LWC has been uploaded and is replacing Deadbolt.  The Deadbolt plugin will continue to run for 20 days during a transition period, but no new deadbolts will be able to be created.  This should ensure the protection of items as this transition occurs.  More information on LWC can be found on the MasssiveCraft LWC Page.

MassiveCraft has configured LWC to have a cost for the creation of protections.  Each player will get their first 5 protections at no charge.  After the 5th protection, all protections will cost 10 Regals.  There are no refunds for these fees.

The configuration of ChestShops has also been modified to charge 10 Regals for  the creation of a ChestShop, except in Regalia, where the shop owners already pay rent.  This fee also has no refunds. ChestShops will also now expire if a player is inactive for 20 days.

Deadbolt Removal Countdown

[ujicountdown id=”meeting” expire=”2014/2/24 00:00″]

Deadbolt will be removed during the next restart.