Jingle bells, Freya smells,

Marty wrote some lore

Regalia is all snowed in

We want it more and more!


Happy holidays from everyone here at Massivecraft!

The temperature is dipping and the holiday spirit is taking hold! We see a lot of factions getting into the holiday spirit with Christmas trees or decorations and the snow is coming down pretty hard in Regalia. Keep the spirits up, we’ll be doing the same.

We kicked off this snowy holiday season with a hostile takeover from Freya Lo and her painting the streets red with cheer. A brilliant blend of white and crimson. Just right for the holiday spirit! Here among the staff, we’d like to keep you all warm so expect Freya to continue to heat things up all throughout December with her army of undead helper elves.

On a lighter note, Omnomivore’s Secret Santa is just a week out from wrapping up. Get those gifts in, if you want to receive some yourself! We had a massive turnout for this year’s event so thank you all those who were so eager to get in on the jolly festivities!

It’s been a tough month here but we’re a tough crowd and things are looking up. We hope you are too with that great, red fatman flying around in the skies dropping gifts and goodies for all the good boy and girl players. The new year is just around the corner, we’ll see you all then.

From everyone here on the Massivecraft Team, we want to wish you from the deepest, darkest recesses of our hearts with enthusiastic holiday spirit,

Have a Massive Holiday!