The above image shows the TPS of the last 7 days, showing improvements after the arrow!

Two days ago the MassiveCraft TPS suddenly improved. The reason is an improved version of our database system.

For the last 5 months our very own Madus has been coding on a performance improvement to the MassiveCraft database system. This database system is responsible for storing all information on MassiveCraft. Your inventory, your quest progress, what faction you belong to, what traits you have etc.

In other words Madus took the robot heart of MassiveCraft and made it pump electricity faster. This is completely awesome and hard to hype enough! We hope you will enjoy the better TPS and smoother gameplay.

Next on our task list is:

  • Madus: Fixing all the bugs! Big bugs. Small bugs. Reported bugs. Unreported bugs. All over the place.
  • Ulumulu1510: Coding on MassiveMagic! Pretty exciting! We hope to make Wizard Wars a new game mode.
  • Cayorion: Installing a King of the Hill plugin! Adding new PvP plugins to the server.