Our newest Survival map, Jorrhild, has been opened for Early Release. This means Premiums will have Early Access to the map before all regular players. During the time, claiming, PVP and building will be disabled. Premiums can use this time until Wednesday 8th of July to walk around, find their favorite spot and camp out at it. The map will officially open to claiming, building and non-Premiums at 21:00 GMT. Below this post will be a countdown widget that will give you the rough time of release. PVP will be disabled for upwards to 3 hours after release. This will be done to protect non-Premiums leaving spawn during the release time. Everyone should be able to equally enjoy this awesome new map, built with the highest quality and latest technology.

Haven’t got premium yet? Had premium in the past but didn’t renew it? Now would be a wonderful time! If you haven’t seen the awesome premium features yet, besides Early Access to this map, check out our Donation page.

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