I awoke from the sound of cheers from above deck. Was I dreaming? My afternoon nap was ruined and I lay my head down again, trying to re-enter my dream about real food, clean clothes and unicorns. But then I heard it again, “LAND OHOY!“ Moments later I was up on deck, could it be true? The watch of the ship, up in the highest mast pointed to portside of the ship. There it was! Land!

After gathering supplies and preparing the life boat, Laura, a part of the crew and I prepared for landing. When our dinghy hit land, a beautiful beach, Laura stepped out, took a flag with Silver edge’s colors and put it into the sand.

I declare this land Daendroc, in the name of Silver Edge!

After building a temporary camp, we set out to explore. As the days passed we found trees taller than castles, gigantic mountains and even some ruined structures that could be from an ancient civilization!

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Laura has advised us to set up the traveling route as soon as possible. She has ordered the ship back to Silverwind to start bringing settlers! She and I will stay with some of the crew in Deandroc. I don’t want to leave… This place is amazing!

Traveling to Daendroc

  1. Travel from Ceardia to Silverwind. Take the ship from Silver Edge in Ceardia.
  2. Travel from Silverwind to Daendroc. The Daendroc ship has green sails.