Today we are proud to present MassiveCraft KitPvP. We’ve combined the best of free-for-all combat with our own exclusive MassiveTraits and Vampire plugins. Our KitPVP is faster, harder-hitting, and more explosive. Dash through an exhilarating and unique map to grab buffs or use the versatile terrain as cover while you time your fireball or rain down wither-charged arrows. Design your own trait builds, pick from our varied kits, sharpen your fangs, and come dominate Farad’h, our new KitPvP map.

  • Jump into the action by choosing one of our well-balanced kits, from Regalian Archer to Qadir Swordsman.
  • Customize by becoming a vampire or choosing from one of our many trait builds.
  • Want to try out a new strategy or counter someone’s build? Design your own trait set.
  • Get an edge on the competition by heading to the booster points on the map for a buff.
  • Powered by MassiveCraft’s own MassiveTraits and Vampire plugins.

Suit your needs and play-style by combining the kits with either a trait build or Vampire. The combinations are nearly endless, bringing a new level of strategy into this very popular minigame. Never heard about MassiveTraits? You can read up on that here. Never heard about the Vampire plugin? You can read up on that here.

Around the map there are booster points, in each of these points there are diamond or emerald blocks. If you right click the block you will get a boost to either speed, strength, or regeneration for a short period of time.

Join now and type /tp PvP to enter KitFarad’h.

Coundown to release.

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