Hello MassiveCraft!

After the Usurpist Freya Lo fell, the citizenry of Regalia has been going through multiple heated debates on the topic of how the city will be run. We’re happy to announce that day Three and day Four of the Regalian diet will be held on the 3rd and the 4th of February.

The first of these two events will be held on Friday the 3rd at 24:00 GMT. The Diet will be about the accusations on Nobility, in which they will be put to trial. In order to engage the community more, players can send in IC letters to the Imperial Administration addressing the High Justicar. (Send a Forum PM to @MonMarty in the form of an IC letter)

Letters can be sent until 11:00 GMT, the accusations that will be taken into the trial will be announced an hour later.

The second of these events will be held on Saturday the 4th at 24:00 GMT.  This diet’s main focus is the Crown Isle government. The possibility of a government reform, and how this should be done will be discussed. The nobility of title Count and up may even make a plea to the Emperor regarding the reform of the Crown Isle Government, though all are allowed to attend.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!