After completing “The Sharding Project”, we found ourselves at a major crossroad in the MassiveCraft Universe. Before this point, we were a fairly small server with big ambitions, but little fame beyond our own community. Through the hard work and dedication of the MassiveCraft Team, but also the loyalty and support from the players, we have made it far, but there is so much more to do. We are just on the doorstep of doing so much more, achieving greater things.

Before we move on however, we started wondering about our Identity and where our ideals stand in all of this. This page will show you how we view our server, the players, ourselves and future goals for MassiveCraft.

From Small Beginnings

MassiveCraft originally started as around February 2011. The founders of the server were two players named Cayorion and NinjaBaver. The entire team was fairly small and structured with only a handful of departments. The community was small but they were entertained with all we had to offer.

As time went by new people joined and left the MassiveCraft Team. New ideas were always welcomed by our small and eager team. Things really changed around January 2013 when “The Sharding Project” was first announced publicly on the website. The ground breaking plan was to make our server unique and allow us to expand it to unseen heights. “The Sharding Project” took about six months to completely design, code, implement and debug. Roughly a month after the full implementation of the last stage however, we already doubled our player count and saw it on a steady rise.

At this point we started thinking about ourselves and how we wanted to continue our ambitions and evolve the future of MassiveCraft.

Our Main Guiding Principle

The most important guiding principle we work toward can be summarized into four words. Complete Accessibility to All. We try to apply this principle in everything we do. We aim to keep our server clean of religious and political disputes. We create a direction free environment that encourages everyone to play and not feel like they are being prosecuted for their personal beliefs.

For us, it does not matter if you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other religious belief, be that even Atheist or Agnostic. We do not discriminate based on religious beliefs as long as those who practice their certain belief do not force it onto others, or try to convert others into their belief. We also do not discriminate based on political views. We have players supporting a wide range of political views, from Communism to Capitalism, Fascism to Anarchy and the list goes on. We expect that both the MassiveCraft Team and player base keep their political and religious views to themselves. MassiveCraft is a place where everyone should be able to find entertainment without feeling bad about their personal preference.

This idea is also supported by our use of advanced technology and custom in-house plugins. We always strive to make our server fully accessible to anyone with vanilla Minecraft. We want to break down the barriers between players and our server so that it is easy to play on MassiveCraft also enjoyable.

How do we see Ourselves in all of This

The MassiveCraft Team has always held itself to a very high standard. Since its inception we have maintained a strict codex that regulated what the Team was allowed to do and encouraged positive behavior. Throughout the years, we have been under fire from the community at various times for the way we make decisions and our judgements, but overall we have noticed that when polled, the player base positively responds to our management. Not only that, but the MassiveCraft Team is often rated as better than any other server’s staff by the majority of the polled players. We as a Team are proud of this, and want to keep this up by always improving and learning from our new ideas and mistakes. After all, nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

We as the MassiveCraft Team think it is important to both stay close to the player base to learn what bothers them and what they like, but also keep a certain distance to avoid becoming too attached or involved. This way we try to strike a fine balance between caring, and not being too involved to the point where the MassiveCraft Team would take sides or become too attached to individual players. We as the Team would also like to profile ourselves as primarily players. We believe it is important to be among the players and not be elevated above them.

How do we see the Players in all of This

Players have a key role in how we manage MassiveCraft. Players are the driving force behind the majority of our decisions, and also form an important form of feedback. We try to strive to make our decision making focused around the idea that they must benefit the majority of the community. We especially ask the players to have faith in this idea, even though it’s hard to see sometimes.

As previously stated, we believe it is important to be considered one of the players as a Team Member, but still keep a decent distance to avoid getting overly attached. Players come and go, but we strive to make MassiveCraft consistent and not slow down our progress because certain players do not like a step being made. While we base many decisions on theory and assumptions, we try to always involve the player base in important changes, such as the changes we implemented for the premium no drop feature.

We spent a lot of time gathering statistics from the player base to formulate the optimal solution to what we viewed as a problem. Following a long period of analyzing and theorizing, we were able to produce the solution that would please all parties involved. We hope to involve players in the future as well with important decision taking.

Future Plans and Ambitions

Our main future goal is quite simply formulated, to become the biggest and most popular Minecraft community and server in existence.

This can be seen in our desire to expand further into the Minigame universe, including game modes such as sky block, hunger games and many more. Not only the Minigame universe will be expanded. We are looking forward to adding creative building opportunities, expanding to more role play setting and different grade of role play strictness to appeal to more target groups.

Summarized, we want to appeal to as many people as wide and as far as possible in order to offer a full, fun and rich entertainment experience. Despite this direction however, we want to preserve our original guiding principle. Quantity in MassiveCraft shall never become our primary principle. We cherish a quality based principle and expect nothing less. We always strive to maintain a very talented MassiveCraft Team, the full Complete Accessibility principle and strive to be among the players, instead of above them. This way we strive to not only be the best Minecraft Community through the servers and entertainment we offer, but also offer the best Quality of Team Management.