The “Dark Stone of Lukkerdam”, as it has been named, has recently reached the city of SilverEdge, a wonderful trading partner to Regalia. However, with the evacuation of the city and lack of opportunity for trade, Regalia has officially stopped all communications with the once great city of SilverEdge. What does the Chancellor have to say about all of this? I, Lucas Horraswroth, am here to give you an interview with Ser Moriarty Kade, Chancellor of Regalia.

Lucas: How do you feel about the loss of the city?

Ser Kade: While I am sad to lose such a great trading partner, it is the way of things. Everything comes to an end.

Lucas: I see.. Concerning the “Stone of Lukkerdam”, how do you think it should be handled?

Ser Kade: As we’ve left it. According to our scholars, the stone will continue to expand over Ceardia. What happens when the whole continent is overrun with this black curse, I mean stone, only time will tell.

Lucas: Ser, did you say “curse”? What did you mean by that? Are the rumors true?! Has the Dark Bansh-

Ser Kade: This interview is over.

Lucas: But Ser, you have not given me a strai-

Ser Kade: That will be all, Lucas!

The Chancellor immediately left me standing in the rain after I had asked about this “curse”. Soaked and disappointed that I would not have a story for the Daily Creeper, I had began my sad course back to the office when an elderly woman approached me. Apparently she had overheard our interview, and this is what she had to say.

Old Hag: Oi! Boy, come ‘ere! I ah…. o’erheard you and mister fancy pants over there. If you wanna know what really happened, lissen’ up.

Lucas: Go on, mam.

Old Hag: The Dark Banshee… Aye, it was her! That there daemon has gottin’ herself up from the pits of hell from which she come from.

Lucas: Oh? Could you tell me about this “curse”?

Old Hag: Aye… that curse. The Demoness approached the mayor, her old husband some say, and set a curse on him. An evil ol’ woman that dere one is.

Lucas: Hm.. Well, thank you, miss…

Old Hag: You dun’ needa know my name, boy.

Lucas: As you say, madam.

Shortly after my talk to the old hag, the Regalian navy sent a fleet to Ceardia and placed the entire continent under blockade. Any ship leaving or entering the continent is being sunk by the battleships, and the only passage in and out are ships of the academy under escort. The ship leading passengers to and from Ceardia in Regalia is being moved to the merchant fleet and all official communication with the continent has been cut off. The last refugee ships arrived in Regalia shortly afterwards with weary travelers stating the very ground underneath SilverEdge ripped open and foul creates spewed forth, that is all they say.

This was Lucas Horraswroth reporting from Reaglia for the Daily Creeper.