New premium feature

The MCMMO cooldowns are now reduced to 50% for premium members. This means you can use those special powers (such as superbreaker) twice as often 🙂

New MCMMO skill high-score

Please take a look at the new MCMMO skill high-score. We had one before but this one is improved and better.

Two new crafting recipes

With these new recipes you can break glowstone and clay-blocks using a workbench:

  • 4x Glowstone Dust
    1x Glowstone Block
  • 4x Clay Balls
    1x Clay Block

I haz moderator introduction

Since 05rhardy bugged me about it so hard I have created my moderator introduction on the forums. The forums are great. If you didn’t check them out yet I really suggest you do 🙂

Regards Cayorion