Have you ever been wandering or shopping in Silveredge and wanted more shops? Maybe for the benefit of more items, cheaper pricing or just for looks. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a shop of your own? Most people, myself included, thought this would be impossible, the land prices are always high in Silveredge, and the waiting line for a plot is nearly endless. But now you can have the chance to buy and run your own shop or have all the items you could ever need in reach. The place to be is Prospera.

As I am writing this I am leaving the house of my new informant who wishes to be named as Steve (no doubt referring to the starter skin developed by Mojang) I stop to think about how this will change the world we know as Massivecraft. My informant told me that a few days ago the very well known and respected Luukwullink suddenly gave up the settlement Lukkerdam and abruptly disappeared from our world. Next came chaos, everyone wanted part of this town or had an idea for the next part, but thankfully the reliable Massivecraft Team was on site in hours and knew exactly what to do.

In what seemed like hours a team lead by MonMarty started a competition where the people on the server chose for Prospera and shortly announced that a new lukkerdam would be built, under a new name and new guidance. The place itself would become a new hotspot for old and new players, as well as offering several activities to players. As if this was not enough, they made another announcement. A whopping 55! Shops will be built here and sold within the next few days. “These shops will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be sold for 50 silver,” MonMarty told the crowd. Later in the day they put out an official rules page with information. The actual page on the website has yet to be written as of date of writing this article. Needless to say, it took 2 days before all the shops were nearly sold out, and some of the shop owners had already earned back their original investment.

Prospera by Night

When asking around, I heard shoppers say the concentration of shops make it easy to find items and buy them if they have no time or place to harvest them. They no longer needed to ask in global where to find a shop or be frustrated searching for a shop in the confusing groundplan of Silveredge. This was another point praised by many, Prospera was built simply and straightforward, two central lanes made it extremely easy to navigate the place even for the newest among us. 

In an exclusive private interview MonMarty told us that applications for the new shops by less wealthy players will be favored. “I think that this (the new shops) and all the other improvements being made around the area will draw more people out here, my hope is that this will become a new social hot spot for people to meet”. Rounding on the topic of the new rumored ships MonMarty told me “Factions can purchase ships and they will be linked to a part of their base, according to the price of the ship, it could have storage and items making it a suitable naval outpost.” Don’t worry about other factions raiding your base through your ship though says MonMarty “the end of the portal that links to your base should be built into a special part of the ship where you can let trough who you want”. Thinking about it, the only downside would to these is the hefty price attached to such a luxury, but obviously that is also part of the allure, only the prestegious and rich can afford these ships.

As the sounds of hammering and woodoworking mark the end of our interview, I turn and board the new ship that will be ferrying players to the dock in Silveredge and start on my journey back, one can only think of how this will change our beloved world and community, for better or for worse.

Shoppers browsing Prospera

P.s. Unfortunately on the author’s journey back to Silveredge his small vessel was caught in one of the very frequent and inconvenient thunderstorms and was not able to publish this article till a week later then planed.

Reporting from Prospera, The new Commerce Port, I’m PercusJackson for the Daily Creeper.

Article Originally written by PercusJackson
Article edited by MonMarty