Hello! Today I’m here to explain a cool new concept that is being added into MassiveCraft… WarZones!

So what is a WarZone, you may be asking? Well, A WarZone is a faction claim with permission settings where all players can inflict damage on one another. This will allow players to test and improve their PVP abilities against one another, without one of them having to leave the faction. A faction will be able to purchase a WarZone for 5000 regals per chunk.

The whole concept is achieved by the creation of a faction labelled XXXXWarZone, So say, for example, the faction Purge buys one WarZone. It would be called “PurgeWarZone”. All the flags are set up to allow pvp to be enabled, and hence allows that area to become a WarZone, that acts just like a PVP arena. The only limit to the amount of WarZone chunks you can have, is the amount of regals you own, so you could have as many as you can afford, but like claiming for your faction, each WarZone chunk must connect to each other,

Along with this new feature, also comes new rules that must be followed, or you risk the WarZone being revoked and disbanded with no refund. These rules are….


  • A faction can only have 1 WarZone faction.
  • There needs to be a prebuilt chunk-based Arena that will contain the WarZone.
  • It needs to be closed and have an entrance that you open to get thru.
  • There need to be proper signs.This will be inspected by an admin before enabling the WarZone.
  • Tricking people into the WarZone will cause you to violate the WarZone agreement and it will be revoked.
  • The WarZone will be disbanded when the faction disbands.
  • The WarZone cannot be moved, you will have to purchase new chunks instead.

How do you get a WarZone for your faction?

To have a WarZone added to your faction, you have to have 5000 Regals for each chunk you wish to purchase, you must also have a prebuilt enclosed arena to put the WarZone in and then when you have met the pre-mentioned requirements, fill out a request using the info template in the Forum WarZone Thread.


5000 Regals per chunk

We hope you all like and enjoy the concept of WarZones. If you have any questions about WarZones feel free to leave your questions in the thread and we will do our best to answer them. Enjoy!