This contest has been replaced with a header image mission.

See that image at the top of our website? Well how would you like to have your own image up there, and even get 10 silver for your awesome contribution? ๐Ÿ™‚


  • For each image we use, the player who sent it will receive 10 Silver!
  • For the best image sent by 2011-12-24, the player who sent it will receive 50 Silver!
  • For the first image sent, the player who sent it will receive cake! (Seriously!)


  • Sent image to [email protected] (along with your minecraft username)
  • Image must use the John Smith texture pack
  • Image must be 1000 ร— 288 pixels
  • Players in the image must have medieval role play skins
  • Image must not include the MassiveCraft logotype (we will add it later)
  • Image must not contain playernames and other HUD elements (use F1)
  • Image must not advertise any faction, or real life organization
  • Image must be from the MassiveCraft server

Note that this imageย has been modified to have a parchment-like texture. You donโ€™t need to do that. We would prefer the image just as is, and weย will add the parchment filter later.