A couple of days ago, Luukwullink disbanded Lukkerdam and disappeared from the server.   This event was preceded by a long period of decline and inactivity from Lukkerdam. Despite the fact that this settlement had not lived up to what people were used of it, there was still some demand to make Lukkerdam come back. MonMarty has recently taken charge of making it glorious again, but as most of you already know, it was renamed to Prospera to mark a new fresh start. This post will explain how Prospera will work and what you can do there.

Merchant centre 
Since Silveredge started selling plots for embassies, there has always been a fight over who could get the closest shop to the spawn area (where everyone would automatically buy most of the items). Some argued this was free trade, but I (MonMarty) was personally convinced this system only favored the strong and gave no chance to the small-time trader to start a trade empire. Since the disappearance of Lukkerdam, this presented the MassiveCraft Team with the perfect opportunity to do something about this. As such, Prospera will be selling shops inside it’s trade harbor. When the new spawn area is completed, this one will be linked to the plaza in Silverwind (not Silveredge) which can be reached by using /warp plaza. This way we want to pull commerce away from Silveredge and flow it to Prospera where everyone can have an equal chance at having a shop, and where shops are not subject to whoever is closest to spawn. Prospera will be selling shops for 50 silver, however there are several rules that you need to know before you consider buying a shop. Below here is a list of all the rules involving the shops.

  • Only 2 shops per faction to prevent cartel forming
  • Only 2 players per shop to avoid overuse and misuse
  • All shop frames may NOT be altered, you cannot remove wool or wood
  • You may build one block layer down in the ground (put a chest in the ground) but no more.
  • You are not allowed to build on top of the shops
  • You must remain active as a shop owner. Have your shop empty for 2 weeks and you will be removed.
  • A player may only buy one shop.

If somehow you are caught breaking these rules or simply not selling anything at all, your shop will be sold to someone else and all your present items will be confiscated by the Prospera Contraband Agency. You may also not sell shops to other players. You may only sell a shop back to Prospera and then let the port authority sell it to the first person who asks for it. Selling illegal items in these shops (spawned or hacked items) is outlawed and everything you own here will be seized by the Contraband Agency.

Availability of Shops
Currently there are 42 shops available in Prospera. We know that this is not enough, so in time Prospera will add a second market district, but for the time being Prospera is still setting up so the amount of shops will be limited. These shops will all be sold on a “first come first serve” policy. They will only be sold by MonMarty on hours when he is not otherwise pre-occupied. Do not be too disappointed when your shop purchase application is rejected. Only limited shops are available and many variables have to be considered when buying a shop.

Prospera Library
Prospera will feature a public library where citizens from all over the world may freely submit and read books from the archive. Players may write books about themselves, their factions or player history and submit them to the library. The staff themselves will also be making books that contain special information regarding the server and it’s many secrets. The library is currently open for use in Prospera, but will only become functional after the next update of Minecraft kicks in.

Prospera Investment and Stockexchange Centre
Prospera will feature it’s own Investment and Stockexchange Centre. As an outstanding commerce trade port, Prospera has the ability to nagociate investments or large trade contracts with factions. Trade contracts may mean supervising a contract between factions, or pinning up an open contract in the office itself. This basically means that at random, Prospera will advertise the need for a batch of for example 20,000 cobblestone. A sign will be placed on the wall, and factions may start bidding on the contract for how much silver they will do it. This may allow players to engage in bigger trade contracts.