A few weeks ago, we decided to open the Creative Universe testing to our Premium players. Now, we announce open testing for all of our players! This gamemode enables players to experiment with builds in creative mode without having to leave the server!

Premium players are able to claim up to 4 plots and non-premiums will be able to claim one plot for their use.

Since we are still very much in the testing phase, we request all players to report any issues or bugs they find via our forums. 


Here are some helpful commands to get you started with Creative:

  • /plot – Displays the categories of the commands you can use and view.
  • /plot claim – Claims the current plot you’re standing on.
  • /plot home – Teleports you to your plot.
  • /plot download – Downloads a Schematica file of your owned plot if you’re standing on it.
  • /plot add <player> – Allows an user to build on your plot while you are online.
  • /plot info – Displays useful information about trusted and added people of current plot and more.
  • /plot delete – Unclaims your plot.

These are just a few of the numerous commands you can use to manage your plot. Use /plot to view the categories and explore all the features.

PS: All current builds may be erased during, or at the end of the Beta if a bug-fix requires it. We will try to avoid such a happening, but it might be required.

The plug-in we use for our Creative universe is an external plug-in called PlotSquared. You can find more information on the plugin if you click on this linkThank you to everyone who are helping us test this amazing new feature! Remember to report all bugs on the forums and most importantly – have fun!