At this page we keep a minimalistic history log. The main purpose is to remember all the dates. All the dates here are written in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

2013-12-19 The Winter Festival

2013-12-07 The plugin MassiveMoney was finished and put live on MassiveCraft.

2013-12-05 Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2 (40 day delay)

2013-11-22 Work on Etosil started.

2013-11-17 Diamond Armor for non premiums!

2013-11-15 4 new premium features

2013-11-21 The Harvest Festival

2013-11-18 Development of the plugin MassiveMoney started.

2013-10-19 The voting rewards were reworked.

2013-10-12 Fendarfell was released for premiums.

2013-10-08 The server side maximum render distance was increased from 7 to 10. You can now see 43% longer!

2013-10-06 The plugin MassiveQuest reached beta and the first quest was added.

2013-09-20 Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4 (1 day delay)

2013-09-18 Development of the plugin MassiveQuest started.

2013-08-20 Added a voting rewards system.

2013-08-13 Player Slot Change: 500
The world New Ceardia was added to the server.

2013-07-29 Created the plugin MassiveTickets.

2013-07-11 Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2 (3 day delay)

2013-07-05 The world Ceardia was removed from the server.

2013-07-03 Updated to Minecraft 1.6.1 (2 day delay)

2013-06-01 Player Slot Change: 350
2013-06-01 CreativeGates V2.0.0 is now done except for bugs.
CreativeGates V2.0.0 development started.

2013-05-28 First version of sharding complete.
2013-05-28 Player Slot Change: 170

2013-05-24 Hardware Change: 10x Rackserver

2013-04-29 Factions V2.0.0 is now done except for bugs.

2013-04-09 Factions V2.0.0 development started.

2013-03-17 Updated to Minecraft 1.5.0 (4 day delay)

2013-02-26 The Mutliverse Hub/Infrastructure was put to use.

2013-02-15 New capital world Regalia.

2013-01-29 New inhouse plugin called MassiveChat.

2013-01-24 New Quest called “The Emerald Island”.

2013-01-27 Sharding was first announced to the public.

2013-01-09 Sharding development started.

2012-12-21 Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6 (1 day delay)

2012-11-27 Updated to Minecraft 1.4.2 (13 day delay)

2012-11-25 New inhouse plugin called Races.

2012-11-24 New nether world called Gana-Isha

2012-09-12 The world Ellador was released.

2012-08-11 Updated to Minecraft 1.3.1 (10 day delay)

2012-07-14 Hardware Change: 2x VPS and 1x Rackserver.

2012-07-12 The forums was released.

2012-03-28 The jungle world “Daendroc” was found.

2012-02-22 Hardware Change: 1x VPS and 1x Custom “Berit” Machine.

2011-11-27 The world “Ceardia” was added to the server.

2011-07-12 The name of was changed to

2011-02-04 First Hardware: 2x VPS
2011-02-04 A MineCraft server called was started by Cayorion and Ninjabaver. had a medieval fantasy focus.