training with new silverwind systems.
  • Dragonn_ x9: Documentation and various moderation updates.
  • Kniferharm x11: Moderation and chat overhaul system.
  • Falconhand x12: Massivemob training documentation and testing on a seperate server.
  • TinnyTine x3: Game training and internal docs.
  • Sephite x21: Internal protocols and direction.
  • Jaehaerys x10: Various settings overhaul.
  • Siosie x9: Server systems and training documentation.
  • Winterless x5: Helpchats, pvp work, and various ticket work.
  • Sevak x13: Game training and various documentation works.
  • Bluechaos x4: Speedrunning and various documentation work on internal protocols.
  • Sir_Daragon x5: Testing and training.
  • Grumpygirl314 x14: Tickets, Ban/Defense Appeal Investigations and Various administrative work

This week world staff focused on housing and district reworks, as well as spawn changes and a rework to the cistern.

  • Mojaaven x5: Altalaan Houses and district work.
  • Jaehaerys x6: Spawn rework.
  • Yigit x3: Spawn progress.
  • Patsie x7: Summer festival opener.
  • Bunemma x3: Cistern rework.

This week, lore staff did a whole lot of character sheets! In addition, the noble programme and war progressions are gearing back up, as well as various lore writings to be released this coming week.

  • Caelamus x12: Sheets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x9: Various sheets.
  • BillyTheScroofy x9: Noble programme dm.
  • Havsbris x5: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x4: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x5: Lore Writing for various races.
  • Athelois x6: Sheets.
  • Carlit0o x16: Sheets.
  • Ddafad x5: Sheets.
  • Finlaggan x43: Lore writing.
  • Apath x6: Sheets and various writings.
  • Etrees x4: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x5: Sheets.
  • Kateisc x5: Processing various pages and sheets.
  • Eccetra x2: Discord and lore changes.

The Summer Festival is on! This dominated much of Event and PR’s tasks, as well as some minor work on item reworks.

  • Grumpygirl314 x14: Coding, testing, installation and repair of SummerFest Fishing, Vendor, and Dialogue quests
  • Bellarmina x3: Festival opener.
  • Lizmun x2: Event acting.
  • Ryria x15: 8 points for decorating festival grounds.
  • Optimalfriskies x2: Testing and event acting in various.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x2: Event acting and item reward reworks.

The Summer Festival aside, external postings and voting rewards were worked on this week in PR, as well as recruitment.

  • Battlebrawn x4: Testing and new posts on external sites.
  • SpunSugar x26: Various PR director level tasks and summer festival opener.
  • Seoulmate x6: Roundup.
  • Pixycandi x3: External PR and various testing.

1.13 continues to be worked on, and the internal database for the update has been worked on. Technical tools for both website based and server based tasks were reworked.

  • TheComputerGeek2: 1.13 internal database reset, including extensive project assigning and delegation of task to other tech members.
  • CS_Birb x13: Tech tools rework.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 21 Year 2019

This week, the Direction Department focused on revamping how we internally handle ban appeals, and security protocols within staff. Work has also begun on an internalized efficiency project, as well a new, more detailed version of Changelog updates. Let us know what you think of these changes, if you feel so inclined.

  • LumosJared x5: Efficiency Project, as well as Changelog and Staff Apps/Updates to internal systems.
  • SpunSugar x32: Personal Direction with just about every member of the 70+ staff.

This week, Essalonia pop-up camps were implemented, Blessed War sneak peaks were released, and point upkeep requirements, some naughty x-ray-ers were banned, and Nether Spawn is being processed and reviewed for how best to introduce it.

  • Tinnytine x4: Event rewards revamp project for next week release, and moderation of events.
  • Sevak x8: Helpchat, and Dynmap/PVP rules update writeups.
  • Cnocbride x3: Documentation of the above project.
  • Winterless x11: Hawkeye investigations, blessed war documentation.
  • Grumpygirl314 x14: Essalonia Restoraiton, new player help, game leadership meetings.
  • Jaehaerys x16: Dungeon events, Essalonia Revolution and Campsite overhaul.
  • JoyShake x1: Game documentation training and processing.
  • Spectriel x24: Blessed War development and sneak peak release, Essalonia Revolution posts and PR management, and ban appeal work.
  • Siosie x11: Revolution postings, and factions assistance.
  • Kniferharm x8: Various game related tasks and investigations.
  • Pomplemousse x4: Lore item naming and ticket training with Aries.
  • Sephite x17: Wrath setup and pvp community engagement, director level game leadership tasks.
  • Sir_Daragon x2: Introducing new players, training.
  • Dragonn_ x5: Speedrun and X-Ray training, Help chat support.

This week, World worked on the upcoming Summer Festival and finished just about every build, allowing for other departments to sweep in to begin work. In addition, the spawn for Essalonia Revolution received some much needed love, and tournament arenas were built.

  • EdnaMode_ x2: Summer Festival documentation.
  • SpunSugar x15: Palace, Summer Builds, and Hidden Dragon.
  • Patsie x4: Fish cult event and extensive summer festival work.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Summer Festival streets and builds, as well as other builds.
  • Yigit x9: Essalonia Revolution spawn.
  • Jaehaerys x4: Tournament Arena build.

A whole lot of lore writing was done this week, as well as the usual pile of character sheets. Work is starting on more event-driven lore work with the Gauntlet and crime system reworks down the pipe.

  • SupremeCripple x2: The Gauntlet Roleplay management and various events.
  • HydraLana x12: Lore writing of Avanthar and Qussqa… I can’t spell it.
  • Katiesc x8: Extensive work on the Crime system, Territory and Notieraty, and character sheets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x13: Character sheets and a lil’ processing of wiki documents.
  • Eccetra x2: Discord Tickets on the Lore Discord.
  • Athelois x5: Character sheets and a lil’ processing of wiki documents.
  • JarrettdaCarrott x8: Lore Writing Prompts for Alazans’s Hands, and character sheets.
  • Caelamous x13: Character Sheets… just character sheets.

Event staff focused on spearheading a series of in-game Regalia events, including a riveting commoner strike and a dungeon crawl event. Further still, improvements to kit pvp were introduced.

  • GrumpyGirl314 x6: KIT PVP potion improvements and events.
  • Lizmun x4: Event moderation and entry-level documentation work.
  • Bellarmina x4: Various forms of event acting and docucmentaiton.
  • Kniferharm x7: Summer styled events and PVE organization.
  • Sebbysc x5: Event acting with Maiar and Commoner event.
  • Wrongchat x6: Commoner event, as well as support in Maiar Cult event.
  • SpunSugar x9: Event Approval.
  • Anarchizm x5: Fishing event and various event ticket work.
  • Optimalfriskies x9: Encounter events and outgape event.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x5: Event acting in various events, and ticket work.
  • Ryria x2: Summer festival director level planning and documentation.

This week, PR continued their support for introducing new players and sharing events of the week, as well as extensive outreach via the discords and graphical design.

  • Anarchizm x10: Introducing new players and first day support, and various PR tickets.
  • Seoulmate x6: Weekend roundup and motivation works as well as graphic design.
  • Pixycandi x2: Graphical design on three seperate posts and new Changelog imagery (thanks Pix!)
  • SpunSugar x22: Discord and community outreach.

This week, the Tech Department continued it’s main directive since the new year, which has been tackling the massive 1.13 update. With a Maven Repoistory on hand, all projects related to the update have had a noted increase in efficiency, along with local tooling updates. If you want to help out with the 1.13/1.14 update, please send in a staff application for a forums dm to [USER=249]@LumosJared[/USER]!

  • Rusty_Trumbone x2: 1.13 ghast fixes.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 20 Year 2019


  • LumosJared x8: Paperwork.


  • Bluechaos x4: Direction overview.
  • Jaehaerys x11: Game Department overview.
  • Kniferharm x6: Tickets.
  • Grumpygirl314 x14: Testing and System management. 
  • Derpadillo x7: Blessed War.
  • Sir_Daragon x7: Factions.
  • Spectriel x23: Game system overhaul.
  • Dragonn x12: Documentation.
  • Falconhand x9: Game implementation.
  • Siosie x5: Factions.
  • Madamaries x5: Game speedrunning training.
  • Tinnytine x1: Game implementation.
  • Winterless x3: Help chats.
  • Pomplemousse x3: Training and help chats.
  • Sephite x15: Training and System management.
  • Sevak x2: Postings.


  • Mojaven x2: Tickets.
  • Bunemma x6: Estates.
  • Yigit x8: Essalonia work.
  • WaterDruppel x6: Estates.
  • Jaehaerys x4: Rift overhaul.


  • Eccetra x2: Discord Tickets.
  • LumosJared x3: Processing.
  • Katiesc x6: Sheets.
  • BillyTheScroofy x10: Sheets.
  • Patsie x2: Hidden Dragon.
  • SupremeCripple x2: Sheets.
  • Rochelle x10: Sheets.
  • Caelamus x8: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x36: Sheets.
  • TheVigilantWolf x18: Sheets.
  • Carlit0o x6: Sheets.
  • Jarrettdacarrott x18: Sheets.


  • Grumpygirl314 x8: Summer Festivals.
  • Optimalfriskies x2: Event writeup.
  • Kniferharm x5: Event management.
  • Anarchizm x3: Summer Festivals.
  • Bellarmina x15: Festival Quests.
  • Sebbysc x4: Summer festival.


  • Anarchizm x18: PR new players and training.
  • Pixicandi x5: Testing and External PR.


  • Rusty_Trumbone x3: Points.
  • CS_Birb x12: Server Maint.
  • TheComputerGeek2 x10: Update mainframe.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 19 Year 2019

  • LumosJared x5: Paperwork.
  • Dragonn x4: Speedrun work.
  • Kniferharm x17: PVE events.
  • Jaehaerys x14: Dungeons.
  • Winterless x4: PVP.
  • Spectriel x27: Game admin work.
  • Cnocbride x13: Game paperwork.
  • Madamaries x1: Event acting.
  • Bluechaos x3: Documentation.
  • Sephite x22: Factions.
  • Grumpygirl314 x12: Game admin work.
  • Falconhand x13: Faction work.
  • Siosie x3: Testing.
  • Pomplemousse x2: Game apps.
  • Waterdruppel x14: Decor.
  • Jaehaerys x4: Builds.
  • EdnaMode x3: Testing.
  • Waterdruppel x10: Processing.
  • Athelois x4: Processing.
  • Ddafad x3: Sheets.
  • LumosJared x5: Processing.
  • Etrees x10: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x10: Sheets.
  • VigilantWolf x12: Processing.
  • Jonificus x3: Sheets.
  • Katiesc x5: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x2: Tickets.
  • SupremeCripple x4: Sheets.
  • Apath x2: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x33: Processing.
  • Caelamus x10: Sheets.
  • JarrettdaCarrott x4: Sheets.
  • Grumpygirl314 x10: Quest work.
  • Wrongchat x3: Event acting.
  • Sebbysc x2: Survival event.
  • Bellarmina x2: Event acting.
  • Pxicandyi x5: External PR.
  • Patsie x2: PVE.
  • Seoulmate x8: PR work.
  • Anarchizm x14: PR.
  • Rusty_Trumbone x8: Help plugin.
  • CS_Birb x9: Offset backup.
  • TheComputerGeek2 x15: 1.13.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 14 Year 2019

  • TheComputerGeek x3: Game Lead Meeting.
  • LumosJared x4: Paperwork catch up.
  • CS_Birb x3: Game Lead Meeting.
  • Sevak x18: Training.
  • Spectriel x32: Projects.
  • JoyShake x3: Speedrun.
  • Bluechaos x1: Logs.
  • CnocBride x11: Testing.
  • Sebbysc x3: Event acting.
  • Grumpygirl314 x16: Various projects.
  • Winterless x3: Game configs.
  • Siosie x4: Rank 3.
  • Falconhand x4: Massivemobs.
  • Sephite x10: PVP.
  • Kniferharm x13: Game training.
  • Bertramqaz x56: Painting Maps.
  • Timisc x5: Merc Keep.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Side builds.
  • Patsie x1: World deco.
  • Annju x3: Von Duerr.
  • Jaerhaerys x18: Dungeons.
  • WaterDruppel x3: Lore Processing.
  • Dosier x22: Lore Writing.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Writing.
  • BillyTheScroofy x6: Noble Management.
  • Eccetra x10: Sheets.
  • Apath x11: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x10: Processing.
  • HydraLana x33: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Roleplay Management.
  • Katiesc x10: Sheets.
  • Caelamus x10: Sheets.
  • Athelois x5: Sheets.
  • Ryria x1: Minigames.
  • Bellarmina x2: Event Acting.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x4: Event Acting.
  • Wrongchat x3: Event hosting.
  • Optimalfriskies x3: Event work.
  • Seoulmate x6: Website.
  • Randomminez x1: Screenshots.
  • Battlebrawn x3: Posts.
  • RustyTrumbone x2: Rank 2 training.
  • Nouto x1: Techs.
  • TheComputerGeek x14: Bug fixes.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 12 Year 2019

  • LumosJared x7: Individual Direction, Paperwork, etc.
  • CS_Birb x5: Creative expansion.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x16: Events and such.
  • Sephite x23: Training etc.
  • Spectriel x20: Events.
  • Onearmsquid x17: Quests and such.
  • Sir_Daragon x4: Game projects.
  • Falconhand x4: MassiveMobs.
  • CS_Birb x2: Massivestaffpanal.
  • Siosie x3: Events.
  • JoyShake x3: Training and events.
  • Kniferharm x11: Events and documentation.
  • Sevak x10: Testing.
  • Winterless x5: Help chats.
  • Nano_Kay x2: Tickets.
  • CnocBride x11: Events.
  • Mojaven x12: Eotor.
  • Timisc x17: Shop Conversions.
  • Annju x6: Dungeons.
  • WaterDruppel x1: Interior.
  • Patsie x2: Eotor.
  • Caelamus x36: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x8: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x5: Sheets.
  • LumosJared x3: Sheets/Processing.
  • WaterDruppel x8: Processing.
  • Dosier x8: Processing.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Processing.
  • HydraLana x30: Sheets.
  • Sebbysc x2: Event acting.
  • Ieso x7: Scripts.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x8: Event work.
  • Optimalfriskies x1: Hunting rules.
  • Anarchizm x17: External work.
  • RandomMinez x5: Video graphics.
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.
  • Pixycandi x8: Event work.
  • 65jes89 x5: MassiveKill plugin.
  • TheComputerGeek x30: The update.
  • CS_Birb x3: Massivestaffpanal.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 12 Year 2019

  • LumosJared x7: Individual Direction, Paperwork, etc.
  • CS_Birb x5: Creative expansion.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x16: Events and such.
  • Sephite x23: Training etc.
  • Spectriel x20: Events.
  • Onearmsquid x17: Quests and such.
  • Sir_Daragon x4: Game projects.
  • Falconhand x4: MassiveMobs.
  • CS_Birb x2: Massivestaffpanal.
  • Siosie x3: Events.
  • JoyShake x3: Training and events.
  • Kniferharm x11: Events and documentation.
  • Sevak x10: Testing.
  • Winterless x5: Help chats.
  • Nano_Kay x2: Tickets.
  • CnocBride x11: Events.
  • Mojaven x12: Eotor.
  • Timisc x17: Shop Conversions.
  • Annju x6: Dungeons.
  • WaterDruppel x1: Interior.
  • Patsie x2: Eotor.
  • Caelamus x36: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x8: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x5: Sheets.
  • LumosJared x3: Sheets/Processing.
  • WaterDruppel x8: Processing.
  • Dosier x8: Processing.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Processing.
  • HydraLana x30: Sheets.
  • Sebbysc x2: Event acting.
  • Ieso x7: Scripts.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x8: Event work.
  • Optimalfriskies x1: Hunting rules.
  • Anarchizm x17: External work.
  • RandomMinez x5: Video graphics.
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.
  • Pixycandi x8: Event work.
  • 65jes89 x5: MassiveKill plugin.
  • TheComputerGeek x30: The update.
  • CS_Birb x3: Massivestaffpanal.


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Weekly Changelog | Week 11 Year 2019

  • LumosJared x5: Individual Direction, Paperwork, etc.
  • TinnyTine x3: Platforms.
  • Nano_Kay x2: Events.
  • Sevak x10: Documentation.
  • Ieso x4: Events.
  • Sir_Daragon x8: Help.
  • JoyShake x8: Various tasks.
  • Ethibas x7: Various tasks.
  • Jaehaerys x17: Dungeons.
  • Falconhand x3: Spleef event.
  • MadamAries x1: Assisting.
  • Spectriel x15: Processing.
  • Siosie x2: Lore creation.
  • Falconhand x5: Events.
  • Winterless x4: Spleef.
  • Kniferharm x12: Massivemobs.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x17: Various projects.
  • Jaehaerys x6: Eotor.
  • WaterDruppel x2: Estate.
  • Eccetra x7: Sheets.
  • Athelois x5: Sheets.
  • LumosJared x5: Turall, Sheets.
  • Katiesc x5: Sheets.
  • BillyTheScroofy x20: Sheets.
  • Carlit0o x17: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x10: Sheets.
  • Rochelle_ x17: Sheets.
  • Scribbe x5: Sheets.
  • MantaRey x7: Lore Progression.
  • HydraLana x15: Processing.
  • Caelamus x6: Sheets.
  • Kniferharm x4: Game events.
  • Optimalfriskies x1: Event.
  • Sebbysc x2: Event.
  • GrumpyGirl314 x1: Hostage event.
  • Pxycandi x4: External.
  • Seoulmate x6: PR.
  • Battlebrawn x2: PR.
  • LumosJared x4: Video and YT updates.
  • RustyTrumbone x8: Tech rework.
  • TheComputerGeek2 x20: Various projects and 1.13


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Weekly Changelog | Week 10 Year 2019

  • LumosJared x8: Individual Direction, Paperwork, etc.
  • Winterless x6: Help and events.
  • TheComputerGeek2 x3: Tickets.
  • Onearmsquid x24: Lots of quest coding.
  • Spectriel x31: Various projects.
  • Saucylilminx x17: Various projects.
  • Sir_Daragon x6: Tickets.
  • JoyShake x4: Help chat.
  • Jaehaerys x23: Market.
  • Sevak x11: Events.
  • LumosJared x1: Meeting.
  • Cnocbride x2: Rules/Moderation.
  • Nano_Kay x2: Tickets.
  • Falconhand x3: Factions.
  • Siosie x9: Lore creation assistance.
  • Grumpygirl314 x15: Ban Defense, etc.
  • Ieso x6: Factions.
  • Kniferharm x12: Events.
  • Patsie x5: Eotor.
  • WaterDruppel x4: Eotor.
  • Caelamous x5: Sheets.
  • Bagley x5: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x11: Sheets.
  • Katiesc x4: Sheets.
  • LumosJared x5: Sheets, Processing.
  • Eccetra x7: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x30: Lore Writing.
  • BillyTheScroofy x10: Sheets.
  • WaterDruppel x2: Lore Processing.
  • SupremeCripple x6: Processing.
  • Athelois x3: Tickets.
  • Dosier x24: Processing.
  • Kniferharm x1: Events.
  • Grumpygirl314 x2: Events.
  • Bellarmina x3: Necro event.
  • Sebbysc x4: Event.
  • Optimalfriskies x3: Event.
  • Ethibas x6: Work.
  • Ryria x9: Event hosting.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x2: Acting.
  • Pxycandi x4: External PR.
  • Seoulmate x5: Weekend Roundup.
  • Anarchizm x7: Helping new players.
  • Battlebrawn x4: Social media.
  • 65jes89 x8: Tech work.
  • Grumpygirl314 x7: Quest and code generation.
  • TheComputerGeek2 x20: Various projects.
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Weekly Changelog | Week 8 Year 2019

  • LumosJared x20: Individual Direction, Meetings, Aspirants, Paperwork, etc.
  • Sevak x5: Help Chat.
  • Madamaries x3: Parkour event.
  • BillyTheScroofy x5: Meetings, paperwork.
  • TheComputerGeek x2: Game meeting.
  • Winterless x7: Help chats.
  • Jaehaerys x24: Dungeons.
  • LumosJared x6: Paperwork, meetings, etc.
  • CnocBride x15: Various tasks.
  • Nano_Kay x3: Tech assistance.
  • Grumpygirl314 x17: Various tasks.
  • Onearmsquid x19: Kitpvp.
  • Kniferharm x8: Help Chat.
  • Falconhand x8: Massivemobs.
  • Spectriel x24: Replacement system and events.
  • Siosie x8: Project list.
  • Lunarepiphany x3: Game events.
  • Snore x4: Eotor.
  • Jaehaerys x4: Eotor.
  • Annju x1: Tickets.
  • Patsie x6: Regalia builds.
  • WaterDruppel x3: Eotor.
  • Timisc x4: Conversions.
  • Katiesc x11: Sheets.
  • MantaRey x6: Sheets.
  • HydraLana x16: Sheets.
  • Bagley_ x14: Sheets.
  • Jonificus x4: Progressions.
  • BillyTheScroofy x19: Progressions.
  • LumosJared x16: Progressions, Processing.
  • Caelamous x26: Sheets.
  • Eccetra x5: Sheets.
  • WaterDruppel x13: Rp and Sheets.
  • Apath x13: Progressions.
  • Athelois x24: Sheets.
  • Rochelle_ x17: Sheets.
  • Dosier x6: Sheets.
  • SupremeCripple x8: Processing.
  • Carlit0o x13: Sheets.
  • BetaInsomnia x14: Sheets.
  • Kniferharm x3: Event work.
  • Bellarmina x8: Events.
  • Wrongchat x3: Events.
  • Optimalfriskies x2: Events.
  • ZiggyStarDusted x3: Events.
  • Sebbysc x1: Event.
  • Pyxicandi x3: External PR.
  • LumosJared x6: Site updates.
  • Anarchizm x6: New players.
  • 65jes89 x8: Gui Plugin.
  • TheComputerGeek x23: Frameworks and misc.
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