The Imperial Archives of Regalia have announced to the public that they will be transferring a Elven History Codex, which they currently have in their possession, to the Regalian Academy of Science and Magic.

This decision was made by regulators of the Archives in an effort to help the young and bright minds of Aloria become better informed of their history. With the recent Crimson Inquisition and other frightful things happening in our city it is understandable how to this reporter why this action is being taken.

The Codex is planned on being moved directly from the Archives to the Academy and reports say that it shall be heavily guarded by the Emperor’s personal bodyguard force. Others say that it will be moved more discreetly, but I think that is the lesser story here.

When the Codex arrives it will be stored in the upper level of the Academy until a proper place is made for it to be put on display. Hopefully once this is completed all Regalians can have an opportunity to gain a new insight into our past.