Player-run markets and shops are nothing new on MassiveCraft, but for several weeks and even months now we have noticed small problems with the marketplace, including the time-out of shops and big FPS drops. Some of these problems were caused by BuyRegion, which was making shops time-out when they should not and some were caused by too many entities in a limited amount of space.

To prevent these FPS drops from occurring, the MassiveCraft Team decided to split the market into three different sections. The three sections are placed far away from each other, but they are connected with invisible gates that send you to the next section automatically. This allows us to split up the market and spread out the entities, which will create less FPS drops. The three sections consist of big shops, medium shops and small shops — just walk between the rings and you will be transported to the next section by MassiveGates.

We moved all shops from BuyRegion to AreaShop as well. BuyRegion was causing many problems, from not registering name changes to un-renting shops instead of renewing them. With this change you can rent shops by going inside of a free shop-region and perform the command /as rent to rent the region for a month. AreaShop does not have an auto-renew feature, so make sure to update the rent on your shop, because it might run out if you don’t do so. All AreaShop commands can be seen ingame by performing the command /as.

But this wasn’t the only change we did! We’ve lowered the prices for all of our shops, be they small, medium, or large.

Shop costs before:

  • Large shop : 2000 regals for 30 days
  • Medium shop : 600 regals for 30 days
  • Small shop : 300 regals for 30 days

We cut all the prices in half. This change was made to encourage players to have a shop and to participate in the market by making it more affordable.

New shop costs:

  • Large shop : 1000 regals for 30 days
  • Medium shop : 300 regals for 30 days
  • Small shop : 150 regals for 30 days

To reflect on these changes and the fact that AreaShop now covers both Regalia and the Marketplace, we updated the rules page to cover the latest update.

Following rules have been updated:

  • You may rent as many houses in Regalia as the plugin allows you to do, but only one MarketPlace shop.
  • If you own to many houses then you may have to un-rent one of your Regalian houses to get a MarketPlace shop.
  • You may only own 1 shop in the Market including any alt accounts. If you own more the staff will evict all your market shops without a refund.

All shops that were rented and had time left were moved to the new market by the staff and have had the remaining time added to their shop. If you have any issues or questions regarding the new market or the process, you can use the ticket system (/ti create) and our staff will be with you as soon as possible. The new Marketplace is open and available to all players and we hope these improvements will bring a smoother and more enjoyable shopping and trading experience for everyone!