Dear inhabitants of Ceardia,

Clucky the Christmas chicken has lost his map and wish list while travelling through the tundra and has no idea where to deliver his presents so he needs some help finding his way through Ceardia.

Anyone who creates a Christmas tree in their faction to guide his way will have their wish list granted and some presents left under their tree so please don’t place any presents under your tree when decorating it. Don’t forget to design a spectacular Christmas tree with sparkling lights and fancy decorations so he knows it’s not just an ordinary pine tree.

Christmas Tree Guidlines

  • Do not put presents under the tree as the Clucky the Christmas chicken will deliver the presents.
  • Height must be between 15-30 blocks high!
  • Only one Christmas tree per faction and should be built inside claimed land
  • Email must contain an image of the tree, faction that built it and your Christmas wish list but don’t ask for too much or else you will be getting coal for Christmas!
  • Tree must be built before 24th December so Clucky can make it home