The beloved Mayor of Silver Edge, Ninjabaver, is now funding an expedition to the unknown in collaboration with the legendary ship makers of Lukkerdam. The leader of the expedition is the famous explorer Laura Redblock.

Laura is a well known explorer but rarely seen around Ceardia due to her constant traveling.

The open seas have been impossible to sail for a long time due to harsh storms. During these storms we lost connection with some of our colonies and the first mission for the expedition is to reestablish connection with a small tropical colony known as Silverwind. This small colony is located on the edge of the known world.

The reporter also noticed that Laura always has a baby wolf at her side.

“His name is Columbus, he has followed me since i found him all alone during my travels to Binral.” says Laura.

The daily creeper can gladly announce to our readers that we got the exclusive right to document the expedition and will have a reporter following Laura and her crew on the ship and through all the adventures that awaits them. Make sure to check back for more updates about the travels!