As an april fools joke we re-branded the website.
Here is a screenshot and an article we posted:

After the success of our experimental Daendroc world, the MassiveCraft development team was looking for a new challenge.  A jungle world with ancient ruins and castle-sized trees was a brand new Minecraft experience, but was it radical enough? Could we do better?

In keeping with the fantasy theme of our server, our next world needed to even more fully epitomize high fantasy and magic, and produce an immersive role-playing experience like no other. At the same time, we’ve been conscious of complaints about griefing and scamming and warfare among our server’s citizens.

We gradually came to realize that our server was in want of two things: more high fantasy magic, and more friendship among our citizens. Magic. And friendship. Once we put these two phrases together, the concept for our next world began to quickly take shape.

Ceardia is heavily built up by now, and many of the buildings are military in nature, providing too vivid a reminder of our server’s less friendship-promoting past. Therefore, to provide a fresh start to all our players, the new world will replace Ceardia tomorrow, and will be the default spawn location for all new players.

In addition, pony-themed skins and screen-names will be required for all players on our server.

We hope that these changes will help to immerse our members in this new world, and serve as a reminder of our server’s new friendship-based values.

Swords will be banned.

In addition, we are evaluating an exciting new mod that would replace creepers, skeletons, and the like with sparkle pixies, bunny rabbits, and cotton candy golems.

Join us tomorrow in our exciting new default world: Equestria!