We have been aware of the EULA for a couple of years, but it was never enforced, moderated or checked. Mojang has now started enforcing the EULA in a strict manner. Servers that do not comply will be shut down. We have been in touch with a representative from Mojang to make sure we get everything done properly and in compliance.

The following changes were not made out of our own volition or simply because we wanted to. We received very detailed information about what parts of our premium package do not comply with their EULA and we changed the parts that they required us to change. Had we refused, MassiveCraft would cease to exist. That being said, we will still try our best to provide you with a fun and engaging Premium package.

Some of the previous Premium features will be given out to everyone, some will be removed entirely and we are also going to be adding lot of new premium features to the package to compensate for the loss of previous features. Here are some of the changes we are making to the Premium package and the server in general.

For the future, keep an eye on our Premium page for all the newest abilities and features we will be adding to the package. We are working very hard to bring you the best experience we possibly can and apologize for any inconvenience these changes may have caused.

Upcoming additions to the premium package:

  • Chat Cooldowns: Shorter cooldowns in serverwide chat channels.
  • Database Priority: Your data gets stored forever. No timeout after 20 days.
  • Personal Nicknames: Rename any player. Visible to yourself only.
  • Glow: Make yourself glow using /glow.
  • Item Statistics: Weapons record kill count and last kill in the item lore.
  • Personal Time: Set a visual fake time using /ptime.
  • Personal Weather: Set a visual fake weather using /pweather.
  • And more! We are constantly trying out new and interesting ideas to add to the Premium package.

Free features:

  • Backpack and Workbench: Enabled for everyone. You will not be able to use them when PvP flagged.
  • Loss on death: Everyone keeps their armor on death. XP points and inventory contents are dropped.
  • Horse armor: Everyone can make horse armor.
  • Fix command: The /fix command is enabled for everyone – fixing will now cost 1 Regal per 1% of the item durability.
  • Traits: Everyone will get 150 trait points, 10 trait slots and access to all traits.
  • Renting: Everyone will be able to rent the same amount of property in AreaShop.
  • Arena PvP: Maximum amount of Arena PvP Ranked Games is going to be 50 for everyone.
  • Money: Everyone sees money balances of other players.
  • MassiveMobs: Everyone will be able to tame green mobs.
  • Creative: Everyone gets 4 Creative plots.
  • KitPvP: 5 custom-made kits for everyone.
  • AutoJump: Everyone can use the /autojump command to walk uphill with ease.

Removed features:

  • Pets: The pet system has been currently disabled. The plugin is also incompatible with 1.9.
  • PvP Damage: Premiums will not have any damage bonus or reductions in PvP.
  • Money: Premiums will no longer receive 750 Regals monthly.
  • MCMMO: The MCMMO XP and ability cooldown reductions have been removed from the Premium package.

Other changes:

  • Faction power: 30 power per player for everyone.
  • PvP flag: PvP is triggered on both attacking and getting hit. The PvP flag only affects the use of backpack and workbench.