For a while now, we have been playing around with the premium features, adding and changing where necessary, and a while back we came to the conclusion that the “diamond armor only for premiums” feature, was not up to date any more. We spent some time theorizing on how to evolve this feature where it would still be a bonus to premiums, but give some power back to the non premiums as well. We have spent a lot of time questioning both premiums and non premiums (though largely non premiums) and were happy to find that our conclusions enjoyed broad support among the premium population.

To summarize the change:

  • We are allowing non premiums to wear diamond armor as well.
  • We are granting premiums a 15% damage reduction modifier, that is effective everywhere.

What we hope this achieves:

  • Happier non premiums as it is a move away from a threat of becoming pay to win.
  • Non premiums now drop more loot if they die, making killing them more profitable.
  • Non premiums will put up more of a fight in diamond armor, thus making fighting them more fun.
  • Diamonds will get used up and destroyed more, hopefully increasing the price of diamonds.
  • Diamond armor sets will become marketable as the purchasing population has increased.
  • The price of enchantments will go up hopefully, as non premiums will be using them more.
  • Non premiums will still feel a feature towards their PVP advantage is maintained, as their
    protection bonus (while halved) is maintained and also applied to raids.
  • Non premiums will have more courage to engage premiums because they will be on more equal grounds.