Gana-Isha and Kelmoria have now been removed but do not fear! Fendarfell is Near (that rhymes lol)!

Fendarfell is a world with large plains. The landscape range from beautiful volcanoes and coves to mystic mushroom islands. It’s also the first map featuring the use of our new “HD BiomeObject pack system” which create more realistic and varied forests. Are you moving your Faction base? Fendarfell features 32 extra rare locations that might suit you:

  • 9 volcanoes
  • 9 mushroom islands
  • 14 oases

Premium members get early access starting this Saturday (2013-10-12 YYYY-MM-DD). Nonpremium players get access next staturday, one week later that is. Many thanks to our premium supporters. It’s thanks to you we can keep improving and release new maps like this one.

Premium Release Countdown

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Regular Player Countdown

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