Hello there MassiveCrafters!

Let’s get right to the point. At the moment there are many factions who own plots inside the borders of Silver Edge and a problem have occurred. The problem is that some of the houses on many of these plots do not follow the guidelines or rules connected to the districts they are built on.

So I have decided to enforce all these guidelines and rules a bit harder. At the moment, those plots that do not follow the guidelines/rules have signs placed right outside the plot area. These signs will tell you the date as to when the plot needs to be fixed. If you do not fix your plot before this date your plot will be claimed by Silver Edge. All blocks, items, chests etc. will be taken by Silver Edge and you will get no money for the plot itself.

So I encourage all factions that own a plot in Silver Edge to take a closer look at your buildings and fix them if needed.
If you don’t know the rules and guidelines please read about them here:

And also some good news.
There is a new instance that you can explore. Just make sure to bring a friend with you.