Massive is currently running on 1.13.2!  We’ve completed our update and you may notice a few things have changed around here!


MassiveCraft Marketplace:  Being released later on 1/25/20. Read about it here.

Decoheads: Decoheads are now 15 regals per head and are available to supremium members! There’ll be more additions to come soon with the 1.13 update. One of the many new things to look forward to.

XP Trading:  We’ve disabled XP Trading for now as part of onboarding recommendations from the Factions Discord. 

Chat Cooldowns:  Have all been shaved in half. Enjoy!

Hawkeye:  We’re going to be keeping some features of Hawkeye, but in addition, specifically for block logging, we’ll be utilizing CoreProtect, which adds a good deal of functionality to the process. Updates on how that works for players will be posted within the next day or two.

Portcullis:  This plugin has been abandoned for years. And as Birb said, it was a miracle it worked this long. At this point, we have no plans to attempt to fix it. But may look at other door plugins in the future.


Color Made Easy: The ability to /color to change wool and glass returns as a premium and supremium perk!

Vampire Plugin Returns: At long last the vampire plugin has made it’s return. Look forward to seeing it back among other new things that’ll give you a blast from the past. Documentation can be found here.

Mythic Mobs: New custom made mobs have been created by our wonderful staff and external help. They’ll be roaming your new survival world very soon, as we plan on slowly introducing these mobs today into tomorrow to gauge player reception.

New Survival World: Among the many things to look forward to with the 1.13 update, looking forward to a new survival map this week. This will include being able to claim multiple places in our new world! 

Resource Pack: A new resource pack with revamped blocks and even more creative opportunities!  

Faction Claiming Rules:  Sky’s the limit! (Well, your faction power is your limit, but you get the point.)  You are now allowed to have multiple claims for your faction. Actual claim rules still apply, so no snake claims, circle claims, etc.

 Still to Come:

Creative Back Online:  Creative will be back very soon. We want to see how the server performs with 1.13 and make some changes for greater creative opportunities there. (Free Deco Heads, everyone?)  

Head Drops: This is making a return over the next week or so. We encountered some bugs upon initial testing and we weren’t satisfied with the performance. So this is high on tech’s list to also roll out in the coming days.

Store Changes: New crates, expanded event times, and new events.