The PvP department and the Quest department have entered into an unholy union and produced a blood-soaked battlefield where players fight for control of a central point. Whoever can stay inside this area for 5 minutes is crowned king of the hill and lavish rewards are bestowed upon them.

Team up with your friends to hold the point or go it alone. Use brute force or clever mechanics to keep people at bay and be the one holding the spot for the 5 minutes required. Attack the players that are clinging on for dear life to win this exciting, fast-paced game.

In addition, a mini Koth has also been added to the KitPvP map to give a slight advantage to the one holding the spot for 1 minute without being knocked off. In a harsh environment like KitPvP, an extra potion can make or break a kill streak. So, go at it and show you have what it takes to be King of the hill all around.

Prizes from winning KOTH
For the winner that is crowned king of the hill there is substantial prizes. A statue is put in place for the winner until the next battle, showing his/hers great feat of strength. The other prizes consists of random items from a total of 4 brackets. You will receive:

  • 1 god weapon
  • 1 piece of god armor
  • 1 lore trophy
  • 1 god book
  • 2 items from the potion bracket.